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posted on 07 May 2016

Trefis: Highlights Week Ending 06 May 2016

Written by

Below is a summary of the activity at Trefis during the past week thatTrefis thoughtEconintersect readers would find interesting.

Trefis is a financial community structured around trends, forecasts and insights related to some of the most popular stocks in the US. It provides the unique feature of allowing the user to model future valuation based upon projected changes in components of each business. It also provides communication capabilities among members, including consensus of member analysis compared to Trefis staff analysis and blogging opportunities for members.

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Click "Read more..." to see our clickable table of contents with the most covered companies (more than 1 article) of the week identified.

Table of Contents for the 152 top stories this week:

Consumer (37 articles)​

  • Ralph Lauren, 5 articles (4, 9, 18, 22, 26)

  • Under Armour, 5 articles (12, 13, 20, 24, 27)

  • AB InBev, 4 articles (7, 23, 29, 35)

  • Diageo, 4 artciles (11, 15, 28, 34)

  • Avon, 2 articles (3, 14)

  • CVS, 2 articles (16, 33)

  • Estee Lauder, 2 articles (21, 30)

Technology (36 articles)

  • Hewlett Packard, 5 articles (1, 5, 12, 14, 17)

  • Alphabet, 3 articles (20, 23, 31)

  • LinkedIn, 3 articles (33 - 35)

  • Seagate, 3 articles (18, 25, 30)

  • Zynga, 3 articles (3, 8, 9)

  • Amazon, 2 articles (10, 19)

  • Applied Materials, 2 articles (13, 16)

  • Priceline, 2 articles (11, 26)

  • TripAdvisor, 2 articles (2, 21)

  • Western Digital, 2 articles (18, 25)

Media & Telecom (22 articles)​​

  • Juniper, 7 articles (4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 21)

  • Motorola, 2 articles (3, 19)

  • News Corp, 2 articles (5, 10)

  • New York Times, 2 articles (15, 22)

  • Time Warner, 2 articles (1, 16)

Financial Services (21 articles)

  • AIG, 7 articles (5, 6, 12, 13, 15 - 17)

  • ICE, 3 articles (1, 10, 18)

  • Prudential, 3 articles (2 - 4)

  • MetLife, 2 articles (9, 11)

  • NASDAQ, 2 articles (8, 21)

Energy & Utilities (12 articles)​

  • Chesapeake, 2 articles (1, 3)

  • Duke Energy, 2 articles (9, 10)

  • EOG Resources, 2 articles (4, 7)

Industrials & Transportation (15 articles)​

  • Textron, 5 articles (2, 5, 7, 10, 12)

  • Alaska Air, 3 articles (4, 6, 9)

  • Honeywell, 3 articles (13 - 15)

  • Virgin America, 3 articles (4, 6, 9

Basic Materials (5 articles)​

Health Care (4 articles)​​

  • Abbott, 2 articles (3, 4)

All 152 investment stories this week are listed below.


  1. Aeropostale Claims To Be Back After Filing For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy on May 6th

  2. Tesla Misses Q1 Targets But Gets Even More Ambitious on May 6th

  3. Avon Products Q1 2016 Results on May 6th

  4. Why Have Ralph Lauren's Licensing Revenues Been Declining In Recent Years? on May 5th

  5. What To Expect from Revlon's Q1 2016 Earnings Results? on May 5th

  6. How Productive Are These Apparel Brand Stores? on May 5th

  7. AB InBev Misses Consensus Estimate In Q1, Hurt By Poor Brazil Showing on May 5th

  8. How Has The Transformation Plan Affected Coach's North American Retail Store Count? on May 5th

  9. How Have The Number Of Ralph Lauren Stores Operated By The Company Changed Over The Past Five Years? on May 5th

  10. How Expansion Into Hawaii Will Impact the Valuation Of Dunkin' Brands? on May 4th

  11. Why Is Diageo Bullish On The African Beer Market? on May 4th

  12. How Has Under Armour's Revenue And Gross Profit Composition Changed In The Last 5 Years? on May 4th

  13. What Is Under Armour's Fundamental Value Based On 2015 Results? on May 4th

  14. What To Expect From Avon Products Q1 2016 Results? on May 4th

  15. Was Don Julio Tequila A Shot Worth Taking For Diageo? on May 4th

  16. CVS Q1 Earnings Review : Revenues, EPS Increase on May 4th

  17. MGM Resorts Q1 Earnings Preview: Watchout For Non-Gaming Operations Growth on May 3rd

  18. Why Is The Online Market Place The Next Big Thing For Ralph Lauren? on May 3rd

  19. How McDonald's Is Effectively Executing Its Turnaround Strategy? on May 3rd

  20. Is Footwear Becoming A Big Business For Under Armour? on May 3rd

  21. Estee Lauder's Q3 FY16 Earnings Results on May 3rd

  22. How Has Ralph Lauren Performed In Comparison To Its Peers? on May 3rd

  23. AB InBev Earnings Preview: Macroeconomic Headwinds To Impact Results on May 3rd

  24. How Is Under Armour's Revenue & Gross Profit Composition Expected To Change In The Future? on May 3rd

  25. Chipotle Mexican Grill Struggles in Q1 FY'16 As Last Year's E.coli Controversy Impacts Comparable Sales on May 3rd

  26. How Has Ralph Lauren's Sales Breakdown According To Geographic Locations Changed Over The Past Five Years? on May 3rd

  27. By What Percentage Did Under Armour's Revenue & Gross Profit Grow In The Last 5 Years?on May 3rd

  28. What Is India's Share In The Net Sales Of Diageo Before And After The Purchase Of United Spirits Limited? on May 2nd

  29. How Can AB InBev's Asia-Pacific Beer Segment Grow In The Next Five Years? on May 2nd

  30. Estee Lauder Q3 FY16 Pre-Earnings Report on May 2nd

  31. F-150 Back To The Top Of The Ladder on May 2nd

  32. Colgate-Palmolive's Q1 Earnings Review on May 2nd

  33. What to Expect from CVS Q1Earnings on May 2nd

  34. What Caused A Decline In Marketing Spending In The Latter Half Of 2015 For Diageo As Compared to 2014? on May 2nd

  35. How Can AB InBev's Mexico Beer Segment Grow In The Next Five Years? on May 2nd

  36. Dr Pepper Is Defying An Otherwise Tough US Carbonated Market on May 2nd

  37. Has The Emissions Scandal Impacted Volkswagen's Volume Sales This Year? on May 2nd


  1. What's Hewlett Packard Inc's Revenue And Earnings Breakdown? on May 6th

  2. What Did TripAdvisor's First Quarter Look Like? on May 6th

  3. Yelp Earnings: Revenue Growth Continues, Albeit At A Slower Pace on May 6th

  4. Can "Unplugged" Drive Revenues For YouTube? on May 6th

  5. What's Hewlett Packard Inc's Fundamental Value Based On Expected 2015 Results? on May 6th

  6. 3 Positive Trends In Zynga's Declining User Base on May 6th

  7. Alibaba Earnings: Mobile Growth In Retail, Cloud Computing Drive Results on May 6th

  8. Which Games Drove Zynga's Online Gaming Revenue In Q1 2016? on May 6th

  9. Zynga Beats Q1 Expectations On Bookings Growth, Cost Cutting on May 6th

  10. Why Is Amazon Increasing Focus On Live Sports? on May 5th

  11. Priceline Q1 2016 Earnings Takeaways on May 5th

  12. How Has Hewlett Packard Inc's Revenue Composition Changed Over The Last 5 Years? on May 5th

  13. What is Applied Materials Revenue And Gross Profit Breakdown? on May 5th

  14. By What Percentage Can Hewlett Packard Inc's Revenues And EBITDA Decline In The Next 3 Years? on May 5th

  15. Is Baidu's Advertising Business In Trouble? on May 5th

  16. What Is Applied Materials' Fundamental Value Based On Expected 2016 Results? on May 5th

  17. By What Percentage Did Hewlett Packard Inc's Revenues And EBITDA Decrease In The Last Five Years? on May 5th

  18. How Has The PC Market Slowdown Affected Western Digital & Seagate? on May 5th

  19. How Important Is The Web Services Business To Amazon? on May 5th

  20. By What Percentage Did Alphabet's Revenue And EBITDA Increase In The Last Five Years?on May 4th

  21. TripAdvisor Q1 2016 Earnings Preview on May 4th

  22. Here's What To Expect From Tableau's Q1 2016 Earnings on May 4th

  23. What's Alphabet's Revenue And Earnings Breakdown? on May 4th

  24. Activision Blizzard's Q1 FY'16 Earnings Preview: Next Generation Consoles & Online Platforms To Drive Top-line Growth on May 4th

  25. How Do Western Digital And Seagate Compare On Enterprise Storage Sales? on May 4th

  26. Priceline Q1 2016 Earnings Preview on May 3rd

  27. What Caused The Sudden Surge In AMD's Stock Price? Why We Believe The Market May Have Over-Reacted on May 3rd

  28. Despite Price Cut, Apple Watch Sales Were Likely Sluggish During Fiscal Q2 on May 3rd

  29. Could Political Advertising And Successful Movies Drive Fox's Q1 Results? on May 3rd

  30. Seagate Earnings: Revenues, Margins Fall Due To Low Shipments Across Divisions on May 3rd

  31. Why Is Google Creating A New Hardware Division? on May 2nd

  32. Why Is eBay Opening An Online Wine Shop? on May 2nd

  33. LinkedIn Q1 2016 Review: U.S. Vs. International Growth on May 2nd

  34. LinkedIn Q1 2016 Review: Key Factors For Robust 35% Top Line Growth on May 2nd

  35. LinkedIn Beats Q1 2016 Estimates On Solid Revenue Growth, Tax Benefits on May 2nd

  36. ADP Earnings: HR Services Continue Growth Spree on May 2nd

Media & Telecom

  1. Time Warner's First Quarter Results Reaffirm Our Stance on May 6th

  2. Why Is Dish Network Venturing Into Smartphone Repair Business? on May 6th

  3. Motorola Solutions' Earnings Overshadow Underlying Business Weakness on May 6th

  4. Where Will Juniper's Router Revenue Growth Come From? on May 6th

  5. News Corp Earnings Review: Digital Real Estate Growth Can't Offset Declines on May 6th

  6. How Has Juniper's Revenue Composition Changed In The Last Five Years? on May 5th

  7. What's Juniper's Fundamental Value Based On Expected 2016 Results? on May 5th

  8. Why We Updated Trefis Price Estimate For CBS? on May 5th

  9. Where Will Juniper's Switching Sales Growth Come From In The Next Five Years? on May 5th

  10. Can Hulu's New Offering Threaten Netflix? on May 4th

  11. By How Much Have Juniper's Revenue & EBITDA Grown In The Last Five Years? on May 4th

  12. What's Juniper's Revenue & Expenses Breakdown? on May 4th

  13. Why Have Ericsson's Shares Been Down Since Its Q1 Earnings? on May 4th

  14. Key Takeaways From Sprint's Q4 Results on May 4th

  15. NYT Earnings Review: Growth In Digital Subscriptions Offset By Declines In Print on May 4th

  16. How will HBO, Political Ad Spending and Box Office Collection Affect Time Warner Inc's Q1 Revenue? on May 3rd

  17. How Did The Subscriber Bases Of Chinese Carriers Trend In Q1? on May 3rd

  18. Print Media To Weigh On News Corp's Earnings on May 3rd

  19. What To Expect From Motorola Solutions' Upcoming Earnings on May 3rd

  20. Why We Still Believe Viacom Could Be A Good Investment? on May 2nd

  21. Juniper's Q1 Results Mixed, Guidance Tops Estimates on May 2nd

  22. NYT's Q1 Earnings Likely To See Some Weakness On Account Of Print Media on May 2nd

Financial Services

  1. How Have ICE's Recent Acquisitions Impacted Its Capital Structure? on May 6th

  2. What Was Prudential's Operating Margin By Business Segment In Q1? on May 6th

  3. What Was Prudential's Revenue And Operating Income Breakdown By Operating Segment In Q1? on May 6th

  4. Prudential's Q1 Earnings Drop On Lower Premiums, Investment Gains on May 6th

  5. How Much Has AIG's Revenue & EBT Grown In The Last Four Years? on May 5th

  6. How Has AIG's Revenue Composition Changed In The Last Four Years? on May 5th

  7. How Much Did Metlife's Investment Yields Fall In Q1 2016? on May 5th

  8. What Drove NASDAQ's Revenue & EBITDA Growth Over the Last 6 Years? on May 5th

  9. Metlife Q1 Earnings: U.S. Vs. International Business on May 5th

  10. Data Services, Higher Trade Revenues Lead To A Profitable Q1 For ICE on May 5th

  11. Metlife's Q1 Earnings Disappoint On Lower Investment Income on May 5th

  12. How Much Can AIG's Revenue & EBT Grow In The Next Five Years? on May 4th

  13. What Is AIG's Revenue And Earnings Breakdown By Operating Segment? on May 4th

  14. How Has Discover's Revenue Composition Changed In The Last Five Years? on May 3rd

  15. AIG Earnings Review: How Did The Life & Retirement Insurance Division Perform In Q1? on May 3rd

  16. AIG Earnings Review: How Did The P&C Insurance Division Perform In Q1? on May 3rd

  17. AIG's Q1 2016 Results Disappoint On Lower Capital Gains on May 3rd

  18. ICE Earnings Preview: Trade Volumes, Data Service Segment To Drive Q1 Results on May 3rd

  19. Currency Impact Drags Down Master Card's Q1 Earnings But Fundamentals Still Strong on May 2nd

  20. Hartford's Q1 Core Earnings Drop On Investment Income Decline, Lower Underwriting Gainson May 2nd

  21. What Drove NASDAQ's Revenue And EBITDA Declines In 2015? on May 2nd

Energy & Utilities

  1. What Is Chesapeake's Strategy To Survive The Current Commodity Downturn? What Is Its Progress So Far? on May 6th

  2. Royal Dutch Shell Q1 Earnings: Revenues And Earnings Suffer, Spending Exceeds Cash Flow From Operations, Company Cuts Capex on May 6th

  3. Ongoing Commodity Slump Pulls Down Chesapeake's 1Q16 Earnings; Significant Asset Sales Likely To Improve Liquidity For 2016 on May 6th

  4. EOG Resources Posted Weak 1Q'16 Results Driven By Ongoing Commodity Downturn on May 6th

  5. Key Takeaways From SunPower's Q1 Earnings on May 6th

  6. Lower Impairments Augment Transocean's 1Q'16 Earnings; Contract Backlog Continues To Decline on May 5th

  7. Expect Another Weak Quarter From EOG Resources On The Back Of Depressed Commodity Prices on May 5th

  8. Anadarko Reports Depressed 1Q'16 Earnings As The Commodity Downturn Persists on May 4th

  9. Duke's Q1 Earnings Decline By 8% On Special Items, Unfavorable Weather Conditions on May 4th

  10. How Has Duke Energy's Revenue Composition Changed In The Last Five Years? on May 3rd

  11. Chevron Q1 Earnings: Revenues And Earnings Suffer, Cash Outflows Still Greater Than Inflows, Company Cuts Capex on May 2nd

  12. Exxon Mobil Q1 Earnings: Revenues And Earnings Suffer Due To Low Oil Price Environment, Company Cuts Capex on May 2nd

Industrials & Transportation

  1. What is UPS' Revenue Breakdown By Segment? on May 6th

  2. By What Percentage Did Textron's Revenue & EBITDA Grow In The Last 5 Years? on May 3rd

  3. How Have Mergers And Acquisitions Led To The Consolidation Of The US Airline Industry Over The Last Decade? on May 3rd

  4. How Will The Expected Return On The Alaska Air-Virgin America Merger Compare With The Previous Deals In The Sector? on May 3rd

  5. What is Textron's Current Revenue and EBITDA Breakdown? on May 3rd

  6. How Will The Virgin America Deal Alter Alaska Air's Capital Structure? on May 2nd

  7. How Could Textron's Revenue And EBITDA Composition Change In The Next 5 Years? on May 2nd

  8. What Was The Extent Of The Impact Of The Decline In Oil Prices On Norfolk Southern's Q1 Revenue? on May 2nd

  9. Has Alaska Air Paid A Fair Price For Acquiring Virgin America? on May 2nd

  10. How Has Textron's Revenue And EBITDA Composition Changed In The Last 5 Years? on May 2nd

  11. Will The U.S. Treasury Department Rules, That Killed The Pfizer-Allergan Deal, Affect Johnson Controls-Tyco Merger? on May 2nd

  12. What is Textron's Fundamental Value Based On 2015 Results? on May 2nd

  13. By What Percentage Did Honeywell's Revenue & EBITDA Grow In The Last 5 Years? on May 2nd

  14. What Is Honeywell's Fundamental Value Based On 2015 Results? on May 2nd

  15. What is Honeywell's Current Revenue and EBITDA Breakdown? on May 2nd

Basic Materials

  1. Why We're Revising Our Price Estimate For Barrick Gold To $17 on May 6th

  2. Why We're Revising Our Price Estimate For Newmont Mining To $30 on May 5th

  3. ArcelorMittal's Q1 2016 Earnings Preview: Cost Reduction Initiatives To Offset Impact Of Competition From Imported Steels On Earnings on May 4th

  4. How Will The Restart Of The Northshore Mining Operations Impact Cliffs' Iron Ore Pellets Production Capacity? on May 2nd

  5. Dow Q1 Earnings: Higher Margins Offset Revenue & EBITDA Decline, Management Confident Of Dow-Dupont Merger Synergies on May 2nd

Health Care

  1. Key Takeaways From Pfizer's Earnings on May 6th

  2. Which Is The Most Important Area Of Surgery For Intuitive Surgical? on May 5th

  3. Why Is Abbott Acquiring St. Jude? on May 3rd

  4. What is Abbott's Revenue And Gross Profit Breakdown? on May 3rd

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