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posted on 11 June 2016

Trefis: Highlights Week Ending 10 June 2016

Written by

Below is a summary of the activity at Trefis during the past week thatTrefis thought Econintersect readers would find interesting. Trefis is a financial community structured around trends, forecasts and insights related to some of the most popular stocks in the US. It provides the unique feature of allowing the user to model future valuation based upon projected changes in components of each business. It also provides communication capabilities among members, including consensus of member analysis compared to Trefis staff analysis and blogging opportunities for members.

Click on graphic to go Trefis interactive page.

Click "Read more..." to see our clickable table of contents with the most covered companies (more than 1 article) of the week identified.

Table of Contents for the 107 top stories this week:

Consumer (36 articles)​

  • GM, 3 articles (1, 7, 34)

  • Ralph Lauren, 3 articles (13, 14, 20)

  • Toyota, 3 articles (6, 9, 17)

  • Wal-Mart, 3 articles (2, 15, 29)

  • Ford, 2 articles (12, 22)

  • Home Depot, 2 articles (5, 36)

  • Honda, 2 articles (23, 31)

  • Philip Morris, 2 articles (24, 30)

Technology (26 articles)​

  • Alibaba, 2 articles (2, 23)

  • Amazon, 2 articles (2, 10)

  • Baidu, 2 articles (4, 5)

  • Groupon, 2 articles (20, 22)

  • ​Pandora, 2 articles (12, 15)

  • Priceline, 2 articles (7, 14)

  • Sirius XM, 2 articles (12, 15)

  • TripAdvisor. 2 articles (11, 19)

Financial Services (14 articles)

  • Intercontinental Exchange, 3 articles (6, 7, 13)

  • NASDAQ OMX, 3 articles (8, 10, 11)

  • Bank of America, 2 articles (12, 14)

Media & Telecom (11 articles)​​

  • Cisco, 2 articles (5, 9)

  • Juniper Networks, 2 articles (5, 11)

  • U.S. Wireless Carriers, 2 articles (3, 4)

Energy & Utilities (7 articles)​

  • Saudi Arabia, 3 articles (1, 2, 5)

Basic Materials (6 articles)​

  • Newmont Mining, 2 articles (2, 3)

Health Care (5 articles)​​

  • UnitedHealth Group, 3 articles (2 - 4)

  • Medtronic, 2 articles (1, 5)

Industrials & Transportation (2 articles)​​

All 107 investment stories this week are listed below.


  1. Why Future U.S. Truck Sales Can Decide GM's Fate on June 10th

  2. What is Wal-Mart's Fundamental Value Based On Expected 2016 Results? on June 10th

  3. Lululemon Q1 Earnings: Revenues Driven Higher By Efficient Inventory Management, Additional Retail and Online Sales on June 10th

  4. Here's Why Frito-Lay North America Is The Most Significant Division For PepsiCo on June 10th

  5. Home Depot Has Been Operating Efficiently In The Last Few Years, And Here's Why on June 10th

  6. Toyota's Valuation Is Extremely Sensitive To Its Automotive Division's Gross Margin on June 9th

  7. Why GM Must Maintain Its Profitability In China on June 9th

  8. Guess's Expected Revenue And EBITDA For 2016: Trefis Estimate on June 9th

  9. How Much Did Toyota Motor's Revenue & Gross Profit Grow In The Last Five Years? on June 9th

  10. What Are The Implications Of Revlon's Acquisition Of Cutex International Business? on June 9th

  11. Dr Pepper Snapple Is Heavily Dependent On CSDs, But That's Not A Problem on June 9th

  12. How Can Ford Benefit From Manufacturing Lincoln Vehicles in China? on June 9th

  13. What Led To A Sudden Drop In Ralph Lauren's Share Price? on June 9th

  14. How Has Ralph Lauren's Revenue Per Square Foot Been Affected As A Result Of Falling Sales? on June 9th

  15. How Is Wal-Mart's Revenue Composition Trending? on June 9th

  16. Is The Acquisition Of AdeS Significant For Coca Cola? on June 8th

  17. How Does Toyota Motor's Revenue Composition Change Over Time? on June 8th

  18. What Effect Will A Tobacco Tax Hike Have In New Zealand? on June 8th

  19. Here's Why Audi And Porsche Are 2.5x More Valuable Than Other Volkswagen Passenger Vehicle Brands on June 8th

  20. Can The New Restructuring Plan Revive Ralph Lauren? on June 8th

  21. Who Relies On Debt More; Gap Inc or Abercrombie & Fitch? on June 8th

  22. How Much Did Ford Motor's Revenue & Gross Profit Grow In The Last Five Years? on June 7th

  23. How Has Honda Motor's Revenue Composition Changed In The Last Five Years? on June 7th

  24. Why Has Philip Morris' Price Risen ~17% This Year Despite An Earnings Miss? on June 7th

  25. What Can Move American Eagle's Stock Down In The Next Couple Of Years? on June 7th

  26. Can The Launch Of Mobile Order And Pay Boost Dunkin' Donuts' Revenues? on June 7th

  27. How Is Avon's Financial Health And What Are The Implications? on June 7th

  28. How Does Estee Lauder's Financial State Currently Look? on June 7th

  29. Here's How Walmart Can Benefit From Partnering With Uber and Lyft on June 7th

  30. How Will Philip Morris Perform In 2016? on June 7th

  31. How Much Did Honda Motor's Revenue & Gross Profit Grow In The Last Five Years? on June 6th

  32. How Much Did Tesla's Revenue & Gross Profit Grow In The Last Five Years? on June 6th

  33. Jaguar Land Rover's China Sales Back In Full Swing on June 6th

  34. How Much Has GM's EPS Grown Over The Past Four Years? on June 6th

  35. How Would Revenues From The Ready To Drink Tea Segment Impact Starbucks' Valuation?on June 6th

  36. Home Depot Vs. Lowe's - Who Is Better At Inventory Management? on June 6th


  1. Why Are We Revising Our Stock Price Estimate Of Yelp From $19 To $24? on June 10th

  2. Has Amazon Killed Alibaba's India Dream? on June 10th

  3. How Important Is North America For Monster Worldwide? on June 10th

  4. What's Baidu's Fundamental Value Based On Expected 2016 Results? on June 10th

  5. What Will Baidu's Revenue And EBITDA Look Like In 5 Years? on June 10th

  6. Travelzoo's Expected Revenue And EBITDA For 2016: Trefis Estimate on June 9th

  7. What Percentage of Priceline's Stock Price Can Be Attributed To Growth? on June 9th

  8. Is It Best For F5 Networks To Sell-Off Itself? on June 9th

  9. Can Twitter's Sports Strategy Provide Its Revenues The Much Needed Boost? on June 9th

  10. Why Amazon Is Betting Big On India on June 9th

  11. What Percentage of TripAdvisor's Stock Price Can Be Attributed To Growth? on June 9th

  12. Pandora Vs Sirius XM: Who Spends More On Product Development & Why on June 8th

  13. Why Has Adobe's Stock Price Increased By Over 30% In The Last Five Months? on June 8th

  14. What Is Troubling Priceline Right Now? on June 8th

  15. Pandora Vs Sirius XM: Who's More Leveraged? on June 8th

  16. What Percentage of Expedia's Stock Price Can Be Attributed To Growth? on June 8th

  17. How Will The Demandware Acquisition Impact Salesforce Going Forward? on June 8th

  18. Why Is Apple's Cash Conversion Cycle Significantly Shorter Than Samsung's? on June 7th

  19. How Does TripAdvisor's Financial State Currently Look? on June 7th

  20. How Important Is North America For Groupon? on June 7th

  21. What Percentage of Travelzoo's Stock Price Can Be Attributed To Growth? on June 7th

  22. What Can Move Groupon's Stock By Over 10%? on June 7th

  23. Should The SEC Investigation Concern Alibaba's Investors? on June 6th

  24. What Percentage of Microsoft's Stock Price Can Be Attributed To Growth? on June 6th

  25. What Percentage of Accenture's Stock Price Can Be Attributed To Growth? on June 6th

  26. What Percentage of Shutterfly's Stock Price Can Be Attributed To Growth? on June 6th

Financial Services

  1. How E*Trade's Robo-Advisory Service Will Power Growth In The Future on June 10th

  2. How Is The Loan-To-Deposit Ratio For U.S. Banks Expected To Change In The Near Future?on June 10th

  3. How Important Is The Life & Retirement Business For AIG? on June 10th

  4. How Do The Largest U.S. Banks Fare In Terms Of Meeting Core Capital Ratio Targets? on June 9th

  5. How Are Loans At The Largest U.S. Banks Trending? on June 9th

  6. IntercontinentalExchange's Cash Equity Volumes See Growth In May, Trend Likely To Continue on June 8th

  7. IntercontinentalExchange Sees Lukewarm Volumes Growth In May on June 8th

  8. NASDAQ Sees Growth In U.S. Cash Equity Volumes, Offset By Declines In European Cash Equities In May on June 8th

  9. CME Sees Growth In May Trade Volumes, Driven By A Bull Run In Commodity Markets on June 8th

  10. NASDAQ Sees Low Volumes For Equity Options In May on June 8th

  11. Fixed Income Volumes Plunge In May For NASDAQ on June 8th

  12. What Will Bank of America's Interest-Based Revenue Look Like In The Next Few Years? on June 7th

  13. IntercontinentalExchange's Equity Option Volumes See Lukewarm Growth In May on June 6th

  14. What Factors Are Expected To Drive Bank of America's Earnings In The Next Few Years? on June 6th

Media & Telecom

  1. What Can Lead To A 10% Upside In Netflix's Stock In The Next Couple Of Years? on June 10th

  2. Dissecting Disney's Shanghai Theme Park: Can It Beat Wanda City? on June 10th

  3. How Do The Operating Cycles Of The Major U.S. Wireless Carriers Compare? on June 10th

  4. Why Do U.S. Consumers Pay Significantly More For Wireless Services? on June 10th

  5. How Are Juniper & Cisco Faring In The Network Switch Domain? on June 10th

  6. How Much Of News Corp's Value Comes From Digital Real Estate? on June 9th

  7. BlackBerry's Android Woes Could Force It To Exit Handset Business. How Would It Impact The Stock? on June 9th

  8. Why Is T-Mobile Giving Away Free Equity To Subscribers? on June 8th

  9. What Can Lead To Upside In Cisco's Stock In The Next Couple Of Years? on June 7th

  10. What Percentage of Ericsson's Stock Price Can Be Attributed To Growth? on June 6th

  11. What Percentage of Juniper's Stock Price Can Be Attributed To Growth? on June 6th

Energy & Utilities

  1. Why Is Saudi Arabia The Strongest Member Of The OPEC? on June 9th

  2. Is Saudi Arabia Moving Away From Crude Oil? on June 9th

  3. Why Has SunPower's Stock Declined By Over 40% This Year? on June 9th

  4. Why We Cut Our Price Estimate For Trina Solar To $10 on June 8th

  5. Are Low Crude Oil Prices Finally Hurting Saudi Arabia? on June 8th

  6. Why Have Solar Stocks Been Underperforming This Year? on June 8th

  7. Why Did Transocean's Stock Price Rise 15% In A Single Trading Day? on June 7th

Basic Materials

  1. Why We're Raising Our Price Estimate For Cliffs To $5 on June 10th

  2. Why The Commencement Of Production At The Merian Mine Will Boost The Fortunes Of Newmont's South American Gold Mining Operations on June 9th

  3. How Successful Have Newmont Mining's Debt Reduction Efforts Been? on June 8th

  4. How Successful Have Barrick Gold's Debt Reduction Efforts Been? on June 8th

  5. To What Extent Would The Development Of The Underground Section Of The Oyu Tolgoi Mine Boost The Mine's Overall Output? on June 8th

  6. How Big Is ArcelorMittal In The Global Steel Industry? on June 6th

Health Care

  1. How Will Medtronic's Success In The Surgical Robot Market Be Determined? on June 10th

  2. How Important Is Optum For UnitedHealth? on June 8th

  3. How Much Does OptumRx Contribute To UnitedHealth Group's Revenues & Growth? on June 8th

  4. How Did United Health Spend Its Cash Over The Last 3 Years? on June 7th

  5. How Did Medtronic Fare In Q4'16 Earnings? on June 7th

Industrials & Transportation

  1. What Is The Growth Expected Of Markets Served By 3M's Industrials Segment Over The Next 5 Years? on June 10th

  2. What Percentage of UTC's Stock Price Can Be Attributed To Growth? on June 6th

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