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posted on 06 February 2016

Trefis: Highlights Week Ending 05 February 2016

Written by

Below is a summary of the activity at Trefis during the past week that TrefisthoughtEconintersect readers would find interesting.

Trefis is a financial community structured around trends, forecasts and insights related to some of the most popular stocks in the US. It provides the unique feature of allowing the user to model future valuation based upon projected changes in components of each business. It also provides communication capabilities among members, including consensus of member analysis compared to Trefis staff analysis and blogging opportunities for members.

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Click "Read more..." to see our clickable table of contents with the most covered companies (more than 1 article) of the week identified.

Table of Contents for the 141 top stories this week:

Technology (39 articles)

  • Panera, 6 articles (21 - 23, 25, 27, 28)

  • Lexmark, 5 articles (4, 5, 7 - 9)

  • Accenture, 4 articles (11, 12, 14, 16)

  • Micron, 3 articles (34, 36, 38)

  • AMD, 2 articles (30, 32)

  • Yahoo!, 2 articles (31, 37)

Consumer (39 articles)​

  • Kimberly-Clark, 6 articles (1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 9)

  • Tata Motors, 5 articles (8, 10, 16, 19, 21)

  • GM, 3 articles (3, 13, 37)

  • American Eagle Outfitters, 2 articles (24, 26)

  • Daimler, 2 articles (11, 23)

  • Estee Lauder, 2 articles (25, 36)

  • Philip Morris, 2 articles (12, 22)

Financial Services (15 articles)

  • Capital One, 5 articles (3, 5, 7 - 9)

  • AIG, 4 articles (7 - 10)

Media & Telecom (15 articles)​

  • China Telecom, 4 articles (8 - 11)

  • Netflix, 2 articles (4, 6)

  • New York Times, 2 articles (7, 13)

  • Sirius XM, 2 articles (12, 15)

Industrials & Transportation (10 articles)​

  • Delta Airlines, 2 articles (3, 5)

  • UPS, 2 articles (1, 9)

Energy & Utilities (9 articles)​

  • Chesapeake, 2 articles (5, 9)

  • Exxon Mobil, 2 articles (2, 7)

Basic Materials (8 articles)​

  • Silver Wheaton, 5 articles (3, 5 - 8)

Health Care (6 articles)

  • Boston Scientific, 2 articles (1, 4)

All 141 investment stories this week are listed below.


  1. Yelp Earnings Preview: Revenues To Increase But Profitability To Decline on February 5th

  2. What To Expect From 21st Century Fox's Q2 FY16 Earnings? on February 5th

  3. How Are Akamai's Revenue & EBITDA Composition Expected To Change By 2020? on February 5th

  4. How Have Lexmark's Managed Printer Service (MPS) Revenues Grown In The Last Two Years?on February 4th

  5. How Big Can Lexmark's Perceptive Business Become By 2020? on February 4th

  6. Shutterfly Q4 Earnings: Holiday Sales Boost Earnings As The Company Crosses $1 Billion In Full-Year Revenues on February 4th

  7. How Has Lexmark's Laser Printer Price Declined In The Last Five Years? on February 4th

  8. How Have Lexmark's Software Division Revenues And EBITDA Grown Since The Acquisition Of Perceptive In 2010? on February 4th

  9. By What Percentage Did Lexmark's Revenues And EBITDA Decrease In The Last Five Years?on February 4th

  10. ADP Earnings: Top Line Growth From HCM Demand, New Bookings on February 4th

  11. By What Percentage Can Accenture's Revenues And EBITDA Grow In The Next 3 Years? on February 3rd

  12. What's Accenture's Revenue And Earnings Breakdown? on February 3rd

  13. In Adding The Ability To Install Apps From Search Results, Google Can Increase Mobile Search Volumes on February 3rd

  14. How Has Accenture's Revenue Composition Changed Over The Last 5 Years? on February 3rd

  15. Symantec 2016Q3 Earnings Preview: Enterprise Security Software in Focus on February 3rd

  16. What's Accenture's Fundamental Value Based On 2015 Results? on February 3rd

  17. Yahoo Earnings: Plans To Turnaround Announced Even As Core Revenue Declines on February 3rd

  18. Tableau 2015Q4 Earnings Preview: Did Tableau Overcome Investors' Concerns? on February 3rd

  19. 2015 Was A Fantastic Year For Ctrip, And 2016 Might Be Even Better! on February 3rd

  20. How Many Apple Watches Did Apple Sell Over The Holiday Quarter? on February 2nd

  21. What Can Produce 20% Downside For Pandora's Stock In The Next 1-2 Years? on February 2nd

  22. Where Will Pandora's Five Year Revenue Growth Come From? on February 2nd

  23. What's Pandora's Fundamental Value Based On Expected 2015 Results? on February 2nd

  24. Shutterfly Earnings Preview: Holiday Demand Could Drive Revenues This Quarter on February 2nd

  25. By How Much Have Pandora's Revenue And EBITDA Increased In The Last Five Years? on February 2nd

  26. Alphabet Reports Earnings, For The First Time Breaking Out Core Google: Ad Revenues Improve Due To Mobile, Programmatic And TrueView Ads on February 2nd

  27. How Has Pandora's Revenue Composition Changed In The Last Five Years? on February 2nd

  28. What Is Pandora's Revenue & Net Income Breakdown In Terms Of Different Revenue Sourceson February 2nd

  29. Seagate: Weak Storage Demand To Continue Through First Half Of 2016 on February 2nd

  30. What Happens To AMD's Valuation If Embedded & Semicustom Revenue Declines To $2 Billion In 2016? on February 1st

  31. Yahoo! Japan Earnings Preview: Mobile Ads Revenue And Transaction Value Across Shopping To Increase on February 1st

  32. What's AMD's Fundamental Value Based On Expected 2016 Results? on February 1st

  33. What's Intel's Fundamental Value Based On Expected 2016 Results? on February 1st

  34. Micron's 2015-2020 Revenue CAGR To Decline To 4% If Memory Prices Decline By 20% Per Year on February 1st

  35. Texas Instruments Reports A Strong Quarter, Despite A Slow Down In The Personal Electronics Segment on February 1st

  36. What's Micron's Fundamental Value Based On Expected 2016 Results? on February 1st

  37. Yahoo Earnings Preview: With One Eye On Results, Investors Seek a Way Forward on February 1st

  38. By How Much Can Micron's Revenue & Gross Margin Grow In The Next 5 Years? on February 1st

  39. Western Digital Earnings: Revenues, Profits Fall After A Weak End To 2015 on February 1st


  1. By How Much Is Kimberly-Clark's Revenue & EBITDA Expected to Change In The Next 5 Years? on February 5th

  2. How Much Are Kimberly-Clark's Business Divisions Worth Individually? on February 5th

  3. Earnings Review: GM Posts 17% Profit Gains On The Back Of Strong U.S., China Performanceon February 5th

  4. What Is Kimberly-Clark's Fundamental Value Based On Expected 2015 Results? on February 5th

  5. Can China Be A Key Market For Tesla Motors? on February 5th

  6. How Has Kimberly-Clark's Revenue and EBITDA Composition Changed Over The Last Five Years? on February 5th

  7. What is Kimberly-Clark's Current Revenue and EBITDA Breakdown? on February 5th

  8. Where Will Tata Motors's Revenue And EBITDA Growth Come From Over The Next Three Years? on February 5th

  9. By How Much Has Kimberly-Clark's Revenue & EBITDA Changed In The Last 5 Years? on February 5th

  10. How Has Tata Motors's Revenue And EBITDA Composition Changed Over FY12-FY16? on February 5th

  11. Daimler Ends 2015 On A Solid Note, But Releases Cautious Outlook For 2016 on February 5th

  12. Philip Morris Earnings: Foreign Currency Impact Smokes Out Earnings on February 5th

  13. Why It Makes Sense For GM To Import This SUV From China on February 4th

  14. Ford Motors Will Exit Indonesia and Japan In 2016: Why This Will Not Impact Its International Business? on February 4th

  15. Earnings Preview: Strong U.S. Sales, Weak Yen Should Boost Toyota's Bottomline on February 4th

  16. What's Tata Motors's Fundamental Value Based On Expected Fiscal 2016 Results? on February 4th

  17. Lear Corporation: Year In Review on February 4th

  18. Coca-Cola Enters The Dairy Segment In India: Diversifying Its Portfolio on February 4th

  19. By What Percentage Have Tata Motors's Revenues And EBITDA Grown Over The Last Five Years? on February 4th

  20. Table Service And Gourmet Burgers: Will This Transformation Really Help McDonald's? on February 4th

  21. What Is Tata Motors's Revenue And EBITDA Breakdown? on February 4th

  22. Philip Morris Earnings Preview: Cigarette Volume Decline Moderates, Foreign Currency Headwinds Persist on February 3rd

  23. Daimler Pre-Earnings: Solid End To 2015 Expected On Strong Volume Growth And Operational Performance on February 3rd

  24. Where Will American Eagle Outfitters' Online Revenue Growth Come From In The Next Five Years? on February 3rd

  25. Estee Lauder Is Addressing Its Pain Points Prudently And Its Q2 FY2016 Earnings Might Show The Benefits on February 3rd

  26. Why Is American Eagle Outfitters Closing And Opening Stores Simultaneously? on February 3rd

  27. Ralph Lauren Earnings Preview: Can The Company Beat Consensus Estimates Again? on February 3rd

  28. Can U.S. Auto Sales Keep Growing At 2015 Pace In The Coming Period? on February 3rd

  29. Performance Of International Segments: Key For Dunkin' Brands In Q4 2015 Results on February 3rd

  30. Why The Addition Of SABMiller's Africa Business Alone Will Be Crucial For AB InBev on February 3rd

  31. The Year That Was: Jaguar Land Rover on February 2nd

  32. Colgate-Palmolive Q4 Earnings Review: LatAm Market Share Defied Volume Slump on February 2nd

  33. Under Armor Q4 Earnings: Yet Another Solid Quarter To Complete The Year On A High Note on February 2nd

  34. Exploding Recall Costs Result In 22% Profit Decline For Honda in Fiscal Q3 Results on February 2nd

  35. E-Cigarette Market In The U.K. Part 2: Big Tobacco Enters The Fray on February 1st

  36. Weekly Beauty Notes: L'Oréal And Estee Lauder on February 1st

  37. Earnings Preview: Excellent U.S. Performance Should Result In Strong Profits For GM on February 1st

  38. Las Vegas Sands Q4 Earnings Bolstered By Cost Efficiencies on February 1st

  39. Chipotle Mexican Grill Has To Play Confident In Terms Of FY2016 Guidance on February 1st

Financial Services

  1. MetLife Q4 Earnings: Lower Profits, Moratorium On Share Buybacks on February 5th

  2. Why State Street's Stock Is Worth $75 Despite Its Dwindling ETF Fortunes on February 5th

  3. Does It Make Sense For Capital One To Acquire Synchrony? on February 4th

  4. CME Earnings Preview: Tepid Growth In Transaction-Based Revenues Likely on February 4th

  5. What Are The Best And Worst Case Scenarios For Capital One's Card Fees In 2020? on February 3rd

  6. What Are The Best And Worst Case Scenarios For Capital One's Card Interest Income In 2020?on February 3rd

  7. What Is AIG's Revenue And Earnings Breakdown In Terms Of Operating Segments? on February 3rd

  8. What Is AIG's Fundamental Value Based On Expected 2015 Results? on February 3rd

  9. How Much Has AIG's Revenue & EBT Grown In The Last Five Years? on February 2nd

  10. How Has AIG's Revenue Composition Changed In The Last Five Years? on February 2nd

  11. Earnings Review: Visa Posts Strong EPS Growth, Poised For A Solid 2016 on February 2nd

  12. How Are Profits For Capital One's Card Business Expected To Grow In The Next Five Years? on February 2nd

  13. How Is The Earnings Contribution of Capital One's Divisions Likely To Change Going Forward?on February 2nd

  14. FX Headwinds Weighed On MasterCard's Revenue, But Outlook Strong on February 2nd

  15. ICE Earnings Preview: Transaction-Based Revenues To Drive Results on February 2nd

Media & Telecom

  1. What To Expect From Viacom's Q1 FY 2016 Earnings Announcement? on February 5th

  2. What To Expect From Disney's Q1 FY 2016 Earnings? on February 5th

  3. How Are Netflix's Revenue & EBITDA Composition Expected To Change By 2020? on February 5th

  4. Comcast Q4 Earnings: Best Pay-TV Subscriber Performance In Last Nine Years, NBCUniversal And High-Speed Internet Continue To Grow on February 5th

  5. Cisco Takes A Leap In IoT With Jasper Acquisition on February 5th

  6. Netflix: The Year 2015 In Review on February 5th

  7. New York Times Earnings: Operational Efficiencies Drive Q4 Results on February 5th

  8. Where Will China Telecom's Five Year Revenue Growth Come From? on February 4th

  9. How Has China Telecom's Revenue Mix Changed In The Last 5 Years? on February 4th

  10. What Drove China Telecom's Revenue And EBITDA Growth In The Last 5 Years? on February 3rd

  11. What's China Telecom's Revenue And EBITDA Breakdown? on February 3rd

  12. Sirius XM Earnings: Still Getting The New Car Push on February 3rd

  13. NYT Earnings Preview: Digital Media To Support Revenue Growth In Q4 on February 2nd

  14. News Corp Earnings Preview: Print Media To Remain A Drag On Results on February 2nd

  15. Sirius XM Could Report Steady Subscriber Adds Yet Again on February 1st

Industrials & Transportation

  1. UPS Earnings: Strong Performance Driven by Peak Season Success on February 3rd

  2. UTC Earnings: 2015 Was Good, But 2016 Could Be Even Better on February 2nd

  3. How Will Delta's Revenue And EBITDA Grow Between 2015 and 2018? on February 2nd

  4. 2015 Earnings Review: American Airlines' Earnings Surge Due To Lower Fuel Costs, Despite A Fall In Top Line on February 2nd

  5. How Has Delta's Revenue And EBITDA Changed Over The Last Five Years? on February 2nd

  6. 3M In 2015: A Year Of Acquisitions, Sales, And A Prospective Spin-Off on February 1st

  7. Textron Q4 Earnings: Revenues Hurt As Sales Suffer At Bell And Aviation on February 1st

  8. 2015 Earnings Review: JetBlue's Earnings More Than Double As Fuel Costs Remain Low on February 1st

  9. UPS Earnings Preview: Holiday Season Sales, Operational Initiatives To Drive Growth on February 1st

  10. Honeywell Q4 Earnings: 2016 Could See Better Revenues And Earnings As M&As Push Capacity on February 4th

Energy & Utilities

  1. Schlumberger: The Year 2015 In Review on February 4th

  2. Exxon Q4 Earnings: Upstream Production & Downstream Earnings Up, Company Focuses On Spending Cuts As Low Oil Prices Hurt Price Realizations on February 3rd

  3. BP Q4 Earnings: Profits And Cash Flows Suffer Due To Low Oil Price Environment, Company Focuses On Cost Cutting on February 3rd

  4. Shell Q4 Preview: Low Oil Prices Will Lead To Declining Earnings, Company Focuses On Spending Cuts And Completion Of BG Merger on February 2nd

  5. How Much Value Will Chesapeake's Natural Gas Operations Add by 2020? on February 2nd

  6. 2015 Earnings Review: A Tough Year For Baker Hughes Due To Weak Drilling Demand on February 2nd

  7. How Are Exxon Mobil's Revenue & EBITDA Composition Expected To Change By 2020? on February 1st

  8. Chevron Q4 Earnings: Poor Price Realizations Overshadow Upstream Production Growth, Company Continues To Focus On Cost Cutting on February 1st

  9. How Much Value Will Chesapeake's Crude Oil & NGLs Operations Add by 2020? on February 1st

Basic Materials

  1. Aerospace The Byword For Alcoa With The Latest In A String Of Deals In The Segment on February 5th

  2. Dow Q4 Earnings: Higher Margins Offset Revenue Decline, Management Confident Of Dow-Dupont Merger Synergies on February 4th

  3. Silver Wheaton Announces New Streaming Deal, Benefiting From Subdued Commodity Pricing Environment on February 3rd

  4. How Will Newmont Mining's Revenue Composition Change by 2020? on February 2nd

  5. How Will Silver Wheaton's Revenue Composition Change Over The Next 5 Years? on February 2nd

  6. By What Percentage Will Silver Wheaton's Silver Equivalent Production Increase If Production Commences At The Pascua-Lama Mine? on February 1st

  7. By What Percentage Can Silver Wheaton's Revenue & EBITDA Grow In The Next 3 Years? on February 1st

  8. By What Percentage Did Silver Wheaton's Revenue & EBITDA Decline In The Last 4 Years? on February 1st

Health Care

  1. Despite Currency Headwinds, Boston Scientific Maintained Strong Growth Momentum In Q4 on February 5th

  2. Despite The Revenue Fall, J&J's Business Has A Silver Lining on February 4th

  3. Bristol-Myers Squibb Did Well In 2015, And New Drugs Could Keep The Momentum Going on February 3rd

  4. New Product Launches Likely Drove Growth For Boston Scientific In Q4 on February 3rd

  5. Roche's Stock May Have Been Down, But The Company's Business Has Strong Outlook on February 2nd

  6. Currency Headwinds Take A Toll On Abbott's Profitability In Q4: Abbott Earnings on February 1st

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