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posted on 03 December 2016

Why Did Trump Win? A Different Perspective, Part 3

Written by

Material Nature vs. Spiritual Nature

This is a different perspective, I realize. But if this different perspective 'holds water' (like Pandora's water-jar did), intellectual atheism will suffer the same fate as every Day-Cycle material manifestation: to see the Object Function (the Day-Cycle) collapse back into the Wave Function (the Night-Cycle), leading to a new era of religious devotion and a turning away from materialism and individual fate. To put it in a different terminology, a new Dark Age will change our perspective radically again, and just in time.

Let's try to clarify this. I write that the Day-Cycle is the Growing Season and the Night-Cycle is the Rest or Germination Season, the Recuperation Season, the Sleep Season -- it clearly is a transition back into the Dream Mind, the Whole Mind -- dare I call it holographic?

There is another (paradoxical) level to this. The Day-Cycle is the Growing Season and the Night-Cycle is the Rest Season from the perspective of Material Nature-- from the perspective of Spiritual Nature (I know, many of you "rationalists" won't accept that there is such a thing as a Spiritual Nature, something invisible you can believe in -- although you do believe in electro-magnetism, gravity, even anti-matter, which you cannot see -- an atom -- sub-atomic waves -- dark matter.

Dark matter composes almost 90% of the universe. Until just recently science did not believe in its existence. Science was seeing only 10% of reality but was claiming an 100% knowledge of reality. Science lags behind. It only believes in the invisible when it can invent machines that can measure an invisible quantity. This is a major aspect of the Day-Cycle mentality: the worship of machinery. The Day-Cycle builds machinery. That is what it does. It tells us that nothing is "real" unless there is a machine that can measure it. Evolution is defined in truth by machine evolution. The Left Brain excels at machine-building. The Left Brain engineers the world through technology. It examines the world through the intermediation of the machine. The Right Brain does not need technological eye-glasses in order to see reality. The Left Brain does. Let me finish my thought...) from the perspective of Spiritual Nature, the Day-Cycle is a period of Spiritual Rest, and the Night-Cycle is a period of Spiritual Expansion.

Ok, this picture is coming together. The ocean is a good metaphor. Ebb and flow. There is a constant expansion in nature, but in opposite dimensions. The Day-Cycle (the Fatherland) represents Material (Outward) Expansion and Spiritual Contraction; the Night-Cycle (the Motherland) represents Spiritual (Inward) Expansion and Material Contraction. Entropy is the opposite of Creation. Entropy is a picture of energy running downhill, into Chaos. In truth, energy does not run down. Energy changes direction. We have the Day-Cycle creation of the Material World (accompanied by Spiritual Entropy) followed by the Night-Cycle re-creation of the Spiritual World (always accompanied by Material Entropy -- that is, by an energy-crisis in the Material World, in its broadest sense, depression, deflation, chaos. Energy is defined by work that needs to be done; an energy crisis is defined by an end to the work that needs to be done. When the Day ends, our bodies are tired, and we transition to a Period of Rest, a regeneration of our energy for the next day. History does the same.

Centripetal vs. Centrifugal Energy

We should probably introduce the concept of centripetal and centrifugal energy now. Let's define our terms. Centripetal force is a force that acts on a body moving in a circular path and is directed toward the center around which the body is moving. Centrifugal force is an apparent force that acts outward on a body moving around a center, arising from the body's inertia.

When we write about energy moving inward and energy moving outward we must reference these two forces in physical nature, assuming that these forces also have applications in what I call metaphysical nature.

Like everything 'in nature', Nature herself as has a Mind and a Body. We can assume fairly safely (at least those of us can who believe in the existence of a Soul) that Nature also has a Soul, which is in my mind, the Middle Principle I mentioned so casually above, the Creative Force, the bridge between Spirit (or Anti-Matter) and Matter.

So, our work is never completed. We expand physically during the Day-Cycle and work in the physical world to erect our dreams. Then we expand spiritually during the Night-Cycle and work in the spiritual world to conceive our dreams. When we dream we glimpse the blueprint that we then attempt to build when the Day-Cycle returns. Every place I use the world "create" or "build" I should stress instead "re-create" and 're-build'. This is an endless process.

What the Day-Cycle 're-builds' the Night-Cycle 're-destroys' -- and this 're-destruction' can be the result of spiritual attack (it IS this) and also the result of the energy crisis itself, the abstracting of creative energy to the work required in the inner dimension.

The Destroyers come from God, in the same sense that the Creators come from God. The Creators job is to mantle the image of God in 3-dimensional matter (the World, the Earth); the Destroyers job is to dis-mantle this build-image (imperfect inevitably) so that the next generation world-form can be re-built in a never-ending process.


Never-ending? Yes; never-ending. There are different cycles. If a "day" lasts 36-years, then a "year "might last a "Millennial Day", say 1296 years. (36 x 36 = 1296.) (1296 x 2 = 2592. 2592 x 10 = 25,920, which is the Great Platonic Year, the period of one complete cycle of the equinoxes around the ecliptic.

(Secrets of the Sphinx - The Platonic Year, Andrew Tomasi Raymond)

That is to say, some Night-Cycles last 18 years, some last longer. The historical periods known euphemistically (and very accurately) as Dark Ages occur at the end of every Day-Cycle manifestation of an Empire, which always ends in a pyre, literally usually, always metaphorically.

What the Right-Brain tells us is that the forces of Nature are all on the same side -- and this great organic mechanism of creation-destruction is a harmonious breathing process which expands the form world and then contracts it in regular precise cycles. The Left Brain engineer builds the world according to plan and the Right Brain de-engineer demolishes the creation so that the Left Brain can build an improved model of the world. When The Left Brain returns to power, however, it sees these "harmonious twin forces" -- recognizable as such only to the Unconscious Right Brain during the Rest Season, the hologrammatic Unified Field Right Brain -- as eternal mortal enemies: Life against Death. The Left Brain's response is the desire for Life through the Instinct for Life. This is the Biblical Fall, the Angels falling into Man, becoming Man the Fallen Angel. Then the Fight For Life is on.

If this picture of Life is accepted, then Day follows Night and Fatherland follows Motherland and Sun-Rule follows Moon-Rule inevitably. You may want to argue that it does not have to be the case. That humanity can interrupt this pattern through.... knowledge, awareness, enlightenment. One may argue for an extension of the Moon-Rule cycle indefinitely, since the return of the Fatherland suggests a military expansion into empire with major forces of conflict. Tyranny is the attempt to extend a season beyond its natural measure. We see this very clearly in the attempts by Central Banks today attempting to extend the Business Cycle by lowering interest rates into the negative realm. This is an attempt to extend the Day-Cycle, the Fatherland, beyond its real measure. In 1983, the Counterforce of Feminism was at its peak, the Black Power Movement, Islam and the Communist Internationale was at its peak -- Midnight is the High Noon of the Counterforce -- Feminism began to conceptualize and justify the enslavement of men for the good of the world and their use as captive sperm-donors in a fully feminized picture of Utopia.

There is a Day-Cycle beast. The Bible calls this Behemoth. There is a Night-Cycle beast. The Bible calls this Leviathan. Both are products of attempts to extend the cycle of expansion beyond the geometric measure designed for harmonious order. The religious idea of the Four Guardian Angels who are stationed at strategic places around the Circle of Time implies that they guard against such attempts at prolonging through tyranny either the Day-Cycle Fatherland rule of the Left Brain (which lacks water, hence is destroyed by Fire) or the Night-Cycle Motherland rule of the Right Brain (which is destroyed by Flood). Each Guardian Angel protects a primary compass direction AND, at the same time, each of the 'Four Seasons of the Day": Dawn, Noon, Dusk, Midnight. Each Guardian Angel rules over 90° of the Circle. When those said 90° are traversed, a different Guardian Angel comes to power as a 'guiding force'.

I will say that the 36-year Cycle is a larger cycle replica of the 24-hour daily cycle. There are other larger cycles at work as well. Day-Cycles manifest as periods of Empire and Civilization-building. Night-Cycles, on the larger scale, manifest as what Western History calls Dark Ages, which are periods of rest and germination and Motherland Seed-Time, or Spiritual Expansions. Dark Ages show a remarkable lack of activity in physical creation -- and always major re-expansion of the ideas of God and spiritual nature. Empires are about Man's activity in the world or on Earth; Dark Ages are about Man's remarkable re-clamoring back into Heaven.

During the Day-Cycle we re-become Men -- the Left Brain is a fall from grace, a fall from Heaven, a fall into Material Nature again. The Fatherland represents a 'necessary' fall from grace. There is a second fall. The second fall is when Men as the force of the Fatherland is eclipsed by the Moon again, when Men fall back toward God and re-become angels -- that is, when the light moves out of the Left Brain and back into the Right-Brain at the culmination of a season of Material Growth. The Day-Cycle marks humanity's movement away from God (Unity, the One) into diversity (the Many) in order to manifest God's idea (the blueprint) into Physical Nature, and build the City of God. The Night-Cycle marks humanity's return to the God Idea, to the Unity (Unconscious Unity) of sleep and rest in the re-building of Heaven.

This is Part 3 of a ten part series.

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