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Will a higher minimum wage will reduce jobs available to young people entering the work force? Will it reduce poverty

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Historical List of Video of the Day:

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2015-11-28 - "FIRST DEMOCRATIC DEBATE HIGHLIGHTS: 2015" -- A Bad Lip Reading Of The First Democratic Debate
2015-11-27 -
Future Train Traveling
2015-11-26 -
Funny Ads Commercials From Thailand (26:24)
2015-11-25 -
GRAPHIC: New Video Of Immobile Russian Su-24 Pilot Surrounded By Armed Rebels Emerges
2015-11-24 -
Rocket Makes Historic Landing
2015-11-23 -
What's The Difference Between American And Canadian Thanksgiving?
2015-11-22 -
Inaudible Sound Waking Your Devices To Track You
2015-11-21 -
Misconceptions About The Brain- Mental_floss
2015-11-20 -
Luxury And Performance Cars Steal LA Auto Show Spotlight
2015-11-19 -
Russian Bombers Strike ISIS' Oil
2015-11-18 -
This 4 Millions Dollars Machine Can Fill Aircraft Hangars With Foam In Only 2 Minutes !
2015-11-17 -
Penguin Escape Plot Foiled By Zoo Staff
2015-11-16 -
Territorial History Of The USA: Every Month For 400 Years
2015-11-15 -
934 Chrysler Airflow Goes Over The Cliff And Drives Away
2015-11-14 -
France: Forensic Experts Inspect Suicide Bomber In An Attacked Cafe In Paris
2015-11-13 -
How To Restore Headlights PERMANENTLY
2015-11-12 -
FAA: Planes And Helicopters Involved In Laser Attacks
2015-11-11 -
Trickle Down Economics Explained
2015-11-10 -
Michael Davis Ford's Theater (Ronald Reagan & Tip O'Neil Laughing Together Hysterically)
2015-11-09 -
RAW: Heavy Truck In Flames Dashes Out Of Tunnel In China
2015-11-08 -
Gun Control For Dummies Part II - It's Common Sense
2015-11-07 -
Gun Control For Dummies Part 1 - It's Common Sense
2015-11-06 -
NASA | Massive Black Hole Shreds Passing Star
2015-11-05 -
TheTRUTH: Trickle Down Economics Don't Work
2015-11-04 -
There Are 7 HOLES In The Space Station
2015-11-03 -
Jimmy Kimmel The Uber Driver
2015-11-02 -
First Person To Run A Marathon Without Talking About It
2015-11-01 -
How Not To Hike On The Appalachian Trail - Day2
2015-10-31 -
How Not To Hike On The Appalachian Trail - Day1
2015-10-30 -
Alyssia Cordeiro Canada's Stunt Stand Spokesmodel Performing The Needle Body Position
2015-10-29 -
Woman's Story To End Texting While Driving
2015-10-28 -
22 Horror Movie Facts - Mental_floss
2015-10-27 -
Shocking Ice Fishing Video From Pennsylvania!
2015-10-26 -
Monster Lake Trout On Clear Ice
2015-10-25 -
Would Headlights Work At Light Speed?
2015-10-24 -
What Is Dark Matter And Dark Energy?
2015-10-23 -
Driving With Women
2015-10-22 -
We're Not Saying The Kepler Discovery Is Aliens, But dot-dot-dot
2015-10-21 -
5 Most Powerful Families That Secretly Control The World
2015-10-20 -
AWESOME TECHNOLOGY !!! NASA Morpheus Test Flight
2015-10-19 -
Russia's Lake Karachay - The Most Contaminated Place On Earth
2015-10-18 -
What Happens At The Edge Of The Universe? | Space Time
2015-10-17 -
A Rare Interview With The Mathematician Who Cracked Wall
2015-10-16 -
Bengaluru's Bellandur Lake Catches Fire
2015-10-15 -
Migrants Bump Into Polar Bear After Sneaking Onto Lorry To Get To UK
2015-10-14 -
Father Sentenced To 6 Months In Jail For Over-paying Child Support
2015-10-13 -
Dutch Safety Board Simulates MH17 Being Hit By BUK Missile
2015-10-12 -
Scuba Diver And Seal Become Best Friends
2015-10-11 -
Louie Schwartzberg: Hidden Miracles Of The Natural World
2015-10-10 -
Humane Capital Punishment OHIO's Death Machine
2015-10-09 -
Toddler's Head Reattached By Doctors In Medical Miracle
2015-10-08 -
The Fermi Paradox - Where Are All The Aliens?
2015-10-07 -
Elephant Attacking Cars
2015-10-06 -
US Cops Beat Woman In Her Children's Eyes, For Allegedly Belt Violation
2015-10-05 -
Coast Guard: El Faro Ship Likely Sank, 1 Body Found
2015-10-04 -
Worst Nuclear Disaster In US History Is A Secret
2015-10-03 -
Half Dome: Know Before You Go
2015-10-02 -
The Perfect Way To Get Rid Of Door To Door Salesmen
2015-10-01 -
Giant Sinkhole Swallows Street In London Suburban
2015-09-30 -
What Is Life? Is Death Real?
2015-09-29 -
To Scale: The Solar System
2015-09-28 -
Biohacking Your Body To Open Doors Without Keys
2015-09-27 -
Black Hole 30 Times Larger Than Thought Possible
2015-09-26 -
Gothics Hike
2015-09-25 -
15 Fastest Things Of All Time (Some You May Not Expect)
2015-09-24 -
Top 10 Strangest Elements
2015-09-23 -
Siberian Traps Likely Triggered End-Permian Mass Extinction
2015-09-22 -
Immortality: Could We Live Forever?
2015-09-21 -
Why Do My Joints Hurt More When It Rains? - Big Questions
2015-09-20 -
Asthmatic Sea Otter Taught To Use Inhaler
2015-09-19 -
Hua Shan Cliffiside Plank Walk
2015-09-18 -
Another Economic Crash Is Coming. How Can That Be Possible?
2015-09-17 -
Irving MacArthur Student Arrested After Bringing Homemade Clock To School
2015-09-16 -
Hungarian Police Tear Gas, Water Cannon Blocked Refugees At Fortified Border
2015-09-15 -
Steve Keen On The Fed & Bank Of England
2015-09-14 -
Miss Colorado Skips The Song And Dance, Talks About Nursing
2015-09-13 -
He Showed A Gorilla Photos Of Other Gorillas On His Phone. Watch The Gorilla's Reaction!
2015-09-12 -
Russian Volunteer To Have World's 1st Head Transplant: 36-hr $11mn Operation
2015-09-11 -
Christine Lagarde; Illuminati Message Decoded(2015)
2015-09-10 -
OFFICIAL TIME LAPSE The World's Highest Tides - Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick
2015-09-08 -
Stephen Hawking: Black Holes May Be Doors To Other Worlds
2015-09-07 -
Majority Of Brits Would Vote For Brexit Amid EU Migrant Crisis - Poll
2015-09-06 -
What To Do After Cancer Diagnosis
2015-09-05 -
Idaho Boy Helps Dad Survive Critical Injuries In Wilderness
2015-09-04 -
Income Tax Cut, JFK Hopes To Spur Economy 1962/8/13
2015-09-03 -
Boys' Reaction To Bullying Will Melt Your Heart
2015-09-02 -
The Land That Made Me, Me
2015-09-01 -
See Glaciers Melt Before Your Eyes
2015-08-31 -
Will Common Jobs Be Replaced By New Technology?
2015-08-30 -
The Ashley Madison Hack Explained
2015-08-29 -
Flying Over Fukushima: Spooky Drone Footage Of Abandoned Nuke Station
2015-08-28 -
How To Open A Wine Bottle With A Shoe
2015-08-27 -
Reunion Between Anita And The Wolves
2015-08-26 -
31 Amazing Facts About Household Items
2015-08-25 -
Princess Leia Loves Her Pacifier
2015-08-24 -
Mollie August 2015
2015-08-23 -
Tribute To The Fallen
2015-08-22 -
Apple Vs. Google: Which System Has The Best Apps?
2015-08-21 -
Operation Choke Point: The Government's Covert War On Small Business
2015-08-20 -
Amazing Travel Gadgets
2015-08-19 -
'Supercar Season' Hits London
2015-08-18 -
Hands-On With The PhotoKite Phi: A Tethered Drone
2015-08-17 -
Why Do People And Animals Tilt Their Heads When Confused? - Big Questions
2015-08-16 -
New Proof Vaccines For Pharma Profit, Not Health
2015-08-15 -
Rays' Richie Shaffer Ignored After 1st MLB HR, Perfectly Celebrates By Himself
2015-08-14 -
Nuclear And Biochemical Experts Arrive At Scene Of Tianjin Explosion
2015-08-13 -
Two Of Four Sex Allegations Against Assange Dropped Due To Statute Of Limitations Expiry
2015-08-12 -
The Day The Kursk Sank: Russia Remembers Submarine Tragedy 15 Yrs On
2015-08-11 -
Disaster Emergency Declared: Tons Of Toxins Contaminate Animas River In Colorado
2015-08-10 -
New Zealand Selects 40 Designs For New Flag
2015-08-09 -
Astronauts Prepare For Mars Expedition In An Austrian Glacier
2015-08-08 -
Cop Confrontation Goes Viral
2015-08-08 -
Cop Confrontation Goes Viral
2015-08-07 -
EPIC View Of Moon Transiting The Earth
2015-08-06 -
EXCLUSIVE: Edward Snowden Interview About Fellow NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake
2015-08-05 -
Here's A Gun Advertisement You Will NEVER See Again
2015-08-04 -
WORLDS SMALLEST UAV Aircraft !!! British Army Black Hornet UAV
2015-08-03 -
The Bridge At Q'eswachaka
2015-08-02 -
Noisy Supercars Could Be Banned From London Borough
2015-08-01 -
Bin Laden Family Jet Crashes In England
2015-07-31 -
CCTV: Chilean Man Plummets 17 Floors And Survives
2015-07-30 -
Harvesting The Energy Potential Of Riverbank Plants
2015-07-29 -
Stunning TIMELAPSE: East Coast Under Heavy Thunderstorm Seen From ISS
2015-07-28 -
Bailey Matthews, 8, With Cerebral Palsy Completes Triathlon
2015-07-27 -
Cleveland Police Pepper Spray Protesters At Black Lives Matter Rally
2015-07-26 -
Surprising Applications Of The Magnus Effect
2015-07-25 -
How To Destroy Your Cell Phone With Senator Lindsey Graham
2015-07-24 -
Robots Will Create Art And May Even Fall In Love
2015-07-23 -
French Farmers Block Lyon Despite euro 600mn Aid Plan Proposal
2015-07-22 -
Greece Prepares For Vote On More Measures To Secure Bailout
2015-07-21 -
I Can't Believe We Made It
2015-07-20 -
TU Delft - Ambulance Drone
2015-07-19 -
Tesla Gigafactory In 4k
2015-07-18 -
Search Continues For Victims In Iraq After Huge Suicide Bomb
2015-07-17 -
The Astronaut Academy: "Like In The Film Gravity"
2015-07-16 -
New Horizons Space Probe Reveals Ice Mountains On Pluto
2015-07-15 -
How The Euro Caused The Greek Crisis
2015-07-14 -
Report From GoEuro Shows Which Cities Drink The Most Beer And Which Cities Spend The Most On Beer
2015-07-13 -
The Story Behind Overstock's First Ever Crypto Bond
2015-07-12 -
Martian Cuisine: Giant Snails Could Feed First Mars Colonists
2015-07-11 -
Nigel Farage Speech To Alexis Tsipras At The European Parliament
2015-07-10 -
An NSA Whistleblower's Guide To Encryption
2015-07-09 -
The TSA's 12 Signs You Might Be A Terrorist
2015-07-08 -
Trading Halted At The NYSE, New York Stock Exchange Shut Down Over Tech Glitch
2015-07-07 -
Spy Drones Expose Smithfield Foods Factory Farms
2015-07-06 -
Walmart FUTURE TECHNOLOGY Advanced Vehicle Experience Truck To Deliver Goods For Black Friday Shoppers
2015-07-04 -
Emotional Varoufakis Appreciates Discussion With Conservative German MP
2015-07-04 -
Solar Impulse Completes Record Flight Across Pacific
2015-07-03 -
Prof. Steve Keen On Greek Debt Crisis (30Jun15)
2015-07-02 -
Greferendum Odyssey: EU Slams Door On Talks With Greece Till Sunday Referendum
2015-07-01 -
Distracted Driver Accidently Jumps Opening Drawbridge, Florida
2015-06-30 -
Hate Crimes? Arson Linked To Recent Attacks On African-American Churches
2015-06-29 -
New Iran Deal Demands Are Stumbling Blocks But Won't Kill Deal
2015-06-28 -
RAW: SpaceX Rocket To ISS Disintegrates 2 Minutes After Launch
2015-06-27 -
Greferendum Looms: Greeks Rush To ATMs, EU Saddened, Closes Door
2015-06-26 -
Man Decapitated In France Terror Attack
2015-06-25 -
Greece On Course To Default On Tuesday If Deal Is Not Reached
2015-06-24 -
Buckingham Palace: 'Bits Of The Palace Keep Falling Off'
2015-06-23 -
RAW: Protesting Calais Ferry Workers Shut Eurotunnel, Teargassed By Cops
2015-06-22 -
Intact Tick Removal With Cotton Swab
2015-06-21 -
China's Giant Oil Painting Copy Shop
2015-06-20 -
$13 Billion Warship Is First Of Its Kind
2015-06-19 -
Assange Refuge: 3 Years In Embassy, Policing Costs Abt Pound Sterling11,000 A Day
2015-06-18 -
A Novel, Light-driven Battery
2015-06-17 -
Greece Likely To Exit Euro & EU Without Deal With Creditors - Central Bank
2015-06-16 -
Mysterious And Frequent Earthquakes Afflicting Alabama
2015-06-15 -
Dramatic Footage: GTA Style Shootout With $7 Million Robber Gang In Moscow
2015-06-14 -
Rising Demand: Male Escort Market Triples In Britain
2015-06-13 -
Iraq: Islamic State Inside Mosul
2015-06-12 -
Nuke Russia? Prankster/journalist Grabs Support For Fake Petition
2015-06-11 -
Crime Cam: Filming Police Legality Explained
2015-06-10 -
INSANE Huge TV Tower Climb!
2015-06-09 -
Western Govts Give Saudi Arabia Pass To Violate Human Rights
2015-06-08 -
Protesters Torch Ballots In Bid To Block Mid-term Elections In Mexico
2015-06-07 -
Rise Of The Machines? You May Lose Your Job A Robot
2015-06-06 -
This Is What An $8 Billion TSA Budget Gets You
2015-06-05 -
The Sky At Night, If Galaxies And Black Holes Lived Next Door
2015-06-04 -
Fitbit Charge Versus Jawbone UP2: Two Top Fitness Trackers Compete Amid Accusations Of Theft
2015-06-02 -
How Does The Financial System Work
2015-06-01 -
Can't Stop Texting While Driving? Use This
2015-05-31 -
John Clarke And Bryan Dawe On Banks
2015-05-30 -
Black Man Vs. White Man Open Carrying AR-15 Legally
2015-05-29 -
AT&T Texting And Driving Documentary - "The Last Text"
2015-05-27 -
U.S. Air Force Certifies SpaceX's Falcon 9 To Compete For Missions
2015-05-25 -
Senator Warren On The Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement
2015-05-24 -
5/21/2015 - Global Earthquake Forecast - Volcanic Unrest Showing On WEST COAST
2015-05-23 -
Chris Hadfield: What I Learned From Going Blind In Space
2015-05-22 -
Sleeping In Space
2015-05-21 -
Air Force Launches Super Secretive X-37B Spacecraft Into 200-day Mission
2015-05-20 -
What Do Astronauts Worry About? Do You Know?
2015-05-19 -
Help Wanted: Saudi Arabia Needs 8 New Executioners
2015-05-18 -
Terrifying Footage: Planes Struggle To Land In High Winds At Madeira Airport
2015-05-17 -
How Will Abu Sayyaf's Death Impact ISIS?
2015-05-16 -
RAW: Residents Of Ramadi Flee The City As ISIS Takes It Over
2015-05-15 -
First Warm-blooded Fish Discovered
2015-05-14 -
Incredible "Man Is Flying" Daring Duo Use Carbon Fibre Wings To Fly Over Dubai
2015-05-13 -
Check Out The Meal Kit Start Up That Could Soon Be Worth $2B
2015-05-10 -
US Treasuries Auction: Method And Implications
2015-05-09 -
10 MYTHICAL Creatures That Turned Out To Be REAL
2015-05-08 -
New Threat For Astronauts Heading To Mars - Dementia, Brain Damage
2015-05-06 -
There's An App For That: New Tech To Help People Record Police
2015-05-05 -
10 Things You Didn't Know About Disneyland
2015-05-04 -
Missing Japanese WWII Submarine Airplane Hangar Found
2015-05-03 -
Swingers Club To Open As Church In Progressive TN
2015-05-02 -
NASA Thinks The Future Of Jets Is Flexible Wings
2015-05-01 -
Candidate Kit
2015-04-29 -
Latest Technology Proposed Car Parking In Abu Dhabi Airport
2015-04-28 -
Chernobyl Fox Rustles Up Giant Sandwich, Becoming Internet Sensation
2015-04-27 -
Florida Sheriff's Heated Response To Reporter's Question About 'gunfight' Comment
2015-04-25 -
The Making Of A Viral Video
2015-04-24 -
New Behind-the-scenes Footage Of Freedom's Dubai World Record Eagle Flight
2015-04-23 -
Spectacular Calbuco Voulcano Eruption In Chile
2015-04-22 -
U.S. Deputy Marshal Smashes Woman's Cell Phone
2015-04-21 -
Michelle Manhart Arrested For Protecting US Flag From Desecration
2015-04-20 -
Stop Fighting For Bullshit Jobs // Propaganda
2015-04-19 -
ZOMBIES: Why You Need To Google 'Dr Sarno' Now
2015-04-18 -
Hidden Cam Shows Baggage Handlers Stealing From Luggage
2015-04-17 -
A Physicist's Time Travel Obsession
2015-04-16 -
Israel Marks Holocaust Remembrance Day
2015-04-15 -
Dashcam RAW: Cop Car Slams Into Robbery Suspect In Arizona
2015-04-14 -
Japan Court Says 'no' To Restarting Takahama Nuclear Reactors
2015-04-13 -
'Second Class Americans'? US Fails To Rescue Its Citizens In Yemen dot-dot-dot It's Russia Who Does The Job
2015-04-12 -
New Invention Could Make Soldiers Invisible
2015-04-11 -
Cosmic GoPro: NASA Astronauts Conduct Spacewalk Outside ISS
2015-04-10 -
First Human Head-to-body Transplant: Russian Man To Undergo Revolutionary Surgery
2015-04-09 -
New Device To Remove Oil From Troubled Waters
2015-04-08 -
2015-04-07 -
Russian Nuclear Submarine Catches Fire, But No Weapons And Reactor Off
2015-04-06 -
Atacama 'Tsunami': Freak Rainfall Floods Devastate Driest Desert
2015-04-05 -
US Police Killed More People In March Than UK Did In 20th Century
2015-04-04 -
Nasa Tests Enormous Rocket Booster
2015-04-03 -
Cuba Before 1959: An Advanced Country
2015-04-02 -
Routine Traffic Stops Leads To AK-47 Gun Battle, Caught On Police Dashcam
2015-03-31 -
Ten Unsolved Mysteries Of The Human Body
2015-03-30 -
How To Lock And Unlock Airbus A320 Cockpit Door - Description And Procedures
2015-03-29 -
Ethan Allen Speaks To The People Of 2013
2015-03-28 -
Solar Eclipse: 'Breathtaking' Views Witnessed By Millions
2015-03-27 -
The 19 Most Unfortunate Photos Ever Taken
2015-03-26 -
My Mischievous Kitten, Mulder.
2015-03-25 -
Ten Crazy Theories About The Afterlife
2015-03-23 -
2015-03-22 -
How To Detect A Russian Spook? Spy Paranoia Grips Europe
2015-03-21 -
Dutch Video On Greek Crisis -- Brilliant!
2015-03-20 -
30 Weird Smartphone Apps
2015-03-19 -
High Speed Police Chase Ends In Epic Fail! USA
2015-03-18 -
2015-03-17 -
Climate Change -- Anatomy Of A Myth
2015-03-16 -
America The Rudyful
2015-03-15 -
Robin Hood In Reverse
2015-03-14 -
A Likely Ignorant View Of Economic Reality
2015-03-13 -
Smokey Joe Barton And Peter Jennings
2015-03-12 -
Six Myths About Vaccinations
2015-03-11 -
Climate Denial: Bad, Badder, BEST
2015-03-10 -
The "No Warming In 16 Years" Crock
2015-03-09 -
IPCC Climate FAIL - NO Global Warming For 17 Years!
2015-03-08 -
NASA's Dawn Mission Arrives At Ceres
2015-03-07 -
NASA Dawn Mission Reaches Ceres On Friday To Explore Mysterious Dwarf Planet
2015-03-06 -
US Companies Losing Price War As Massive Job Cuts Hit Industry While Saudis Profit
2015-03-05 -
Marathon Bombing Survivor Writes Letter To Tsarnaev
2015-03-03 -
Xioami's Plans To Shake Up The Action Camera Market With Its Yi
2015-03-02 -
George Galloway's Sputnik: Prof Steve Keen On Great 2008 Swindle
2015-03-01 -
Surveillance Video Appears To Show Nemtsov Killing
2015-02-28 -
US-Israeli Oil Drilling Begins In Golan Heights, Locals Protest
2015-02-27 -
Pearlfisher London Invites You To JUMP IN!
2015-02-26 -
Australian Researchers Unveil World's First 3D Printed Jet Engine
2015-02-25 -
Siberian 'disaster' Plot: 20 Mini-craters Near Giant Yamal Gas Hole
2015-02-24 -
"Miniature Aces" NASA's Dale Reed Flight Research Laboratory
2015-02-23 -
Why Don't Humans Have A Mating Season?
2015-02-22 -
Mini Me: 3-D Printers Take Selfies Obsession To A New Level
2015-02-21 -
Massive Fire Engulfs Dubai Marina Torch Residential Tower
2015-02-20 -
Extreme Road Rage Caught On Camera
2015-02-19 -
EXPOSED: Bank Spies Infiltrate Government
2015-02-18 -
Pro-Kyiv Ukrainian Forces Pulling Out Of Rebel-held Debaltseve
2015-02-17 -
RT Crew Caught Under Mortar Shelling At Donetsk Airport
2015-02-16 -
Czech Mom Stripped Of Kids In Norway: 'Not Allowed To Say I Love Them'
2015-02-15 -
New Ukraine Ceasefire Is Largely Respected
2015-02-14 -
Let Your Dog Choose Your Partner?
2015-02-13 -
Misconceptions From Television
2015-02-12 -
Mark Gungor - Men's Brain Women's Brain
2015-02-11 -
Vaccines: How To Avoid Killing And Maiming Children
2015-02-10 -
US Military Robot Dog Will Make A Great Companion For RoboCop
2015-02-09 -
Search Continues For Missing TransAsia Crash Victims
2015-02-08 -
Homelessness In Washington DC Reaches Record Levels
2015-02-07 -
10 Reasons Why We Still Haven't Met Aliens
2015-02-06 -
TransAsia Flight Black Box Information Revealed
2015-02-06 -
King Abdullah: Royal Pain
2015-02-05 -
2015-02-04 -
Good Ol' Wisconsin Ingenuity. Made In The USA.
2015-02-03 -
Misconceptions About Exercise
2015-02-02 -
Measles - To Vaccinate Or Not?
2015-02-01 -
Little Drummer Boy Of 3 Years Orchestra Guide! Impressive!
2015-01-31 -
Evander Holyfield Shows Angry Driver Why Road Rage Is A Bad Idea
2015-01-30 -
How Long Did It Take Apple To Make $18 Billion?
2015-01-29 -
Tesla P85D Insane Mode Launch Reactions Compilation
2015-01-28 -
Russian Bikers: Or How To Commit Sucide In Russia
2015-01-27 -
Plane Runs Out Of Fuel In Mid-air Near Hawaii
2015-01-26 -
Misconceptions About Germs And Hygiene
2015-01-25 -
High-speed Archer's Video Of Incredible Trick Shots
2015-01-24 -
Hilarious Exploding Cow Pat Banger Prank Video REMIX And SLOW MOTION!
2015-01-23 -
'giant Currency War': Euro Drops 40%, Yen 30%, Against Us Dollar
2015-01-22 -
Obama's 2015 Sotu: Magical Pain-free Prosperity For Everyone!
2015-01-21 -
Us Navy Satellite Blasts Off
2015-01-20 -
Russia Denies New Ukraine Troop Incursion As Civilian Casualties Mount
2015-01-18 -
Lost In The Fifties- Another Time, Another Place
2015-01-17 -
Activist Critical Of Police Undergoes Use Of Force Scenarios
2015-01-16 -
Man Shoots, Kills Officer Wearing Body Cam
2015-01-15 -
Rocket In Thailand
2015-01-14 -
Islamic Militants Crush Entire Town, No One Cares
2015-01-13 -
Helping Those Who Need A Second Chance In A Very Sweet Way
2015-01-12 -
Us Air Force F-35 Super Scam Delayed Again
2015-01-11 -
Have A Dirty Phone? Clean It Off -- With Light
2015-01-10 -
Art Donovan On The Tonight Show
2015-01-09 -
How low can it go? Brent oil falls below $50 - first time since 2009
2015-01-08 -
Pentagon worker viewed porn every two minutes for three months
2015-01-07 -
The Year in Crazy: 2014
2015-01-06 -
Movie: Dear Leader 2
2015-01-05 -
How to change a light bulb at the top of a 1,500ft TV tower
2015-01-04 -
21 Things That Turned 21 This Year
2015-01-03 -
Trash hampers search for missing plane
2015-01-02 -
Apple Watch Out
2015-01-01 -
Roy's Holiday Song

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