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A Bigger Problem than Greece

For some time, I have been following the economic problems of Greece. These include:Its inability to compete in world markets using the € as its currency;The IMF, supporting Germany on ‘austerity” as the proper policy for Greece;The IMF realizing austerity is not the answer as unemployment skyrockets; Continue reading

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Stratfor: Geographic Challenges for Mexico, Egypt, Greece

Every country faces obstacles.  Some have terrible neighbors, but every country has geographic issues which must be overcome.  This video based post looks at three countries – Mexico, Egypt and Greece.

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Nothing has Changed for Greece

by Elliott Morss, Morss Global Finance Introduction Last fall, I said that Greece and the other “weak sisters” should leave the Eurozone. My argument was: the weak sisters (Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain) cannot compete with Germany; they need currencies … Continue reading

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Austerity to Growth – IMF Double-Talk on Greece and Spain

by Elliott Morss Austerity – What Should Have Been Learned The IMF should have known that austerity policies (reduce government deficits) cause unemployment to grow. After all, its own research found that a reduction in the government deficit of 1% … Continue reading

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Keeping Banks (not Greece) From Failing Is the Real Eurozone Crisis

Written by Steven Hansen Over the last several weeks, JP Morgan Chase & Co (JPM)  has remained in the headlines after suffering trading losses tied to the bank’s now infamous “London Whale” with losses at  $7 billion more or less … Continue reading

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