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Three Chinese astronauts aboard the Shenzhou 10 spacecraft successfully dock with experimental space lab Tiangong 1. The 15 day mission will be the longest time Chinese astronauts have spent in space


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Historical List of Video of the Day:

If the video you are looking for is not the one being previewed today, here is our historical list (click on hyperlink to view):

2014-12-18 - Senate Staffer Tries to Edit Out 'torture' from Wikipedia
2014-12-17 -
USA Air Force Needs Russian Rocket Engines
2014-12-16 -
USA Government Has Become Big Brother
2014-12-15 -
'SNL' mocks CIA with torture architects skit
2014-12-14 -
Anti-semitic attacks rising in EU, fears mistakes of past forgotten
2014-12-13 -
Asteroid danger: Giant space rock to be on collision course with Earth
2014-12-12 -
HD RAW Proton rocket w/Gazprom Yamal satellite erected on launchpad
2014-12-11 -
Watch U.S. Navy test drone killing laser
2014-12-10 -
Cruise ships polluted oceans with one BILLION gallons of sewage in 2014
2014-12-09 -
Flight MH17 wreckage parts arrive in Netherlands from Ukraine
2014-12-08 -
Avoiding High Taxes by Selling Porn
2014-12-07 -
A Decade of Great Earthquakes
2014-12-06 -
Carry-on no more? TSA may consider new luggage rules for air travelers
2014-12-05 -
Mysterious green cat spooks Bulgarians in Varna
2014-12-04 -
Concordia captain appears to abandon sinking ship, eyewitness footage
2014-12-03 -
Decentralization: Get ready for the Revolution
2014-12-02 -
The world's best whiskey is ... in Japan?
2014-12-01 -
5 Ways to Ask for a Raise or a Promotion
2014-11-30 -
'Miracle' machine turns water into gasoline
2014-11-29 -
Utah looks to shut down NSA spying center
2014-11-28 -
Over an OPEC barrel: Decision triggers lowest oil price in yrs, what's next?
2014-11-27 -
Will OPEC Intervene Because of the Current Slump in Oil Prices
2014-11-26 -
Eating Turkey Testicles: Today Is The Day
2014-11-25 -
Kim Kardashian's Butt As a Work of Art
2014-11-24 -
PacifiCorp Suing to Stop the Government Releasing Information
2014-11-23 -
The Keystone Pipeline Explained In a Biased Way
2014-11-22 -
Observation Tower in Amazon to Monitor Climate Change
2014-11-21 -
ISIS vs Israel Guess which flag sparks backlash on campus
2014-11-20 -
Russian 'killer satellite' mystery sparks 'orbital weapon' speculation
2014-11-18 -
Polygraph Instructor Teaches Criminals How to Cheat Polygraph
2014-11-18 -
Getting Sick on Your Vegetables
2014-11-17 - Goggle camera records Ebola crisis
2014-11-16 - Shortest and Tallest Men Meet in UK
2014-11-15 - USA Under Mass Cellphone Surveillance from Planes
2014-11-14 - Ebola Buddy for Vice President
2014-11-13 - Unlucky bank robber doesn not get far with his loot as seen on CCTV in China
2014-11-12 - European Comet Mission Gears up for Tough Probe Landing
2014-11-11 - Ronald Reagan Apologizes to Margaret Thatcher Over Grenada
2014-11-10 - Biggest South American City Experiencing Record Drought
2014-11-09 - The Last Campaign Ad Ever
2014-11-08 - US to ramp up nuclear arms renewal despite Obamas pledges to disarm
2014-11-07 - Caught on camera as Journalist is carjacked by armed gunman in Australia
2014-11-06 - Largest sunspot since 1990 burps flares for 8 days
2014-11-05 - Worm Nuggets and Mealworms Wiggle Their Way onto Belgium
2014-11-04 - China Is Growing More Coffee
2014-11-03 - Town Bans Body Odor as Cops Decide Who Smells
2014-11-02 - Voter Fraud Vigilantes
2014-11-01 - Bring on Fear and Bring on Terror in the 2014 Midterm Election Rhetoric
2014-10-31 - Ancient Mexican Tunnel May Lead to Royal Tombs
2014-10-30 - US Government bugged journalists computer and planted classified docs
2014-10-29 - Apple Watch Out
2014-10-28 - Adolf Hitler California dream home
2014-10-27 - Sneaking into the USA
2014-10-26 - Winter time is the Right time
2014-10-25 - Look Closely at the Roscosmos Proton M Rocket Before Launch
2014-10-24 - My Favorite Video Camera Is Google Glass
2014-10-23 - Shake it Off the Obama Version with Remy
2014-10-22 - Scary Ebola Costume for Halloween
2014-10-21 - Drunk snowplough driver main factor in Moscow plane crash killing Total boss
2014-10-20 - BLAST AFTERMATH leaves Huge crater at Donetsk TNT factory when hit by ballistic missile
2014-10-19 - White House Whiteboard Shorts RaiseTheWage
2014-10-18 - Putin says World economy would collapse if oil prices stay at 80 dollars per barrel
2014-10-17 - Ebola Fearmongering the Myths conspiracies and cures go viral
2014-10-16 - TSA nearly confiscates Nobel laureate's award
2014-10-15 - The Guys in New York Episode 1 a baseball parody
2014-10-14 - Miniatur Wunderland largest model railroad of the world
2014-10-13 - The tragic tragic truth of Joe Biden
2014-10-12 - Archaeologists announce the discovery of 200000 year old pre neanderthal remains
2014-10-11 - Eyes on the road as movie goers get a surprise
2014-10-10 - DEA impersonates woman online posts sexy pics
2014-10-09 - Ex NSA chief admits government secrets are cover ups
2014-10-08 - Auto lenders latest collection method turning deadly
2014-10-06 - Forget the 1 percent It’s the one tenth percent who have the power
2014-10-05 - US stores old nukes to fight off asteroid threats
2014-10-04 - NASA satellite images show Aral Sea basin is completely dried up
2014-10-03 - Keep off our worms Banksys ironic work branded racist
2014-10-02 - Hiker Films as Japans Mt Ontake Erupts
2014-10-01 - FBI arrests indicts creator of smartphone surveillance app and it is not the NSA
2014-09-30 - Chevy Corvette anti theft device may send owners to prison
2014-09-29 - Massive sinkhole on Crimea highway leaves 6 dead
2014-09-28 - Google drops ALEC for a very surprising reason
2014-09-27 - US bombs its own military hardware in Syria
2014-09-26 - Crazy new evidence Palin was right on death panels
2014-09-25 - TSA officers try to screen passenger after his flight and threaten him after refusal.
2014-09-24 - T Bird does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Murica style
2014-09-23 - Goal of Self Driving Cars is Zero Crashes
2014-09-22 - Microbeads gumming up Lake Erie and your body
2014-09-21 - Raging Inferno in Siberia as Fire engulfs residential tower
2014-09-19 - If you wanna f..k with us, we gonna f..k with you says NYPD to street vendors
2014-09-18 - DARPA tests laser cannon over Michigan
2014-09-17 - DARPA testing jetpack for soldiers
2014-09-16 - Scientist predicts new human species will emerge in 30 years
2014-09-15 - Americans do not actually know who we are bombing
2014-09-14 - Living on the Edge as Palestinian parkour freerunners soar over Israeli occupation hurdle
2014-09-13 - 3D Printing in Car Industry And Fashion
2014-09-12 - Enormous solar flare sends charged particles racing towards Earth
2014-09-11 - Putin orders surprise readiness check of Eastern Military District
2014-09-10 - US nuke system hacked 3 times by unknown sources
2014-09-09 - Yellowstone supervolcano eruption to be a countrywide disaster
2014-09-08 - Here is why the minimum wage should be 21 bucks an hour
2014-09-07 - It's legal for police depts to reject intelligent police officers
2014-09-06 - Scientists achieve telepathy using internet
2014-09-05 - Raise our wage cry workers and over 450 fast food workers arrested in US
2014-09-04 - Ebola Can Be an STD
2014-09-03 - The secret way to finally stop the NSA
2014-09-02 - What The Prison Industrial Complex Can Do For YOU
2014-09-01 - Funny Cats Sleeping
2014-08-31 - You may be covered in animal fat and not even know it
2014-08-30 - HOW TO PREVENT an iPhone ATM PIN code hack
2014-08-29 - Google Reveals Delivery Drone Prototype
2014-08-28 - Giant Crack Appears In Earth In Mexico
2014-08-27 - How to Eat Sushi You've Been Doing it Wrong
2014-08-26 - Orions protective backshell installed This Week at NASA
2014-08-25 - Are local police forces preparing for war
2014-08-24 - Miracle China boy run over by car stands up walks away
2014-08-23 - Magnetic Hair
2014-08-22 - Whites most common targets in DC hate crimes
2014-08-21 - Battery with Bio Organic Material Charges Your Smartphone in 30 Seconds
2014-08-20 - Dog passes out from overwhelming joy
2014-08-19 - Louisiana prison tricked hospital into providing lethal injection drug
2014-08-18 - Towards Greener Quieter Cheaper Flights First All electric Aircraft
2014-08-17 - Alien Base And Flying Saucer Found In Antarctica
2014-08-16 - How To Not Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police
2014-08-15 - The vile lie Americans actually believe
2014-08-14 - New Design New Energy Two Revolutionary Bikes from Europe
2014-08-13 - Serious train derailment in Swiss Alps many feared injured
2014-08-12 - Rosetta probe starts search for landing spot
2014-08-11 - GFCI sparks through RF
2014-08-10 - Flight Safety
2014-08-09 - Is It Better to Thaw Steaks Before Cooking
2014-08-08 - Better Than Your Eyes New Facial Recognition Software
2014-08-07 - Test of Fire Elections 2014
2014-08-06 - Need for Speed Drives Toyotas Fuel Cell Investments
2014-08-05 - DOE plans to leave strontium 90 in groundwater
2014-08-04 - It is happening GMO corn no longer resists insects
2014-08-03 - Rick Perrys Operation Strong Candidate
2014-08-02 - War and Peace Police Cameras Professional Cuddling and more
2014-08-01 - Plants Respond to Leaf Vibrations Caused by Insects Chewing
2014-07-31 - Satellite footage of Gaza destruction before and after Israels bombs
2014-07-30 - The War on Work
2014-07-29 - Judge rules to allow bathroom cameras
2014-07-28 - Hong Kong EcoCube Recycling Food in Self Sustaining Ecosystem
2014-07-27 - That time the US planned to nuke the moon
2014-07-26 - Senator Dan Patrick of Texas With The Real Story of Those Poor Refugees
2014-07-25 - Obamas writer confesses brainwashing tactic
2014-07-24 - Blasty the Drone To Protect and Swerve
2014-07-23 - Robots of the Deep Are Drones That Scour the Silent World
2014-07-22 - Climate Deniers are All Washed Up
2014-07-21 - The European Extremely Large Telescope
2014-07-20 - Economic crash will now happen living on borrowed time
2014-07-19 - The United States Largest Reservoir Drops to Historic Lows Amid Drought
2014-07-18 - LLRV Testing Contributed to Apollo 11 Success
2014-07-17 - Hillary Busy Making Propaganda For Monsanto
2014-07-16 - FBI exposed Florida cops linked to KKK
2014-07-15 - Your Nude Pics Are Being Collected By the NSA
2014-07-14 - Fans clash with police after Argentina loss at World Cup
2014-07-13 - Hobby Lobbys Corporate Commandments
2014-07-12 - Is Coffee Good For You
2014-07-11 - Ohio Replaces Lethal Injection With Humane New Head Ripping Off Machine
2014-07-10 - For Chrissake lady fired for saying blessed
2014-07-09 - Blast off video of Russian Angara orbit rocket test launch
2014-07-08 - Create Your Own Caliphate
2014-07-07 - Germany missing 45 perdent of its gold stored in US
2014-07-06 - Excavator Mulchers for Land Clearing
2014-07-05 - Inside NASAs SOFIA Airborne Astronomical Observatory
2014-07-04 - Extraordinary Toroidal Vortices
2014-07-03 - Is sex ban to blame for World Cup losses
2014-07-02 - How an ER could reject you for buying candy
2014-07-01 - GRAPHIC Bus and buildings blasted in Ukraines Kramatorsk
2014-06-30 - What A McDonalds Commercial SHOULD Look Like
2014-06-29 - Saucer like NASA Mars landing test vehicle launched into near space
2014-06-28 - Recycled Glass Is Not Just Green It Also Pays Off
2014-06-27 - Raise high your middle fingers citizens
2014-06-26 - How a CIA island black site is in big trouble
2014-06-25 - Firefighters rescue man trapped inside vagina
2014-06-24 - Keeping the Poor Poor
2014-06-23 - The Shocking Reason Gun Control Doesn't Matter
2014-06-22 - Ultimate Cell Saves Fuel And Reduces Exhaust Emission
2014-06-21 - ISIS explained in 90 seconds
2014-06-20 - Supreme Court just said lying is free speech
2014-06-19 - Amputee Recovers Feeling with Robotic Arm
2014-06-18 - Indian Pet Lover Designs Trolley for Handicapped Stray Dog
2014-06-17 - Drone video Aftermath footage of landslide in Brazil World Cup host city
2014-06-16 - How Corporate Computers Know You Better Than You Know Yourself
2014-06-15 - The Wheels On the Tech Bus Create Income Disparity?
2014-06-14 - McDonalds GOOOLA FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014
2014-06-13 - Dramatic CCTV as Cop rescues driver from car fire after crash
2014-06-12 - VA Hotline Updated
2014-06-11 - Two Chinese Women Feeding an Elephant
2014-06-10 - Five Things you DID NOT know about the CIA
2014-06-09 - US nuclear-ready B2 bombers deploy to UK
2014-06-08 - First Day at a New Job
2014-06-07 - Mysterious facilities turned out to be nationwide spy stations in Germany
2014-06-06 - Secret Service has a new dangerous Twitter plan
2014-06-05 - Teen Confronts NancyPelosi on the NSA
2014-06-04 - EXCLUSIVE Leaked Internal Deutsche Bank Video Demanding No More Bragging
2014-06-03 - Iran dust storm video Freak sandstorm swallows Tehran
2014-06-02 - Why is One Third of the World Fat
2014-06-01 - Antitrust Us
2014-05-31 - Top 10 Places You Aren't Allowed To Visit
2014-05-29 - SCOTUS strikes down Florida execution guidelines
2014-05-28 - Supreme Court just stifled creative freedom
2014-05-27 - 3D Scans unlock secrets of first bird
2014-05-26 - Flying robots inspired by nature
2014-05-25 - Scientists to Congress Aliens exist and They Are In Washington
2014-05-24 - NASAs Morpheus Planetary Lander Makes Free Flight Test
2014-05-23 - Sailor hacked Navy computer systems while onboard aircraft carrier
2014-05-22 - Facebook creeping gets even more personal
2014-05-21 - Dramatic ССTV shows 2 Palestinian teens killed while throwing stones at IDF
2014-05-20 - Freedom From Choice
2014-05-19 - Kiev US nuclear deal may lead to catastrophe
2014-05-18 - Is there life on Mars
2014-05-17 - Autopsy of Chicken Nuggets
2014-05-16 - Where can You Drive at 1000 MPH
2014-05-15 - Google Shows off Driverless Cars
2014-05-14 - More NSA Secrets Revealed
2014-05-13 - How Anniston Alabama keeps getting screwed by feds
2014-05-12 - EPA worker watched porn daily was not fired
2014-05-11 - Hundreds elbow their way to polls as East Ukraine votes in referendum
2014-05-10 - Worlds 10 Most Mysterious Civilizations
2014-05-09 - NASA live streams images of Earth from space
2014-05-08 - Military unveils hybrid Black Knight Transformer drone
2014-05-06 - Woman Driver Vs Parking Garage
2014-05-05 - How crony capitalism just screwed your beer
2014-05-04 - Portland plans to use pee water
2014-05-03 - Formula 1 Pit Stops 1950 and Today
2014-05-02 - Reproduce your genitals with 3D printing
2014-05-01 - Sell In May And Go Away Bad Idea in 2014 Some Investors Warn
2014-04-30 - Lima Zoo Shows off Newest White Tiger Cub Triplets
2014-04-29 - Dealing With Egg Shells
2014-04-28 - Arkansas Tornado Damage Aerial Video
2014-04-27 - The 10 Most Gigantic Objects In Space
2014-04-26 - I want those Sweets
2014-04-25 - Supercharged Mobility Scooter
2014-04-24 - Scientists close to reading minds Should we be scared
2014-04-23 - Blind luck no asteroids have hit a city
2014-04-22 - People Are Buying Harleys But Not so Many Big Macs
2014-04-21 - Captain of Ill Fated S.Korean Ferry Praising Safety in Promotional Video
2014-04-20 - Five reportedly killed in shootout at guard checkpoint in E.Ukraine
2014-04-19 - Why Do We Dye Easter Eggs And Other Interesting Things
2014-04-18 - Schizophrenic US strategy makes them bad peacemakers for Ukraine
2014-04-17 - Huge event just happened in US history and Went unnoticed
2014-04-16 - US just launched secret next generation spy satellite
2014-04-15 - Canadas Annual Seal Hunt Begins
2014-04-14 - Is student debt killing the American Dream
2014-04-13 - Skip the Picnic Become an Action Hero at Your Next Company Outing
2014-04-12 - Does Jeff Bezos Have a Reason to Fear Googles Next 20 Billion Dollar Idea
2014-04-11 - Alligator Vs. Electric Eel
2014-04-10 - Nursing home hires strippers for residents
2014-04-09 - Before you share photos online watch this video
2014-04-08 - You won't believe the militarys new drones
2014-04-07 - Tsunami Animation Northern Chile April First 2014
2014-04-06 - Fingerprints hidden secrets
2014-04-05 - Fraud is the only path for US business
2014-04-04 - Skydiver almost struck by meteorite
2014-04-03 - 80 men lift whole house and carry it away
2014-04-02 - NSA installed backdoors in widely used technology
2014-04-01 - Google Glass Will Be Less Ugly From Now On
2014-03-31 - Science Has Found The Triple Point of An Unknown Fluid
2014-03-30 - Spying and Torture are our Bestest Friends
2014-03-29 - Lufthansa Pilots Announce Three day Strike
2014-03-28 - Beijing Pollution Reaches Dangerous Levels
2014-03-27 - Fire Drill Engagement
2014-03-26 - NYC Freedom Tower B.A.S.E. Jump
2014-03-25 - Urkaine radical leader killed for compromising Kiev
2014-03-24 - The HEARTBREAKING Moment A Giraffe KISSES His Cancer-Stricken Zoo Keeper Mario
2014-03-23 - Space Documentary Asteroid The Doomsday Rock
2014-03-22 - Couch Potatoes Rejoice Being Lazy Can Make You Healthier
2014-03-21 - Chicken From Hell Dinosaur Officially Enters Science Community
2014-03-20 - Booze Benefits Of Sugars Found In Liquor Drink Tequila and Stay Thin
2014-03-19 - Ohio boy pays it forward with found fortune
2014-03-18 - Ukrainian Boy Sends Back Putin Wristwatch given as Gift
2014-03-17 - Photographers Constitutional Rights Regarding Police
2014-03-16 - Why I am burning my last bridge with Obama
2014-03-15 - India Welcomes U.S. Diplomat Ruling
2014-03-14 - Ohio halts fracking after series of earthquakes
2014-03-13 - Study finds Five Second Rule protects food dropped on ground
2014-03-12 - Do not panic About Asteroids diet chips and Ukraine conspiracies
2014-03-11 - Thousands Of Killer Bees Attack An Elderly Woman In California
2014-03-10 - Still No Sign of Malaysian Jet Lost In Unprecedented Mystery
2014-03-09 - The Economics of Dallas Buyers Club
2014-03-08 - Familes of People on Board Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight Wait for News
2014-03-07 - Homeless Lottery Winner
2014-03-06 - North Korea Missile Passes near Aircraft Says South Korea Defence Ministry
2014-03-05 - How Scientists Were Able To Bring A Virus Back To Life 30 thousand Years Later
2014-03-04 - Jack Gerards American Petroleum Institute
2014-03-03 - Turkey Riot police flush protesters off the streets
2014-03-02 - Disney to pull funding from Boy Scouts by 2015
2014-03-01 - Doctors Remove Tumor In Babys Brain And Find Teeth
2014-02-28 - A third of King City California police officers arrested for corruption
2014-02-27 - You really can die from a broken heart
2014-02-26 - Cop tells woman it is a felony to film him and jails her
2014-02-25 - New Mexico Admits Nuclear Plant Leaking Radiation
2014-02-24 - Iconic Union Jack makeover looms as Scotland Independence referendum nears
2014-02-23 - First Video of China unveiling nuclear submarine fleet
2014-02-22 - Threat from Space
2014-02-21 - What is Inside WhatsApp
2014-02-20 - NSA and DHS seals can be used in parodies
2014-02-19 - Dozens of members of Congress related to lobbyists
2014-02-18 - UK Border Brother Was Harassing Snowdens lawyer at Heathrow Airport
2014-02-17 - 88 cops access another cop's info over 200 times
2014-02-16 - Billionaire jokes that Rich Americans should get more votes
2014-02-15 - Breathtaking video of Daredevils skywalk worlds 2nd tallest tower in Shanghai
2014-02-14 - Stephen Cohen Says US media wants something to spoil Sochi Olympics
2014-02-13 - Crocodiles Can Climb To New Heights Making Trees A Haven
2014-02-12 - NASA researchers think water still flows on Mars
2014-02-11 - McGruff the Crime Dog actor sentenced to 16 years for growing pot
2014-02-10 - Barrels of Trouble Mayflower oil spill impaired peoples health, made area uninhabitable
2014-02-09 - Cop handcuffs firefighter helping crash victims
2014-02-08 - Elevate Your Credit
2014-02-07 - F Bomb Explodes Alleged curse word leak exposes US tricks in Ukraine
2014-02-06 - Iowa police raid terrified family
2014-02-05 - House Intelligence Committee Floats Scary Idea of Jailing Journalists
2014-02-04 - Breathtaking How Corruption cost in EU equals its annual budget
2014-02-03 - Cop Caught on Camera Wrongly accused UK protester released on video evidence
2014-02-02 - Are We The People Genetically Modified
2014-02-01 - Saturday Morning Entertainment Russian Dash Cam Accidents
2014-01-31 - Tried and True Firing squad or electric chair return in US for death penalty
2014-01-30 - How do NFL Players go From Millionaires to Bankrupt
2014-01-29 - Pentagon to test anti-missile blimps over Maryland
2014-01-28 - Stunning video Streams of lava pouring from crater as Mount Etna erupts
2014-01-27 - Epic Whale Rescue In New Zealand
2014-01-26 - Court Bombshell: UK blocks sharing US drone intel
2014-01-25 - Three Protesters Killed in Ukraine Clashes
2014-01-24 - Snowden Says Bulk data collection is euphemism for mass surveillance
2014-01-23 - Russian Police Kill Islamist Militant Leader Ahead of Sochi Olympics
2014-01-22 - China exports air pollution to the US
2014-01-21 - NYPD bloodied elderly man while arresting him for jaywalking
2014-01-20 - Death of Indian Politicians Wife Sunanda Pushkar Unnatural
2014-01-19 - Our Favorite Russian Car And Truck Crashes
2014-01-18 - Archeologists Find Dozens of Ancient Tombs in Lambayeque Peru
2014-01-17 - One solution to stop TSA from stealing your valuables out of your carry on bag
2014-01-16 - Comet Chaser Rosetta to Wake up from Deep Space Hibernation
2014-01-15 - Lion Found Hanged To Death
2014-01-14 - Stunning video shows Virgin Galactic test flight
2014-01-13 - Lightning Bolt Kills Three on Argentina Beach
2014-01-12 - News Anchor Fail Compilation 2013
2014-01-11 - 2 NJ men bank 50,000 from fake 9 11 charity
2014-01-10 - Syria Ships Out First Batch of Toxic Chemical Weapons Materials
2014-01-09 - Conjoined whale twins found in Mexico first documented case
2014-01-08 - 59 Year old Angela Merkel Fractures Pelvis
2014-01-07 - FBI states law enforcement is not its primary function
2014-01-06 - Sea Shepherd Accuse Japanese whalers of Killing Protected Species
2014-01-05 - Kolkata Teenage Gang-Rape Victim Murdered was Not Suicide
2014-01-04 - Iraqi Air Strikes Target Suspected Sunni Militants
2014-01-03 - Gold And Diamond Soap Gives Luxurious Lather
2014-01-02 - Putin Vows Complete Annihilation of Terrorists Ahead of Winter Olympics
2014-01-01 - RUSSIA Car CRASH Compilation

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