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How Budget Deficits Reduce Investment

A identity is a equation that is true because of the way the terms are defined. Thus, when an economist says that “gross national product is equal to the sum of consumption plus investment plus government spending on goods and services plus exports minus imports,” Continue reading

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Beyond the Pale

Age of Wisdom, Age of Foolishness (18) Written by Adam Whitehead, The Elephant in the European Living Room Last week the United Nations was the stage for numerous politically correct speeches, from urbane Western diplomats, ostracizing President Putin in … Continue reading

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Herbert Spencer, Freedom, and Empire

Herbert Spencer was born into a nineteenth-century world where the traditional logic of imperialism interacted with new developments like the Industrial Revolution, and new ideas like free trade and liberalism that emerged out of the Enlightenment of the previous century. Continue reading

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Primer on Ukraine’s Economic Troubles

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the prospect of a combustible great powers confrontation, the natural reaction of any economist is: “So what’s up with Ukraine’s economy, anyway?” Let other people look at maps; Continue reading

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Sayonara Abenomics

by Pebblewriter, Those who have followed this blog for any length of time know about our focus on the Japanese economy and the yen. I presented this chart in December, which shows the impact on stocks of the last … Continue reading

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