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posted on 17 July 2016

National Shoot-a-Cop Day

by Reverse Engineer, Doomstead Diner

Editor's note: This was posted Sunday morning at Doomstead Diner before the latest shooting of policemen occurred in Baton Rouge.

Well, now I am backed up 2 deep on Sunday Brunch articles getting pushed back because of breaking current events. I have articles intended to be published over the last 2 weeks on the European Union History and on the Collapse of the Education system, but both are going on ice again now because of the Cop Massacre in Dallas.


Now, this event should not be a surprise to anyone who has followed the Newz over the last few years, from the Trayvon Martin killing through Ferguson and Baltimore. There is a whole website now devoted to the subject of Killed by Cop, compiling statistics on the number of people who are killed by cops each year which as you might expect is heavily weighted toward black people.

Many reasons for that racial divide in statistics. In the FSoA, Blacks are the long term underclass, beginning with slavery of course. The Civil War and Honest Abe Lincoln "Emancipated" them and tossed them out legislative "Freedom", but that didn't translate into reality too well for them. The post Civil War years saw segregation and the same good jobs available to whites were not available to blacks. They moved to cities during the Industrialization of the post Civil War years, and they got the scut work of the society at the lowest wages. Their underclass status persisted under this economic system.


The underclass of any society always has more systemic violence ongoing than the upper classes. They are always at the edge, in an existential battle for survival. Often the only opportunities for them are in illegal enterprises, drug dealing, gambling and prostitution. They form gangs for self-protection and to try to capture territory from rival gangs. For the upper classes, they hire Police Forces to try and keep this violence from leaving the community of Black People and disturbing the Wa of White People. In almost all of the places where you have this simmering warfare ongoing you get the locals shooting each other and cops shooting the locals, and occassionally as in the case of Dallas, locals shooting the cops. That has not occurred that often in the past, but if you go by the last couple of days, it seems more likely to occur in the future.


The end of the Civil War and the end of Slavery did not bring equality to Black People by any stretch of the imagination, serious inequality persisted right through WWI & WWII. When the World Wars came, they were Free to be conscripted into those Wars just as Whites were. That is the Freedom they got. The freedom to Die for their Country, generally in segregated units at the time which were often sacrificial lambs in any battle.

In the post WWII period during the vast expansion of the Consumer Economy, Blacks were left seriously behind, and then in the 1950s and 1960s that all blew up pretty magnificently, with a Million Blacks Marching on Washington behind the voice of Martin Luther King. They won this battle of the time, and they got Lyndon Baines Johnson to sign off on the "Great Society", a welfare and equal rights bill designed to bring them to equality with whites. It worked for a while too, while the credit and money flowed fast and furious and there was enough money around for EVERYTHING, including a massively money losing proposition like the Vietnam War.

Sadly however, just dishing out welfare payments and food stamps and providing section 8 housing to the underclass is not exactly bringing equality in here. They still lived in Ghettos with poor education and a lot of internal violence ongoing all the time. Yes, a few of them got catapulted to the head of the class through Affirmative Action, which pissed off a lot of better "qualified" white applicants to various Universities, but even that was just a Drop in the Bucket compared to the actual population size you are considering here. So the underclass kept GROWING, and the costs to keep their Welfare Checks and SNAP cards filled up keeps growing too!

Meanwhile in the white working class, their taxes keep going up and their paychecks keep going down. They are not too happy about supporting the Black underclass, even though a lot more of their tax money goes to supporting the Wars and the .01% running the show here. So now you got not only a racial divide but an economic one as well, and as the credit runs thin to keep everyone happy EXCEPT the .01%, you have a tinderbox just ready to BLOW.

It has been building now and escalating rapidly for the last 2 years, although if you were perceptive enough you probably saw the germs of this years ago. The violence has been on a steady increase in all these comunities, and for the mostly White cops, they feel like they are in a War Zone every day on the job. It doesn't help that the type of personality attracted to this job is generally a control freak who enjoys the sense of power he has and carrying a gun.

For the Blacks, they are just fucking TIRED of being stomped on on a daily basis and seeing one after another of their brothers gunned down with absolutely ZERO accountability far as the cops are concerned. About the WORST thing that happens to a cop in a shooting incident and investigation is he gets a slap on the wrist and loses his job. They virtually never get prison time, and NEVER get the Death Penalty. OTOH, a Black person who shoots a cop will DEFINITELY get prison time and most likely the Death Penalty too! So there is once again a serious inequality in consequences for what essentially are the same actions between the White Cops on the one hand, and the Black Citizens on the other. This doesn't sit well with the blacks, so they are now ready to STRIKE OUT.

The first indication of this readiness came in Ferguson, and then it came again in Baltimore. None of the underlying problems were addressed, and as usual none of the cops involved in the killings got anything more than a slap on the wrist. No Retribution, no admission of guilt, nada.

Then, in the last few days you get not one but TWO instances of exactly the same thing. Two black men mowed down by white cops. The circumstances were different, in one case the dead black guy might have been a pot seller rather than a CD seller and in the other the dead black guy was carrying a legal pistol that he had license for, but in both cases the black guy ended up DEAD! As usual.

So everyone is SAD about this, and the Demonstrations come up again. But some folks are more than just SAD, they are ANGRY. They want some PAYBACK for this shit, and it is not coming from the Judicial System. They also have access to GUNZ like all Amerikans do, whether you are a good upstanding citizen who goes about getting one legally or a less than upstanding one who buys the weapon out of the trunk of a Ford Escort.

So now what you got is a cohort of individual "psychos" not related to each other, not in contact with each other, not creating a "conspiracy" cell of people, but enough of them out there at any given time that it becomes almost certain that in any large demonstration one of them will POP UP and do a shoot-em-up. Such was Orlando of course.

The main difference between Orlando and Dallas were the Bullet Targets. In Orlando it was Gays at a Nightclub. Overall, not a lot of sympathy in Amerikans for either Gays or Nightclub Rats. The targeting of COPS though raises much more besides just eyebrows. Cops are supposed to be the enforcers of Justice, so if your target is cops and not queers, you're not attacking sexual preference what you are attacking is the Justice system itself. Amerikans for the most part have a lot of FAITH in Cops. They are just Civil Servants trying to survive their shift, right? People NEED Cops in this society, if your house gets robbed or your child gets raped, who else will you call to get some Justice here? So the BELIEF structure is very strong that Cops are there to Protect & Serve the Good People and capture and punish the Bad People. Sadly, this is not how it actually works in practice.

Police really are mainly an enforcement arm for the property owners in the society and as such have a heavy bias against the underclass, pretty much regardless of race but in the FSoA most of the underclass is Black, so it is basically synonymous. If you went to France, the bias would be against Muslims, often not Black but rather of Caucasian Middle East extraction. If you went to China, it would be against Ughurs, since the Police are defending the Han, and mostly are selected from Han Chinese.

So what can we expect here as time goes by? Well quite obviously, there are more and more terrifically unhappy people in the society, and most of them are members of the underclass in their given societies. More of them each day become so upset at what they see around them and their own experience they become more willing to take extreme actions. As of yet in the FSoA, there does not appear to be any coordinated action amongst these people, they are all individual "Psychos". Trying to create any type of organized group is very difficult withour it becoming infiltrated, as soon as you go public in any way you will be tracked on the net. So what you get from this are Lone Wolves, afraid to talk to anyone about their plans for mayhem to anyone else. Long as said LWs ar rare, not too big a problem, but if they become common, BIG PROBLEM.

Imagine the RNC with a HUGE demonstration by Black Lives Matter against the Trump Libertaritards. Said demonstration is a STRANGE ATTRACTOR for innumerable "psychos" with Gunz. They do not need to be working together, there does not need to be a conspiracy, they just all need to be in the same general location at the same time, and all HELL breaks loose when the live ammo starts flying.

The conventions next month look ripe now for this type of violence to assert itself. How exactly TPTB will squash it remains an open question, dependent on how big the Numbers are out on the street.

My best WAG is the RNC amd DNC will be melees that make the conventions in 1968 look like a Sunday Picnic.

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