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posted on 21 November 2016

Why Did Trump Win? A Different Perspective, Part 2

Written by

Perpetual Duality

Summary of Part 1: The Republicans are the Man, and the Sun, and the Left Brain. The Democrats are the Woman, and the Moon, and the Right Brain. Oh, let me add something else - The Republicans tend to govern periods of Growth, or Growth Seasons, in history; the Democrats tend to govern periods of Rest, or Non-Growth Seasons in history.


This idea suggests that they are very clearly demarcated periods of Growth in history and periods of Rest. I say that this is true, although "clearly demarcated" is misleading. They are not so clearly demarcated. In fact, they are hidden in the Right Brain and can only be found through periodic journeys into the Right Brain during said 'periods of Rest'. During periods of Activity, Day-Cycles, the Right Brain and the Left Brain are separated from each other, cut off, often in a state of open conflict or perpetual DUALITY.

This is an important point. When one is "in" the Right Brain, one can see the whole picture -- but one cannot act -- one is unconscious. One is resting, sleeping, glimpsing the Ideal State. This is a radical idea. The Female Principle sees the whole picture. This is the nature of the Right Brain. This picture is the unity of all things, the One Life. The Right Brain is very good at talking about reality; but is not able to carry this 'ideal reality' down or over into the Left Brain to implement this ideal. The Right Brain is dependent upon the Left Brain (an inferior brain, in truth, because it is dependent upon duality for its sense of being) to carry its 'message' down to the Earth. The Right Brain glimpses, measures, and meditates upon God's plan; the Left Brain (after it falls from the grace of sleep, unconsciousness) journeys into 'reality', crosses the equator separating the two sides of the brain, and begins building the blueprint in physical reality. The Left Brain has problems with understanding. The Metaphorical Right Brain is a puzzlement for the Left Brain. The Left Brain is literal, and always attempts to literalize Right Brain wisdom. The messenger is clearly fallible. He does his best to build God's Temple on the Earth. But it is difficult to build the unchanging ideal in a world of many dimensions where Time is always changing things.

The Catholic Church was the fallible messenger carrying the New Religion out of the Right Brain down to the complicated Earth. This is not mean as a criticism or even as a justification of Catholicism. It is meant as a reminder that building ANY ideal in the physical reality will be fraught with complications and with many failures.

Not only is it complicated to build the eternal into a temporal structure, but the crossing of the threshold from Right Brain to Left Brain -- that treacherous crossing of the Equator -- tends to flip reality upside down and inside out, creating a mirror nature of the two brains, complicating understanding even more, generating conflict and the horrible feast of duality, moral assignment, and the creation of the illusory Evil Concept.

The one in the mirror is Evil; I am Good. I need to feel good by being the Principle of Virtue. If I am to remain virtuous, then my adversary in the mirror must be a Devil that I must destroy, or at least always conquer, remain in a superior position to. Let's call him Satan. He is the outsider; the one who wants to destroy everything that is good in us and in our community.

We will always have an enemy, because Satan is also eternal. He is the Eternal Enemy.

So the Fall, the Duality, came about.

Physical World vs. Spiritual World

I will add another idea to this: The Cycle of Rest, the Night-Cycle, the Journey into the Right Brain, the Moon Season, the Time of Democratic Rule, the Motherland is SEED-TIME, is gestation, germination, in preparation of an eventual rebirth of.....yes, you guessed it. The FATHER PRINCIPLE.

Those of you who want to worship only the Female Principle won't be allowed to, I guess. The FEMALE PRINCIPLE GIVES BIRTH TO THE MALE PRINCIPLE every 36-years by law. (I know the Left Brain does not like theories; it likes facts, proof. The proof is coming.)

AND: While the Father Principle, the Left Brain, the "Man of Action" Principle is Active (as Growth) in the Material Realm, it is Inactive in Heaven, in the Spiritual Realm -- inactive means unable to act -- think of Prometheus being chained to a rock in the Caucasus Mountain for 18 years having his liver eaten by an eagle -- and the Mother Principle, the Right Brain, while passive, inactive, or the Principle of Rest in the Material World, is, at the same time, the Active Principle in Heaven. There is another way to put this: The Father builds the Physical World (Earth), being the Force of Physical Evolution; the Mother builds the Metaphysical World (Heaven). These two forces act together during every 36-year period. The Father builds the Earth for 18 years (think, 1983-2001, for instance); then the bell rings; the Hourglass is turned; the Son, who has been supporting the Father for 18 years, suddenly turns against his Father, and joins his Mother's side, in an attempt to equalize the world. I know I have not introduced the Son yet. Let's think of the Son as, for the moment, the Middle Principle, the Creative Spirit, Genius, the Energy of Amalgamation. Suddenly, in 2001, after having been on the side of the Day-Cycle for 18 years, the Son (something has happened, and his memory is activated, and he suddenly sees the long history of the sins of his Father, the sins of Empire, the sins of tyranny and forced inequality); he joins the Mother, making the Mother stronger than the Father. The Mother-Son (that seems to complicate things; let's just leave this as the Mother for the moment) goes inward, turns her back on the Earth, on physical reality. The Mother Principle has a job just as the Father Principle does. The Mother Principle's job is the Evolution of the Spiritual World.

The Father Principle builds the (practical) Physical World; the Mother Principle builds the (ideal) Spiritual World. When the Father Principle builds the Physical World, the energy in the Spiritual World becomes entropic -- that is, generates Chaos -- Chaos in Heaven. When the Mother Principle builds (and let's be clear, "building" is always, in fact, "re-building") or re-orders Heaven, the physical world falls into entropic Chaos. This is why we have economic depression and social upheaval on a massive scale every 36 years. The Ordering Principle orders the Earth for 18 years (1983-2001); then the Ordering Principle turns inward, journeying back to God (2001-2019): and the hell of entropy results in the Physical World. The Ordering Principle re-orders Heaven (the concepts of Heaven) for 18 years.

Night Cycle vs. Day Cycle

Think of the monasticism of the European Dark Ages, reordering the concepts of Heaven, for 1008 years. Think of the majestic temples and churches rising up from the Earth: This is the Night-Cycle manifestation. Think of the less majestic but more practical mammoth banks and office buildings and sports arenas rising up from the Earth: This is the Day-Cycle manifestation.

The Sun governs the practical, physical side of life -- nothing is more practical than they growth of wheat and rice and vegetables and nuts for the physical survival of all species on Earth. The Moon governs the less practical, imaginative, metaphysical side of life. The Sun makes the world grow in the vertical sense, height; the Moon makes the world grow in a horizontal sense, depth. God wants humans to be both tall and broad, both intelligent and wise.

Let me borrow a Hebrew idea. During the Day-Cycle (1911-1929; 1947-1965; 1983-2001...) we re-build God's Temple on the Earth. During the Night-Cycle (1929-1947; 1965-1983; 2001-2019...) we re-build God Temple in Heaven.

I'm sure all this talk of God and religion is beginning to make everyone a bit uncomfortable. My suggestion that the Democrats are the religions of the New Testament God must surely make the Republicans reach for the "heresy" judgment stick. They have become so used to being the party of both the Old Testament God and the New Testament God. They cannot imagine a scenario where they are not the party of God and where the Democrats are not the party of the Devil, atheism and socialism. And for their part, I am sure the Democrats are frothing at the mouth. They are the party of Science, are they not? Science has already prove Nietzsche's claim "God is dead!" -- right? No, not really. Science, although it may not yet realize it fully, is proving year-after-year the existence of the invisible: gravity, electro-magnetism, dark matter, the imagined full body spectrum of a heavenly anti-matter structure and an earthly matter structure.... Science is slow, but it is getting there.

Jesus, the Son, is the God of the weak, the poor, the damaged; he is the God who admonishes the rich to sell their useless material goods and donate the money to those in need. This is a Democratic message. The Intellect's eagerness to detach religion to the historical garbage heap to be replaced by some imagined Intellectual enlightenment is, when viewed historically, very short-lived and always a symptom of empire's decadent assumptions, destined to disappoint.

This is Part 2 of a ten part series.

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