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Argentina: A Partial Defense of the Lady

Written by Elliott Morss, Morss Global Finance Introduction A couple of weeks back, an American friend living in Buenos Aires asked me: “Have you been following this crazy woman? I would love to hear your take on her.” In what … Continue reading

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What is Kirchner Doing in Argentina?

by Elliott R. Morss and Richard Rust Introduction Argentina is in the news.  At issue is what is motivating President Christina Kirchner, and how will her policies influence the long run economic well-being of the country?  To understand what is … Continue reading

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The Future of the Global Wine Industry

by Elliott Morss Introduction Over the last 30 years, dramatic changes in the wine industry have occured. From being almost completely domiciled in four European countries (France, Italy, Spain, and Germany), it has spread worldwide to include the US, Australia, … Continue reading

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Comparing Ireland 2011 with Argentina 1999

If enough financial help is provided through a joint venture between the IMF and the European Union, Ireland will have the chance to restore confidence without issuing new debt in the coming months. Continue reading

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The Vulnerability and Resiliency of Latam Countries to Global Shocks

The eight Latam countries with the largest economic footprints were studied to determine the relative effects of The Great recession and the subsequent recovery. Continue reading

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