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posted on 15 February 2016

Trefis: Highlights Week Ending 12 February 2016

Written by

Below is a summary of the activity at Trefis during the past week thatTrefis thought Econintersect readers would find interesting.

Trefis is a financial community structured around trends, forecasts and insights related to some of the most popular stocks in the US. It provides the unique feature of allowing the user to model future valuation based upon projected changes in components of each business. It also provides communication capabilities among members, including consensus of member analysis compared to Trefis staff analysis and blogging opportunities for members.

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Click "Read more..." to see our clickable table of contents with the most covered companies (more than 1 article) of the week identified.

Table of Contents for the 142 top stories this week:

Technology (40 articles)

  • Adobe, 5 articles (1, 2, 4, 7, 10)

  • Fox, 4 articles (19, 23, 27, 35)

  • AMD, 3 articles (6, 36, 37)

  • Samsung, 3 articles (12, 31, 38)

  • Expedia, 2 articles (13, 30)

  • Nvidia, 2 articles (32, 34)

  • Pandora, 2 articles (9, 22)

  • Travelzoo, 2 articles (3, 15)

  • Twitter, 2 articles (5, 14)

Consumer (26 articles)​

  • Ford, 4 articles (1, 6, 16, 15)

  • GM, 3 articles (4, 8, 16)

  • Toyota, 3 articles (10, 23, 26)

  • Coca Cola, 2 articles (12, 24)

  • Tata Motors, 2 articles (2, 14)

  • Tesla, 2 articles (9, 18)

Media & Telecom (26 articles)​

  • Disney, 9 articles (7, 9 - 13, 16, 17, 19)

  • China Telecom, 3 articles (5, 18, 21)

  • Cisco, 2 articles (8, 22)

  • Comcast, 2 articles (1, 2)

  • Nokia, 2 articles (4, 14)

  • Time Warner, 2 articles (3, 24)

Industrials & Transportation (23 articles)​

  • Southwest, 9 articles (1, 4, 8, 14, 16, 17, 19, 21, 23)

  • CSX, 6 articles (5, 13, 15, 18, 20, 22)

  • Norfolk Southern, 5 articles (1, 6, 7, 11, 12)

  • Delta Airlines, 3 articles (3, 9, 10)

Financial Services (16 articles)

  • Citigroup, 6 articles (8 - 13)

  • Hartford Financial, 4 articles (1 - 3, 16)

Basic Materials (6 articles)​

  • Rio Tinto, 2 articles (1, 4)

  • Silver Wheaton, 2 articles (2, 3)

Energy & Utilities (4 articles)​

Health Care (1 article)

All 142 investment stories this week are listed below.


  1. By What Percentage Can Adobe's Revenues And EBITDA Grow In The Next 3 Years? on February 12nd

  2. How Has Adobe's Revenue Composition Changed Over The Last 5 Years? on February 12nd

  3. Travelzoo's Q4 2015 Earnings Review: Hotel Booking Platform Is Showing Promising Growth on February 12nd

  4. By What Percentage Did Adobe's Revenue And EBITDA Increase In The Last Five Years? on February 12nd

  5. Can A Strategic Buyer Turn Twitter Around? on February 12nd

  6. Can The New Product Lineup Help AMD Regain Its Share in PC Processors? on February 12nd

  7. What's Adobe's Fundamental Value Based On 2015 Results? on February 12nd

  8. Qlik Sense's Success and Domestic Market Drove Qlik's Revenue Expansion in Q4 on February 12nd

  9. Pandora Reports Mixed Results As Rumors Of A Buyout Surface on February 12nd

  10. What's Adobe's Revenue And EBITDA Breakdown? on February 12nd

  11. Monster's Stock Tanks On Below Par Q4 Results, Guidance on February 12nd

  12. What's The Impact On Samsung If It Loses Apple's SoC Business For The iPhone 7? on February 11st

  13. Key Takeaways From Expedia's Robust Q4 2015 Earnings Result on February 11st

  14. Twitter Earnings Takeaways: User Base Weakness, But Better Ad Engagement Drives Earnings Beat on February 11st

  15. Travelzoo Seems To Be Picking Up On Market Cues And Progressing In The Right Direction on February 10th

  16. TripAdvisor's Strong Performance Is Expected To Continue In Q4 2015 With The Biggest Driver Being Instant Booking on February 10th

  17. Why Would Amazon Open Physical Stores? on February 10th

  18. Activision Blizzard's Core Franchises To Drive Q4 2015 Revenues; All Eyes On New Segment Strategies on February 10th

  19. Fox's Q2 Earnings Bolstered By Cable Networks Advertising & Affiliate Growth on February 10th

  20. Akamai Q4 Earnings: Media Delivery Business Shows Signs Of Slowdown, Value-Added Services Continue To Lead Growth on February 10th

  21. VeriSign Earnings Preview: Slower Net Registrations Could Hurt Earnings, But 2016 Looks Bright on February 10th

  22. Pandora Earnings Preview: Soaring Expenses To Overshadow Strong Topline Improvement on February 10th

  23. How Has 21st Century Fox's Revenue & EBITDA Composition Changed Over The Last 5 Years? on February 9th

  24. How Important Is Fox Studio For 21st Century Fox? on February 9th

  25. Strategic Updates in Focus in Symantec's Third Quarter Earnings on February 9th

  26. Yelp Earnings: Mobile Growth Slows, Guidance Tempers Expectations on February 9th

  27. By What Percentage Did 21st Century Fox's Revenue & EBITDA Grow In The Last 5 Years? on February 9th

  28. Applied Materials: Revenues Likely Declined In Q4 Due To Weaker Silicon Equipment Spending on February 9th

  29. How Would Samsung's Valuation Be Impacted If Its Mobile Market Share Drops 2% In 2016? on February 9th

  30. How Will The Fourth Quarter Shape Up For Expedia? on February 9th

  31. What Is Samsung's Fundamental Value Based On Expected 2016 Results on February 9th

  32. How Is Nvidia's Revenue & EBITDA Composition Expected To Change By 2020? on February 8th

  33. How Facebook Is Working On Attracting More Video Advertisers ? on February 8th

  34. What To Expect From Nvidia's Fiscal 2016 Earnings? on February 8th

  35. Fox's Broadcasting Revenue Growth Is Largely Dependent On Its Sports Programming on February 8th

  36. How Important Is the PC Market For AMD's Business? on February 8th

  37. Where is AMD's 2016 Revenue Growth Expected To Come From? on February 8th

  38. Samsung's 2015: Semiconductor Strength More Than Offset By Telecom Weakness on February 8th

  39. LinkedIn Beats Q4 Estimates, But Stock Plummets On Weak Guidance on February 8th

  40. What Is Intel's Expected Revenue & EBITDA Growth For 2016? on February 8th


  1. Can Ford Afford To Wait It Out In Russia? on February 12nd

  2. Tata Motors Earnings Review: Weak Product Mix And China Sales Slide Hit Jaguar Land Rover on February 12nd

  3. PepsiCo Earnings Review: North America Boosts Results While International Growth Slides on February 12nd

  4. How Different China Auto Sales Growth Rate Projections Impact GM? on February 11st

  5. CVS Earnings: Strong Performance Driven by Acquisitions and Growth In Specialty Business on February 11st

  6. How Does Ford's Performance Vary Across Geographies? on February 11st

  7. Why Is China Important For General Motors? on February 11st

  8. How Does GM's Performance Differ Across Geographies? on February 11st

  9. Earnings Review: Tesla Reports Positive Cash Flow In Core Operations But Ancillary Expenditures Continue To Mount on February 11st

  10. Toyota Motors Acquires Daihatsu : Betting On The Small Cars Market ? on February 11st

  11. How Do Auto Luxury Brands Compare In The US? on February 11st

  12. Coca-Cola Ends Its Transitional Year With Solid Organic Growth; Structural Changes To Alter Business Going Forward on February 11st

  13. L'Oreal's Fourth Quarter Might Look Good With The Revival Of Weaker Divisions And Digital Advancements on February 10th

  14. Tata Motors Earnings Preview: Positive Q3 Results Expected As Jaguar Land Rover Back To Solid Growth on February 10th

  15. Though The Fourth Quarter Might Still Show Weakness, Avon Products Is Doing All The Right Things To Revive Growth on February 10th

  16. What To Expect From GM and Ford In 2016 on February 9th

  17. Why Honda Is Relaunching This Mid-size Pick-Up Truck In The U.S. on February 9th

  18. What To Watch Out For When Tesla Reports Its Q4 Results on February 9th

  19. Where Does Jaguar Land Rover Stand Relative To The German Top 3 In Crucial Markets? on February 9th

  20. L Brands Delivered Lukewarm January Sales, But Is Gearing Up To Announce An Impressive Fourth Quarter on February 9th

  21. Ralph Lauren Earnings Review: Worn Out Results Sends Stock Price Tumbling on February 9th

  22. Estee Lauder's Dynamic Strategy Of Growth Based Investment Allocation Led To An Impressive Second Quarter Fiscal 2016 on February 8th

  23. Toyota Steps Up Its Luxury Game In Search For More Profits on February 8th

  24. Coca-Cola Earnings Preview: Unfavorable Foreign Exchange To Dampen Organic Growth on February 8th

  25. What To Expect From Ford's Luxury Brand Lincoln In 2016 on February 8th

  26. Toyota Earnings Review: Strong Quarter In U.S. Closed Out Year As FX Headwinds Continue To Mount on February 8th

Media & Telecom

  1. How Has Comcast's Revenue Composition Changed In The Last Five Years? on February 12nd

  2. What's Comcast's Revenue & EBITDA Breakdown In Terms Of Different Products? on February 12nd

  3. Time Warner's Q4 Earnings Bolstered By Subscription Growth At HBO on February 12nd

  4. Nokia Earnings: China Concerns Overshadow Networks' Profit Beat on February 12nd

  5. What Are China Telecom's Business Units Worth Individually? on February 11st

  6. What's The Upside For BlackBerry If It Doubles Its Handset Market Share? on February 11st

  7. Disney's Record Fiscal Q1 Earnings Reaffirm Optimistic Outlook on February 11st

  8. Cisco Jumps On Earnings Beat; Gives Indications Of A Secure Future on February 11st

  9. By What Percentage Can Disney's Revenue & EBITDA Grow In The Next 3 Years? on February 10th

  10. How Important Are Theme Parks For Disney? on February 10th

  11. How Important Is ESPN For Disney? on February 10th

  12. Is Non-Advertising Becoming More Significant Revenue Contributor To Disney's Media Networks? on February 10th

  13. How Much Did Disney's Revenue & EBITDA Grow In The Last 5 Years? on February 10th

  14. Nokia Earnings Preview: Networks Should Drive Growth on February 10th

  15. Viacom's Stock Plunges 20% As Subscription Growth Slows on February 10th

  16. What's The Revenue Breakdown For Disney's Business Segments? on February 9th

  17. What's Disney's Revenue & EBITDA Breakdown? on February 9th

  18. What's China Telecom's Fundamental Value Based On Expected 2015 Results? on February 9th

  19. How Has Disney's Revenue & EBITDA Composition Changed Over The Last 5 Years? on February 9th

  20. What To Expect From CBS' Q4 Earnings on February 9th

  21. How Much Could Stronger 4G Adoption Drive China Telecom's Valuation? on February 9th

  22. Cisco Earnings Preview: Currency Headwinds May Offset Better Carrier Spending on February 9th

  23. Netflix Price Estimate Revised to $112 Based On International Expansion Potential on February 8th

  24. What To Expect From Time Warner's Full Year 2015 Earnings Announcement? on February 8th

  25. Why Is Verizon Interested In Bidding For Yahoo? on February 8th

  26. News Corp Earnings Takeaways: Foreign Exchange Headwinds A Drag on February 8th

Industrials & Transportation

  1. By What Percentage Can Norfolk Southern's Revenue & EBITDA Grow In The Next 3 Years? on February 12nd

  2. Will Southwest's International Operations Contribute A Significant Portion Of Its Revenue By 2020? on February 12nd

  3. What Will Be Delta's Value In 2020? on February 12nd

  4. What Will Be The Impact On Southwest's EBITDA, If Crude Oil Prices Rebound To $100 Per Barrel by 2018? on February 12nd

  5. How Will CSX's Revenue Composition Change By 2020? on February 12nd

  6. By What Percentage Did Norfolk Southern's Revenue & EBITDA Grow In The Last 5 Years? on February 12nd

  7. How Has Norfolk Southern's Revenue Composition Changed Over The Last 5 Years? on February 11st

  8. What Factors Caused A Sharp Jump In Southwest's 2015 Operating Margin? on February 11st

  9. Why Did Delta's Operating Margin Soar In 2015? on February 11st

  10. Delta Air Lines: The Year 2015 In Review on February 11st

  11. What Is Norfolk Southern's Fundamental Value Based On 2015 Results? on February 11st

  12. What Is Norfolk Southern's Revenue And EBITDA Breakdown? on February 11st

  13. By What Percentage Can CSX's Revenue & EBITDA Grow In The Next 3 Years? on February 9th

  14. What Is Southwest's Outlook For 2016? on February 9th

  15. What Is CSX's Fundamental Value Based On 2015 Results? on February 9th

  16. Southwest Airlines: The Year 2015 In Review on February 9th

  17. What Is Southwest's Fundamental Value Based On 2016 Estimated Numbers? on February 9th

  18. By What Percentage Did CSX's Revenue & EBITDA Grow In The Last 5 Years? on February 8th

  19. How Has Southwest's Revenue And EBITDA Grown Over The Last Five Years? on February 8th

  20. How Has CSX's Revenue Composition Changed Over The Last 5 Years? on February 8th

  21. How Has Southwest's Revenue And EBITDA Composition Changed Over The Last Five Years? on February 8th

  22. What Is CSX's Revenue And EBITDA Breakdown? on February 8th

  23. What Is Southwest's Revenue And EBITDA Composition? on February 8th

Financial Services

  1. What Is HIG's Revenue And Earnings Breakdown In Terms Of Operating Segments? on February 12nd

  2. How Has HIG's Revenue Composition Changed In The Last Five Years? on February 12nd

  3. How Much Has HIG's Revenue & Earnings Grown In The Last Five Years? on February 12nd

  4. IntercontinentalExchange: Growth Momentum In Volumes Continues In January on February 12nd

  5. NASDAQ OMX Group Witnesses Mixed Volumes In January on February 12nd

  6. Monthly Brokerage Notes: Ameritrade Starts The Year With Strong Trade Volumes on February 12nd

  7. Low Investment Income, Weak Revenue Dampen Prudential's Earnings on February 12nd

  8. What Is The Constitution Of Citigroup's Loan Book In Terms Of Geographies? on February 10th

  9. How Have Citigroup's Earnings Changed On A Geographical Basis? on February 10th

  10. How Has Citigroup's Loan Portfolio Changed Over The Last Five Years? on February 9th

  11. What Proportion of Citigroup's Revenues and Income Come From Various Geographical Regions? on February 9th

  12. How Have Shrinking Interest Margins Affected Citigroup's Revenues In The Last Five Years? on February 8th

  13. What Has Driven Changes In Citigroup's Revenues and Profits In The Last Five Years? on February 8th

  14. ICE Earnings Takeaways: Data Segment Drives Q4 Results on February 8th

  15. CME Group Earnings Review: Suppressed Volumes Weigh On Q4 Results on February 8th

  16. Hartford Reports Strong Q4 Results On Improved Commercial P&C Underwriting Performance on February 8th

Basic Materials

  1. Rio Tinto Full Year 2015 Earnings Review: Favorable Exchange Rate Movements And Cost Reduction Initiatives Mitigate Impact Of Weak Commodity Prices on February 12nd

  2. How Do Silver Wheaton's Margins Compare With Those Of Traditional Precious Metal Mining Companies? on February 11st

  3. What Would Be The Impact Of A 100 Basis Points Increase In Silver Wheaton's Share Of Silver By-Product Production From Gold & Base Metal Mines? on February 11st

  4. Rio Tinto's Full Year 2015 Earnings Preview: Weak Commodity Prices To Weigh On Results on February 10th

  5. Here's Why We're Revising Our Price Estimate For Vale to $3 on February 8th

  6. ArcelorMittal Q4 2015 Earnings Review: Challenging Business Conditions Adversely Impact Results on February 8th

Energy & Utilities

  1. Factors Duke Energy Needs To Watch Out For In 2016 on February 12nd

  2. 2015 Earnings Review: ConocoPhillips Reports Severe Losses Due To Depressed Commodity Prices; Cuts Dividends And Capital Spending For 2016 on February 9th

  3. Shell Q4 Earnings: Low Price Realizations Hurt 2015 Earnings, Company Focuses On Reducing Spending on February 8th

  4. 2015 Earnings Review: Weak Commodity Prices Create A Dent In Anadarko's Earnings; New Projects May Help The Company To Remain Afloat on February 8th

Health Care

  1. Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits Haunts Boston Scientific Again on February 12nd

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