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Data from BLS, ADP and others

BLS Jobs Situation Mixed in January 2014

Written by Steven Hansen The January 2014 BLS jobs report headlines were not good. But the unadjusted data says this report is as good as most in the last six months. As I am a trend person, nothing stands out … Continue reading

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Productivity 4Q2013 (Preliminary): Productivity Up, Labor Costs Down

Written by Steven Hansen A simple summary of this release is that the rate of productivity growth is up , whilst the rate of growth of labor costs is contracting.

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January 2014 ADP Job Growth at 175,000

Written by Steven Hansen ADP reported January 2014 non-farm private jobs growth at 175,000 – weaker than previous months but in line with the employment growth rate in the last 4 months.

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Strong GDP Numbers Not Reaching Main Street

BEA Estimates 4th Quarter 2013 GDP Growth at 3.22% Annual Rate, Down Modestly from 3rd Quarter by Rick Davis, Consumer Metrics Institute In their first estimate of the US GDP for the fourth quarter of 2013, the Bureau of Economic … Continue reading

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Solving Unemployment

In recent weeks the Job Guarantee proposal has gained supporters, and the arguments for an increased government role in ensuring full employment have become stronger. (See here, here, and here.) Continue reading

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