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posted on 27 December 2016

Why Did Trump Win? A Different Perspective, Part 5

Written by

Accumulation and Redistribution

This is the different perspective. It is not a new perspective; but it is new to the society that has been living in the Left Brain too long. The Left-Brain builds civilizations. The Right-Brain is the guardian of Rebirth. The Right-Brain is the source of unity and healing, the Unconscious. The Left-Brain is the place of exile from God, where the Angels fall and become Men and wander on the Earth. The Left-Brain is the source of Duality and moral struggle, where Consciousness is developed.

Was the Solar Hero killed in 1965? Symbolically, John Kennedy was a Solar Hero. November, 1963 is a bit early, isn't it? Yes. Summer or Noon did not strike until 1965 -- but since each season is objectively unique, such a murder can come a bit early this time, a bit late the next. John Kennedy was the leader of Camelot. He was a Catholic liberal heralding a new age, a lunar age, in fact, the end of the Patriarchal Fatherland -- and he was killed by a shadowy conspiracy that resented his promised attack on the oil oligarchy, the CIA, and the Federal Reserve Bank. The murder of John Kennedy brought on a tidal wave of Lunar liberal change (Libra is the center point of the Matriarchal Night-Cycle; Mars in Aries is the center-point of the Patriarchal Day-Cycle) which shook the Patriarchal world to its roots from 1965-1983.

Think of the Sun lighting the Heavens, the rich and powerful during the Patriarchal Day-Cycle; and then traveling into the Underworld (among the poor, dark-skinned, outcast), lighting up and empowering the weak and helpless during the Matriarchal Night-Cycle. Jesus went down into the lower world, to give His light and love to the denizens of the Underworld.

The goal of this system is a balancing act -- the "Lord gives and takes away" -- the Lord, the Solar Hero, gives to one side during the Day-Cycle and gives to the other side during the Night-Cycle -- giving to the poor during the Night-Cycle and giving to the rich during the Day-Cycle. Giving to the rich is taking away from the poor; giving to the poor is taking away from the rich.

In America, the Matriarchal Night-Cycle that began with John Kennedy's assassination was a great era of giving to the poor and taking from the rich. This is God's will. Matriarchal Night-Cycles are supposed to transfer wealth from the few to the many. Patriarchal Day-Cycles are an inverse of this process. It is no sin to attain wealth during the great separation process which is the Patriarchal Day-Cycle when the Material World is re-created, and the miracle of Evolution is carried forward another step.

It is a sin to hoard that wealth during the great redistribution of wealth that needs to occur during the Matriarchal Night-Cycle (2001-2019). The hoarding of wealth for the rich in America, engineered by the Federal Reserve Board, means that the great unwinding of debt that should have occurred form 2001-2019 DID NOT OCCUR. This is a major violation of natural law. Material expansions, such as the one scheduled to begin 2019, requires that wealth be redistributed during the great unwinding and emptying out of Material Nature during the Matriarchal Night-Cycle and that debt be unwound during this same period.

The Federal Reserve Board and the other global central banks conspired to protect their own wealth during this Great Emptying Out process by enslaving global citizens with wave after wave of debt, lowering interest rates to effect this global enslavement. Now we stand on the cusp of a new expansion without having accomplished the necessary equalizing that is the requirement of the Night-Cycle.

Libra is the center-piece of the Motherland Night-Cycle because Wealth-Equalization is the order of the Moon Goddess of the Night-Cycle. The Day-Cycle is about material evolution; the Night-Cycle is about spiritual evolution.

That this is God's order is made clear by HIS sending his archangel Michael to this season with a very clear order of redistribution of wealth as His order. Justice requires this.

In the Night-Cycle 1965-1983, there was a very clear attempt to redistribute wealth in the society. In the Night-Cycle 2001-2019, there was no such attempt -- in fact the poor of the world were shackled with more and more debt, the opposite of what Nature intends.


(“Closing the Wealth Gap: Empowering Minority-Owned Businesses to Reach Their Full Potential for Growth and Job Creation" Urban Institute, September 18, 2013)


(Growth for Whom? Pavlina R. Tcherneva, Levy Economics Institute, Oct. 6, 2014)

Equality vs. Freedom

As I have written, the Right Brain idealizes equality, which it equates with Justice. The Left Brain idealizes freedom, which seems to be driven by the idea of wealth. Growth. During the Growth Stage, inequality is inevitable. Everything grows at different rates. During the Death Stage, which is what the Non-Growth Stage also represents, everything is equal. This is the ideal.

If Libra is the centerpiece or anchor of the Night-Cycle Matriarchy -- Libra is governed by Venus, the goddess of Love -- then the centerpiece or anchor of the Day-Cycle Patriarchy is Libra's astrological opposite, Aries, Spring and Dawn -- as Libra is Autumn and Dusk --is governed by Mars, the god of War. The Greek god of war was named Ares, who became, with the Romans, Mars. Mars and Venus were (illegitimate) lovers if we remember correctly -- and we can see in this duality the primary function of the Male and the Female Principles: Martial and Material Protection of the clan for the man; love, procreation, and nurturing of the child for the woman.

When the two eyes close at the end of the Day, the One Eye (the Mind's Eye) opens, casting light inward on the more abstract principles of life, on aspirations for spiritual greatness, such as love, justice, equality. At the end of the Night-Cycle, that one eye (the lunar Spiritual Eye) closes; and the two eyes of duality again open at Dawn as light returns to the physical world. The God of War greets the man at Dawn; the Goddess of Love greets the man at Dusk.

The outward energy expression of history during the Matriarchal Night-Cycle -- make no mistake, this is the death of the Material World, death which is not final, but periodical -- is depression, pain, loss, disintegration, which ancient philosophy attributes to Saturn, whom Christianity termed Satan. Saturn is the God of the Harvest, death, deflation. Every Night-Cycle is marked by economic crisis. Every Night-Cycle is an 'energy-crisis' -- energy changes direction at the end of the Day-Cycle, turning away from the material world, turning inward back toward the God Idea. The Soul goes home at Night.

Recent Night Cycles

1893-1911. The Panic and the Depression of 1893 was the worst economic collapse in the history of America, up to that time.

1893 was a High Noon, at which time the Solar Hero was eclipsed by the Lunar Hero (the Anti-Hero), Day was transformed slowly into Night. This is a slow process. 1893 is Noon. 1902 is Dusk. 1911 is Midnight.

Night-Cycles are characterized by the concept of reform. Reformation: An end to inequality and corruption.

What great Reformer appeared during the 1893-1911 Night-Cycle demanding and end to corruption and inequality, attacking the establishment. Night-Cycles often present the Ideal of the Crusade for Justice as the driving criteria of political power. Day-Cycles often present the Ideal of the Crusade for Empire, for Riches, for Material Gain as the driving criteria of political power. Day-Cycles are eras of Physical Expansion. The Material Body, the Physical Body, is the vehicle for the manifestation of this Growth Phase. Corporations are the American tool for this physical expansion -- Corporate means body -- and Matriarchal Night-Cycles, which I have called Non-Growth Seasons, Spiritual Expansions, and even Death experiences of the Material Nature are often imbued with political movements than are anti-corporate in essence -- Day-Cycles fall out of Heaven (the Unconscious Unity) into the Body. Night-Cycles fall out of the Body, away from the Earth, back toward Heaven, back toward the Unconscious Unity.

  • 1929-1947: Global Economic Depression and World War.

  • 1965-1983: Global Economic Stagflation -- high unemployment and his price-salary inflation. In terms of war, the defeat of the West in its global war against International Communism. Remember: the Day-Cycle is very much the rising up of the West (sexually, this is the erection), the Object Function collapsing the Wave Function (the East); the Night-Cycle is very much the deflation of the West (the Solar Hero's dis-erection) -- this imagery makes me think of the FED "extension of the Business Cycle" through artificial means as the Viagra Economy.

  • 2001-2019: Global Economic Collapse -- wars and rumors of war -- the "Arab Spring" is the "Christian Autumn" -- which, if true, suggests an Islamic evacuation of Heaven and occupation of Earth and an opposite Christian path, and evacuation of Earth and an occupation of Heaven -- which is a vision many Millennialists also consider possible.

Day-Cycles result in the Harvest. Day-Cycles are the narrative, understood metaphorically, of the journey of the seed into the fruit-bearing tree, the struggle of life, with the fruit being the treasure at the end of the journey. June 21 or Noon is the absolute extension of this narrative. Then Harvest. Harvest is the end of Life. But this is not an absolute end as we begin to understand. Because as soon as this Outward Expansion ends, the corollary Inward Expansion begins. We have two lives at once, linked by an invisible chain. As soon as we have completed the journey from Seed to Fruit we re-begin the journey of Seed-in-the-Fruit back to Seed-in-the-Earth, the Inward Journey. This is the Circle.

Death is an illusion. We have lives in both the Material World (visible to our eyes) and in the Immaterial World (invisible to our eyes). During the Day we evolve our Material Natures -- Matter on the outside, Spirit on the inside -- and then we sleep at Night and we evolve our Spiritual Natures -- Spirit of the outside, Matter on the inside. When we wake each morning, we forget our Night-Life. When we sleep each night, we forget our Day-Life. Which life is "real"? Clearly, both lives are real. We evolve our Material Life by Day. We evolve our Spiritual Life by Night.

We wear our insides on the outside at Night, to borrow from a Peter Gabriel song.

Our lives do not end. Matter cannot be destroyed. Matter transforms from the Object Function to the Wave Function -- this is what we call Death. The forms that Matter takes on as an Object does dissolve back into the great Ocean of the Unconscious (the Dream Mind), the Wave Function, the Right Brain Function, but this transformation is not eternal. When the clock strikes Midnight again, as it always does, in one way or another, then the Wave Function transforms back into the Object Function and Life animates Matter back into Individual Objects.

If you grasp this process, then you understand why Hindus refer to the Object Function as Maya, illusion. The Object Function comes and goes; the Wave Function is eternal. The Wave Function gives birth to the Object Function, the Man, the Day-Cycle, the Republican, because it is time for this rebirthing process. Nature needs to be updated by the Dionysian Factor. Forms need to be updated also.

The Feminine Democratic Night-Cycles in the past 100 years (listed above) show a clear pattern of seasonal motifs.

  • Death

  • Spiritual Evolution

  • Impulse toward Egalitarian principles

  • Redistribution of Wealth from the top down

  • Reformation.

The redistribution has been resisted mightily in the current Night-Cycle, something which will bring a mighty and violent recompense.

We must understand that Men leave the Earth during Night-Cycles, largely leaving women alone to manage things on their own. Please don't interpret this literally. This is a subtle idea, talking about principles and archetypes. When I say men vanish it does not mean literally vanish. Men vanish inward, into their eternal, invisible principles -- into their 'ordering Heaven' principles. Women often abandon such men. Men often become homeless in such time. Great is the woman who does not abandon her man during his death and spiritual evolution processes. He will return, like Odysseus, 18 years later.

Metaphorical vs. Literal Battle

Spiritual writing is a high metaphorical Right-Brain language. The literalist (Left Brain) murders spiritual writing with his insistence on literal understanding.

God did not create the world in 6 literal days. The 6 days are symbolic. The 6 days are symbolic of the 18 years, in fact. And of other larger cycles all divisible by 6.

The 40 days and 40 nights preceding the Deluge are also symbolic. "M" in the Hebrew alphabet is "Mem"; Mem's number is 40. In nearly all ancient languages each letter was, at the same time, a number.

Wherever 40 appears in Biblical writing, "Mem" appears. Mem is the Moon, Moses, Miriam, Mary, Michael, Melchizadek, Miracle, Magic.

The first half of the Hebrew alphabet is the Day-Cycle, creating the physical world; the second half of the Hebrew alphabet, beginning with "Mem" (M), the ocean, the Moon, the Female Principle, the Inward Journey, is the Evolution of Spirit, the Night Cycle. "Mem" -- memory, remembering, reflection -- is followed by "Nun" in the Hebrew alphabet, the Fish entering the ocean, the Messiah. The appearance of the Messiah, through "Mem" or Mary, the Sea, is the story of the Night-Cycle.

"Mem" is the 13th letter in the Hebrew alphabet. 13 is unlucky in the physical world. 13 is the beginning of bad luck in the physical world; and it is the beginning of luck in the metaphysical world. It is the end and the beginning, the end of the temporary and the re-beginning of the (hidden and) permanent.

Of course, after "Mem" comes "Nun" (N), or Noah.

"Mem" of course is the root of "memory", remember, reminisce. Reflect. Contemplate the PAST. The Right-Brain, by nature, looks back. The Left-Brain, by nature, looks forward.

Those familiar with astrology will recognize in the zodiacal sign Scorpio a visual reference to MEM -- and will remember that Scorpio also represents the return of the Water element.

Harkening back to astrological symbolism takes us back to the sign Virgo (that of the Virgin Mother, Matter) to final an even more appropriate MEM sign. The MEM is the appearance of the Mother, the Moon, and, by association, the Messiah.

I was eating not too long ago with a friend from work, a woman from Canada, an intellectual, with Protestant roots. She laughed about the stupidity of religion. She laughed about Catholic superstition and the idea of the Virgin Birth. I explained to her that literality was the problem. I explained that the Catholic insistence on the Virgin Birth story (remember, 'virgin' in the Middle East means 'unmarried woman' at the time of Jesus' birth) was a vital reference to the idea that Jesus was the Sun-Hero of the Piscean Age -- Virgo and Pisces being polar opposites -- Virgo being the heavenly reference to the Mother Moon and the Night-Cycle, Pisces, the fish, being the reference to NUN, the Messiah. The so-called stupidity of the ancients was a sign of our own stupidity in fact, our inability to comprehend the depth of the Right-Brain and its metaphorical comprehension.

This woman was politically correct, and had a deep need to be on the "smart side" of the equation. This need to be on the "smart side" -- to prove that she belonged to the "Smart Side" -- created in her a rigid adherence to the unwritten code of political correctness, an intellectual's guide to correct living.

In a sense the entire Night-Cycle is represented by the letter "M", Moon, Mother, Maat, Mary (which means "sea"), Madonna, as the entire Day-Cycle is represented by the letter "A", Adam, Adonai, Adorati, Alhim, Archon, Allah.

Allah is a Lunar God, please note. Allah is the Night-Cycle God, manifested by the letter M, the Moon. Of course, God is androgynous; God exists as both Day and Night.

The Greeks had the hero (the man of action) drinking from the river Lethe to forget, and, hence, to able to act. The Greeks had the philosopher-king (the man of thought and reflection) drink from the River Mneosyne (Remembering) to....stop acting and start thinking. Mnemosyne is the personification of Memory, or reflection, of studying (and worshipping) the Past. Saturn worships the Past; Saturn condemns modernity because he is the master of looking back, longing for the Past, his Golden Age. Jupiter, Saturn's son, worships life, the Future, action, the body-life. Jupiter is the Expansion Principle, the Day-Cycle, Left-Brain Instinct for Life.

The Left-Brain desires the Future. Desire is the fuel of manifestation.

The Right-Brain desires the Past. Why? Because the physical body has lost its fuel. The Past is where the memories of Youth reside. The Right-Brain escapes into the Past to escape the material entropy which is the requisite nature of old age.

Mnesomne is the Culture Goddess, the Soul, vehicle of the Night-Cycle. Mnesomne is the mother of the 9 Muses, by Jupiter-Zeus (the Day-Cycle God). Mnesomne is the Spirit of Spiritual Evolution. Moon memory.

M is the Lunar Anti-Hero, as A is the Solar Hero. M has a reflection in the WATER. W is the reflection of M. If we put M on top of W -- M and its reflection -- we have X, the intersection of the four directions, the crossroads -- the Hourglass -- the change in direction.


Note how M and its reflection creates an open X. A (Adam, Alpha, Aleph) and its reflection creates a closed, inverted Hourglass structure that appears to be a falling bomb. In 1983, when I first discovered the MX image, I was convinced it was a reference to the MX Missile that had just been invented.


Remember, A is Aries, Ares, Mars, the Warrior. Note this diamond shape has an upward-pointing triangle above (levity? joviality? Jupiter?), the downward-pointing triangle below (gravity? Saturn? the public female?), and the hexagon in the middle. 3 + 3 + 6 = 12.

And Z, or ZETA, the end? Z is the number 7 and its reflection. Of course, the number 7 is the most prolific and sacred number in Biblical writing. There are 7 stages to the Day-Cycle; and there are 7 stages to the Night-Cycle. The 6 Days of Creation and the 7th Day of Rest are a misnomer, in truth. There are 7 stages of Creation, of Expansion, of Building, of Construction of the Material Universe, Earth esoterically; and there are 7 stages of Creation, of Expansion, of Building, of Construction of the Anti-Material Universe, Heaven esoterically.

But there are 12 Stations of the Cross, 12 Months, 12 Disciples -- not 14. Yes. But the First Stage of the Day is also the Last Stage of the Night: DAWN. And the Last State of the Day is also the Fist Stage of the Night: DUSK. Aries and Libra are double, dual, androgynous, whole. The First and the Last Biblically.

I remember in the 1980's (if I remember correctly) my brother scoffing at the Nike motto "Just Do It." This is very clearly a Day-Cycle slogan -- the slogan was coined in 1988. My brother scoffed: "Just Do It -- don't think about it!" His criticism was of mindless action, the Activity Principle. Interesting. When I thought of Just Do It, my additional thought was "Don't Talk About It."

In the most recent Presidential Debate, Donald Trump excoriated Hillary Clinton for being ineffectual.

"You have been in Washington talking again and again about what you were going to do. Why haven't you done it. Because you can't do it -- all you can do it talk about. You are very good at talking about doing things; you are not so good at getting things done...."

There is truth in this. The Right-Brain is NOT the Man-of-Action Principle. The Right-Brain excels at "Thinking About It", to quote my brother. The Left-Brain, the Solar Principle, the Day-Cycle Man, is the Man-of-Action.

The Day-Cycle Man has drunk from the River Lethe; he has forgotten everything. This gives him power. He has forgot his doubts, his fears (THIS IS THE KEY), he has forgot his guilt. He emerges from the waters of Baptism as a New Life, a New Man, washed clear by the Waters of Lethe, the Waters of Forgetting. He gets to start fresh again. This is the essential promise of rebirth in myth and spiritual philosophy.

The man enters the waters of the Night-Cycle in Libra as an old man, flawed, beaten, broken, corrupt. He passes the entire 18 years of the Night-Cycle in the sea bathing in the Moonlight, receding, bodiless, reduced back to the seed condition. In Aries, the man emerges from the water again, a New Man, a New Sun-Hero, filled with desire for Life, remembering nothing of his earlier life, his earlier sins.

The Night-Cycle is a magic kingdom, bestowing on all a new life, washing the old life of its sins.

We remember the two brothers in Greek mythology, Prometheus and Epimetheus. Prometheus means "Forethought". The Future. Prometheus knows the Future. He is the Day-Cycle God, the God of Fire, a form of Jupiter, creator of mankind and carrier of the gift of Fire (the Sun). Reason, Expansion, Growth. Material Evolution.

Epimetheus means "Hindsight". Epimetheus looks back. He is the dark, inactive son, bodiless, akin to Saturn. The Night-Cycle, Right-Brain.

The Day-Cycle is the love story of the White Man and the Black Woman, the White Sun and the Earth. The Father and the Daughter. The Night-Cycle is the love story of the Black Man (the Culture God, M, the Anti-Hero) and the White Woman -- that is, the Black Sun and the Moon. The Mother and the Son.

Noon is the story of the conflict between the Father and the Son.

Midnight is the story of the conflict between the Mother and the Daughter.

Both of these complete generational succession rituals, the Father-Sun is overthrown by his Son; the Mother-Moon is overthrown by her Daughter.

Prometheus is the Day-Cycle. He brings the Fire of Mind to humanity -- that is, the New Sun, the New Day, the New Day-Cycle. But he is punished for this. He must spend the entire Night-Cycle chained to Mount Khvamli in the Caucasus range, unable to move -- this is esoterically important, this lack of mobility -- where his liver is eaten daily by an eagle, growing back at night. The liver is the seat of fear. The Day-Cycle is without memory, without fear; the Night-Cycle is with memory, with fear. The liver is the seat of courage. Eventually, Heracles, the New (NEXT) Sun Hero, kills the eagle and frees Prometheus from his chains.

Epimetheus is interesting too. He marries the beautiful Pandora, who is the symbolic manifestation of the Night-Cycle. The Night-Cycle is the End of the World, in the sense of the Book of Revelation. Every 36 years the world ends. Every 36 years the world experiences a form of Apocalypse, Armageddon. Prophets have long warned human communities about the approaching of the Apocalpyse. It is a subtle thing, this end of the world. We like to think of it as fires and brimstone, of nuclear annihilation, of large scale physical destruction. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it is not.

The world the Day-Cycle builds for 18 years is destroyed by the Night-Cycle for 18 years. Thus, we have Creation and Destruction every 36 years. The world 'we' created ('we' are both the Creator and the Destroyer) from 1983-2001 we are now destroying and our destructive work will be completed in 2019.

This is not the way most religious philosophers think of this.

Final Judgement

Emmanuel Swedenborg, the Swedish scientist and mystical philosopher, wrote extensively about God, cycles and the apocalypse. In his best know work, Heaven and Hell , Swedenborgh claims the Final Judgment had already occurred in 1757. He was right. Let me show you.

The Last Judgment in Retrospect

By Emanuel Swedenborg

Translated and edited by George F. Dole

The Last Judgment, one of the lesser-known works of Swedish visionary Emanuel Swedenborg (1668-1772), presents a startling claim: "The Last Judgment began last year-1757-and was completed by the end of that year." This judgment, according to Swedenborg, occurred in the heavens rather than on earth and marked the beginning of a transformation in the spiritual realms that would, over time, affect all of humanity.


Clearly, speaking of Heaven and Hell, Night-Cycles are (material plane) hells. Day-Cycles are (material plane) Heavens.

  • 1965-1983 was my first descent into Hell.

  • 2001-2019 was my second.

Mine? All of ours.


































































<-- Swedenborg's Final Judgment






Many mystics and prophets have suffered derision when predictions of the End of the World have been repudiated by reality. The problem is not with the prophets, generally speaking. It is with the definition of "End of the World". Scriptural writing is NOT literal. It is metaphorical. It is written by Right-Brain poets -- it is written in a symbolic language and can only be understood in that symbolic language. The "End of the World" will some day be quite literal. The Destruction of Rome was literal. The Destruction of Every Civilization becomes eventually literal. But it is also symbolic and subtle.

Biblical writing is about the recurrent structure of reality. Reality does not repeat endlessly. But the Seasons of Reality do repeat endlessly. Every Autumn is NOT the same. The DETAILS of every Autumn are not the same. But Autumn as an ARCHETYPE is always the same. And EVERY AUTUMN begins on 21 September and ends on 21 December.

Every Autumn is a Season of Judgment, metaphysically understood.

The Left-Brain is literal by nature. It cannot understand Right-Brain writing. When it tries, it mangles it hopelessly. To the religious Left-Brain, 40 days and 40 nights means literally that. This is ludicrous -- and this Left-Brain intent is debunked by anyone with an ounce of sense. The world was NOT created in SIX DAYS literally. This language is parabolic, mystical, symbolic, brimming with numerological learning. Numbers are symbols too. And in the subtle body, numbers are as instructive as letters are. Literalists can be scientists -- SHOULD be scientists, which is the literal realm. But they should not enter the hallowed halls of religion until they change their clothing, slip out of the Left Brain into their Right Brain.

God designs the world to do this for us. When we have spent too much time culturally in the Left Brain -- such as Rome then, and Europe and America now -- God's Guardian Angels (the Seasons) conspire (a nice word for 'mandate') a change. The West is in need of the refreshment of the Right Brain, the non-literal realm, where immortality and infinity live.

Epimetheus is the dark brother, the negative brother, as Shem was the dark brother in Finnegans Wake. The dark brother is the artist, the thinker, the Mama's Boy, who abhors the Day Brother, the Man of Action, Shaun, who identifies with his father.

Prometheus, who can see the future, warns his brother not to accept any gifts from Zeus, the Father. The Father is in his corrupt, late Day-Cycle stage; and Epitmetheus, the Dark Brother, is in open rebellion against his father. Epimetheus also rebels against his brother's wisdom, accepting Pandora, a gift from Zeus-Jupiter.

In the Greek myth, Epimetheus marries the beautiful Night-Cycle Pandora. We remember that she is like Eve, the first woman created by the gods. Pandora is 'the all-gifted," the 'all-endowed' -- she who 'sends gifts up', from below.

She gives him her box or jar -- a barely veiled phallic symbol (the cone is the Day-Cycle; the cave is the Night-Cycle).

Pandora is, herself, the Night-Cycle. In her jar are kept all the plagues of humanity -- remember the Book of Revelations -- all the plagues of creative energy turned entropic, which we have also 'enjoyed' from 2001-2019: floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, drought, ebola, terrorists attacks, murders, beheadings, poverty, economic dislocation, economic crisis, corruption, bank corruption, political revolution, coups, revolts, sickness, zika, assorted plagues, both real and threatened. Bombings; betrayals; brother killing brother. At the bottom of this jar is HOPE. At the bottom of the Night-Cycle, at 2019, is HOPE. We must go all the way to the bottom of the Hourglass to find Hope and overturn the Hourglass, this is revolution, wherein the bottom is now on the top.

HOPE here equates to INSTINCT. The Day-Cycle is about the triumph of Instinct. The Night-Cycle is about the triumph of Intellect. Intellect is Pandora's Box. Instinct is the rebirth of the body which occurs in 2019, at the bottom of the Night-Cycle, when we have endured all the trials and the godly judgments of Nature.

The Night-Cycle is the FLOOD. This archetypal metaphysical FLOOD recurs regularly, like physical floods do. It recurs every 36 years. This law of God, this manifestation of God's majesty, does not reside far in the past, in the lands of stupidity and superstition -- it resides right here, next to us, within us. Most of us experience this cycle twice in each human life. Twice in 72 years. (The sum of all the internal angles of a regular hexagon is 720°.)

In truth, we experience all the stages soliloquized in Biblical writing, stretching back through all cultures, all races, back to the first human seed.

God is very close. Always has been; always will be.

An encapsulated version of world history, guided and contained by an (angelic) seasonal structure, recurs and occurs every 36-years.

Mem is the letter "M" in the Hebrew alphabet; it is the ocean, the Moon, water; it is the Flood. Emotional Existence. Night. Mem is the ocean; Nun (the letter "N") is Nun, the Messiah-Fish who enters Mem, the water. Also Nun is Noah.

Significantly, the daughter of Epimetheus and Pandora is Pyrrha, from fiery pyrrhic victory fame, who marries Deucalion, a descendant of Prometheus. Together they are the only two humans who survived the deluge.

Deucalion is the Greek version of Noah.

Nuah is a Chaldean word denoting Spirit. In Hindu teaching, Spirit-Soul, the Monad, is the only principle that survives the Flood, the Destruction of the world, the Night-Cycle. Nuah is the Spirit-Sun; the Ark is the Soul-Moon. Together this Monadic Principle (potential Dualism), Father-Mother, Husband-Wife, float on the ocean of Chaos, protecting the seed, the future, which they will plant as the New Earth at the end of the Night-Cycle.

Attempts to literalize and historicize such archetypes are ludicrous. The FLOOD MYTH is a universal rendering of a universal archetype. It does not have to be proven historically to become 'real'. It is about the universal recurring process of Night-Cycle eclipsing of Day-Cycle and the subsequent rising of Water and Emotion to engulf the world of periodical Chaos, leading to rebirth.

This is Part 5 of a ten part series.

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