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The Economic Impact of Inward FDI on the US

The US has once again ranked among the top two recipient countries for foreign direct investment. This column examines the effects of these large FDI inflows on the US domestic economy. Continue reading

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Correlation and Causation Deniers, Chickens and Eggs

This post is for those fond of repeating the axiom “correlation does not imply causation,” because while correlation may not prove causation, it certainly can imply it. In fact, there are instances where the denial of any linkage between correlation and causation proves only that the deniers have their heads in the sand. Continue reading

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Stratfor: Ukraine’s Increasing Polarization and the Western Challenge

By Eugene Chausovsky Just days before the Ukrainian crisis broke out, I took an overnight train to Kiev from Sevastopol in Crimea. Three mechanics in their 30s on their way to jobs in Estonia shared my compartment. All ethnic Russians born … Continue reading

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Putting the ‘F’ in CFR

Age of Wisdom, Age of Foolishness (17) Written by Adam Whitehead, “In Like Flynn” “Putting the ‘F’ Back in Federal Reserve” observed how “Team America” prepared the way for global cooperation between the Developed and Emerging Nations; in a … Continue reading

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Western Financial Support for Ukraine: The Greek Analogy (continued)

by Elliott Morss, Morss Global Finance Introduction In my last piece, I looked at the IMF/EU bailout efforts for Greece to see what can be expected as the West launches a bailout for Ukraine. And every day, what the West … Continue reading

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