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posted on 31 January 2016

Trefis: Highlights Week Ending 28 January 2016

Written by

Below is a summary of the activity at Trefis during the past week that Trefis thoughtEconintersect readers would find interesting.

Trefis is a financial community structured around trends, forecasts and insights related to some of the most popular stocks in the US. It provides the unique feature of allowing the user to model future valuation based upon projected changes in components of each business. It also provides communication capabilities among members, including consensus of member analysis compared to Trefis staff analysis and blogging opportunities for members.

Click on graphic to go Trefis interactive page.

Click "Read more..." to see our clickable table of contents with the most covered companies (more than 1 article) of the week identified.

Table of Contents for the 163 top stories this week:

Technology (47 articles)

  • Yelp, 7 articles (38, 39, 40, 41, 43 - 45)

  • Lexmark, 4 articles (29, 30, 32, 34)

  • Twentieth Century Fox, 4 articles (5 - 8)

  • Electronic Arts, 3 articles (1, 3, 25)

  • Expedia, 3 articles (2, 11, 13)

  • Amazon, 2 articles (15, 27)

  • E-bay, 2 articles (18, 36)

  • EMC, 2 articles (14, 37)

  • Facebook, 2 articles (21, 42)

  • Microsoft, 2 articles (10, 24)

  • Priceline, 2 articles (2, 47)

  • Qualcomm, 2 articles (17, 33)

  • VMware, 2 articles (19, 46)

Consumer (35 articles)​

  • AB InBev, 8 articles (4, 13, 15 - 17, 25, 27, 28)

  • Lear, 3 articles (2, 26, 31)

  • Altria, 2 articles (9, 20)

  • Diageo, 2 articles (14, 30)

  • Harley Davidson, 2 articles (8, 23)

  • Proctor & Gamble, 2 articles (5, 33)

  • Starbucks, 2 articles (6, 10)

  • Volkswagen, 2 articles (34, 35)

Industrials & Transportation (18 articles)​

  • Delta Airlines, 3 articles (1, 3, 4)

  • 3M, 2 articles (7, 18)

  • Boeing, 2 articles (5, 12)

  • Johnson Controls, 2 articles (2, 10)

  • Lockheed Martin, 2 articles (9, 16)

  • Norfolk Southern, 2 articles (6, 13)

Media & Telecom (18 articles)​

  • Viacom, 6 articles (2 - 4, 8, 10, 11)

  • AT&T, 2 articles (7, 18)

  • Ericsson, 2 articles (5, 16)

  • Juniper, 2 articles (6, 14)

  • Sprint, 2 articles (12, 17)

  • Time Warner, 2 articles (1, 13)

Energy & Utilities 16 articles)

  • Royal Dutch Shell, 5 articles (7, 8, 10 - 12)

  • Chevron, 4 articles (2, 3, 5, 14)

  • Chesapeake, 2 articles (9, 13, 16)

  • Schlumberger, 3 articles (1, 6, 15)

Basic Materials (16 articles)

  • Newmont Mining, 5 articles (5, 9, 11 - 13)

  • U.S. Steel, 4 articles (6, 14 - 16)

  • Silver Wheaton, 3 articles (1 - 3)

  • Cliff's Natural Resources, 2 articles (4, 10)

Financial Services (12 articles)

  • Capital One, 5 articles (1, 2, 4 - 6)

  • Citigroup, 3 articles (7, 9, 10)

  • NASDAQ OMX, 2 articles (3, 8)

Health Care (1 article)

All 163 investment stories this week are listed below.


  1. Monthly Notes On Gaming Industry: Activision Blizzard & Electronic Arts on January 29th

  2. Weekly OTA Notes: Priceline, Expedia, TripAdvisor on January 29th

  3. Electronic Arts Q3 2016 Earnings Review: StarWars & Need For Speed Drive Holiday Season Revenues on January 29th

  4. What Is Groupon's Fundamental Value Based On Expected 2015 Results? on January 29th

  5. How Important Are Cable Networks For 21st Century Fox? on January 29th

  6. By What Percentage Can 21st Century Fox's Revenue & EBITDA Grow In The Next 3 Years? on January 29th

  7. What's 21st Century Fox's Revenue & EBITDA Breakdown? on January 29th

  8. What's 21st Century Fox's Fundamental Value Based On Expected 2015 Results? on January 29th

  9. What's The Revenue & EBITDA Breakdown For 21st Century Fox's Studio Business? on January 29th

  10. Microsoft Earnings: Cloud Growth Shines Through As PC sales Play Spoil Sports on January 29th

  11. Priceline Versus Expedia: Where Do They Stand Currently? on January 29th

  12. Alphabet To Release Google's Earnings: Ad Revenues To Soar From Mobile, Programmatic And Video Verticals on January 29th

  13. What Is Expedia's Fundamental Value On The Basis Of Its Forecasted 2015 Results? on January 29th

  14. EMC Earnings: Information Infrastructure Business Continues To Stumble As Dell Merger Edges Closer on January 29th

  15. Amazon's Record Earnings Miss Estimates, Stock Stumbles on January 29th

  16. SanDisk Earnings: Enterprise SSD Sales Surprisingly Low on January 29th

  17. Qualcomm Earnings: Recently Concluded Licensing Agreements And Higher Device ASPs Help Post A Strong Quarter on January 28th

  18. eBay's Q4 Results As Expected, Stock Stumbles On Bleak Guidance on January 28th

  19. VMware Earnings: Stock Plunges After Soft Q1 Guidance on January 28th

  20. Samsung Posts Mixed Q4 Results, Braces Itself For A Tough Year Ahead on January 28th

  21. Facebook Posts Solid Q4 Results On Rising Ad Pricing and Mobile Usage on January 28th

  22. Seagate Earnings Preview: Weak Outlook As Revenues Expected To Fall By 20% on January 28th

  23. AMD: The Year 2015 In Review on January 27th

  24. Microsoft Earnings Preview: Cloud Revenue To Increase, OS Revenue To Falter on January 27th

  25. Strong Holiday Season To Drive Electronic Arts' Q3 2016 Top-line Growth on January 27th

  26. Western Digital Earnings Preview: Can The SanDisk Acquisition Revive Depressed Product Sales? on January 27th

  27. Amazon Poised To Deliver Robust Q4 2015 Results on January 27th

  28. How Apple Continues To Post Robust Margins Despite Slowing Sales, Currency Headwinds on January 27th

  29. What's Lexmark's Fundamental Value Based On Expected 2015 Results? on January 26th

  30. How Has Lexmark's Revenue Composition Changed Over The Last 5 Years? on January 26th

  31. Despite Macro Weakness, Texas Instruments Likely Maintained Solid Momentum In Q4'15 on January 26th

  32. By What Percentage Can Lexmark's Revenues And EBITDA Grow In The Next 3 Years? on January 26th

  33. Qualcomm Earnings Preview: Licensing Agreements With Chinese OEMs Likely Boosted Revenues In Q1'16 on January 26th

  34. What's Lexmark's Revenue And Earnings Breakdown? on January 26th

  35. SanDisk Earnings Preview: Can Enterprise SSDs Make Up For Weakness Across Retail Product Line? on January 26th

  36. What To Expect From eBay's Q4 Results on January 26th

  37. EMC Earnings Preview: VMware, Pivotal To Drive Results As Storage Business Remains Depressed on January 26th

  38. By What Percentage Did Yelp's Revenue And EBITDA Increase In The Last Five Years? on January 25th

  39. How Geographic Expansion Helped Yelp Grow its Claimed Business In The Last 5 Years? on January 25th

  40. What's Yelp's Fundamental Value Based On Expected 2015 Results? on January 25th

  41. How Important Has Mobile Platform Become For Yelp In The Last 2 Years? on January 25th

  42. Five Metrics That Will Impact Facebook's Q4 Earnings on January 25th

  43. By What Percentage Can Yelp's Revenues And EBITDA Grow In The Next 3 Years? on January 25th

  44. How The Value Of Reviews Has Grown For Yelp In The Last Two years? on January 25th

  45. How Big Can Yelp's International Business Become By 2020? on January 25th

  46. VMware Earnings Preview: Shareholders Uneasy Despite Expected Growth on January 25th

  47. The Week That Was For Online Travel Agencies: Priceline, Expedia, Ctrip on January 25th


  1. Monthly Notes On Restaurant Industry: Chipotle Mexican Grill & McDonald's on January 29th

  2. Lear Corporation Ends 2015 With Solid Operational Performance on January 29th

  3. Ford's Robust Fourth Quarter Revenues In North America Boost The Bottom Line on January 29th

  4. Why Developed Markets Will Contribute Less To AB InBev's Volume Sales In The Next Five Years on January 29th

  5. Procter & Gamble's Q2 Organic Sales Growth Returns to Positive Territory on Pricing; Profits Jump on Productivity Improvements on January 29th

  6. Monthly Notes On Coffee Industry: Starbucks & Keurig Green Mountain on January 29th

  7. All-Day Breakfast & Efficient Recovery Efforts In Asian Markets Take MCD Stock To All-Time High on January 29th

  8. Harley-Davidson's Q4 Slightly Better, But 2015 Results Still Disappointing on January 29th

  9. Altria Earnings Review: Sales Increase, But Falls Short Of Estimates on January 29th

  10. Starbucks Reserve Stores & Accelerated Expansion Drive Q1 2016 Top-line Performance on January 29th

  11. Why Asia Pacific Revenue Is Estimated To Grow By 3x The Net Sales For AB InBev Through 2020 on January 29th

  12. Is Revlon On The Verge Of Some Major Strategic Restructuring? on January 29th

  13. Where Will AB InBev's Revenue And EBITDA Growth Come From Over The Next Three Years? on January 29th

  14. Diageo Earnings Review: Foreign Currency Headwinds Hit Upbeat Earnings on January 28th

  15. What's AB InBev's Fundamental Value Based On Expected 2015 Results? on January 28th

  16. How Important Is South America For AB InBev? on January 28th

  17. Is Asia Pacific Becoming A Significant Segment For AB InBev? on January 28th

  18. A New Line For Young Consumers: Can This Strategy Drive Growth For Estee Lauder? on January 28th

  19. With A CEO In Place, Will Tata Motors Now Be Able To Grow Domestic Revenues? on January 28th

  20. Altria Earnings Preview: Can Altria Buck The Declining Cigarette Volumes Trend Again? on January 27th

  21. Coach Q2 Earnings Review: Earnings Exceed Expectations But Revenue Growth Disappoints on January 27th

  22. Kimberly-Clark's Moderate Organic Growth Wiped Out by Currency Headwinds in Q4 on January 27th

  23. Pricing Disadvantage Due To Unfavorable Currency Trends To Remain The Biggest Story Of Harley-Davidson's 2015 on January 27th

  24. Colgate-Palmolive's Higher Pricing Trend Likely Continued in Q4 on January 27th

  25. How Has AB InBev's Revenue And EBITDA Composition Changed Over 2011-2015? on January 27th

  26. Another Consecutive Quarter Where Lear Beats Consensus Estimates? on January 27th

  27. By What Percentage Have AB InBev's Revenues And EBITDA Grown Over The Last Five Years? on January 27th

  28. What Is Anheuser-Busch InBev's Revenue And EBITDA Breakdown? on January 27th

  29. Las Vegas Sands Likely Outperformed Macau Market In Q4, Led By Mass-Market And Non-Gaming Operations on January 26th

  30. Diageo Earnings Preview: Spirits Market And Developing Economies To Lead The Way on January 26th

  31. Why Lear's Stock Has Appreciated 90% In The Last Five Years on January 26th

  32. What China's Luxury Vehicle Market Has In Store For Audi In 2016 on January 26th

  33. Innovation May Well Have Driven P&G's Organic Growth Back to Positive Territory in Q2 on January 25th

  34. How Significant Will China Be For Volkswagen By 2020? on January 25th

  35. Where Volkswagen Stands Relative To Its Competitors In Crucial Markets on January 25th

Industrials & Transportation

  1. How Has Delta's Revenue And EBITDA Composition Changed Over The Last Five Years? on January 29th

  2. Johnson Controls Earnings Review: Sales And Earnings Decline In The First Quarter on January 29th

  3. What Is Delta's Fundamental Value Based On Estimated 2016 Numbers? on January 29th

  4. What Is Delta's Revenue And EBITDA Breakdown? on January 29th

  5. Boeing Q4 Earnings: 2016 May Not Be As Record Breaking As 2015, But Future Still Bright on January 28th

  6. Norfolk Southern's Q4 2015 Earnings Review: Top Line Headwinds Adversely Impact Results on January 28th

  7. 3M Earnings Review: Macroeconomic Challenges And Foreign Currency Headwinds Prevail on January 27th

  8. Here Are The Key Takeaways From GE's Q4 Earnings on January 27th

  9. Lockheed Martin Earnings: Record Sales Drive Earnings This Quarter on January 27th

  10. Johnson Controls Earning Preview: Organic Growth To Drive Future Earnings on January 27th

  11. Textron Pre-Earnings: Textron Aviation and Industrial Could Propel Margins This Quarter on January 26th

  12. Boeing Pre-Earnings: Rising Commercial Airplane Deliveries To Boost Earnings on January 26th

  13. Norfolk Southern Q4 2015 Earnings Preview: Lower Fuel Expenses To Partially Offset Impact Of Weaker Revenues on January 26th

  14. UTC Earnings Preview: Local Business Likely Drove Earnings As China A Possible Headwind on January 25th

  15. 2015 Earnings Review: Southwest's Earnings Surged Driven By Lower Fuel Costs And Capacity Expansions on January 25th

  16. Lockheed Martin Earnings Preview: Defense Business Likely Propelled Growth Last Quarter on January 25th

  17. Corning: What To Expect From Q4 2015 Earnings on January 25th

  18. 3M Earnings Preview: Sluggish Global Economy Mars Company Growth on January 25th

Media & Telecom

  1. Time Warner Cable Q4 Review: High-Speed Data Leads Growth, Pay-TV Segment Experiences First Annual Subscriber Increase Since 2006 on January 29th

  2. By What Percentage Can Viacom's Revenue & EBITDA Grow In The Next 3 Years? on January 28th

  3. By What Percentage Did Viacom's Revenue & EBITDA Grow In The Last 5 Years? on January 28th

  4. What's Viacom's Fundamental Value Based On Expected 2015 Results? on January 28th

  5. Ericsson Earnings: Cisco Partnership, Apple Pact Can Drive Growth Going Forward on January 28th

  6. Juniper Showcases Growth Potential Despite Lackluster Guidance on January 28th

  7. Key Takeaways From AT&T's Q4 Results on January 28th

  8. How Important Are Cable Networks For Viacom? on January 27th

  9. What Can Produce 10% Downside For Sirius XM's Stock In The Next 1-2 Years? on January 27th

  10. How Has Viacom's Revenue Composition Changed Over The Last 5 Years? on January 27th

  11. Why Should Viacom Investors Not Worry About The Performance Of Paramount Pictures? on January 27th

  12. Sprint's Q3 Earnings Indicate A Turnaround Could Be Taking Hold on January 27th

  13. Time Warner Cable Q4 Preview: Strong Performance From Both Pay-TV And High-Speed Internet Segments Bodes Well For Company's Future on January 26th

  14. Juniper Earnings Preview: New Initiatives And Products Can Drive Growth on January 26th

  15. Weekly Media Notes: Star Wars, Mortal Kombat XL, NFL And More on January 26th

  16. Ericsson Earnings Preview: North America, China May Remain Problematic on January 25th

  17. Will Sprint's Q3 Results Quell Investor Concerns? on January 25th

  18. AT&T Q4 Earnings Preview: How Will Postpaid Phone Subscriber Metrics Trend? on January 25th

Energy & Utilities

  1. What Will Be The Impact On Schlumberger's Revenue, If Oil Prices Rebound To $100 Per Barrel By 2018? on January 29th

  2. How Are Chevron's Revenue & EBITDA Composition Expected To Change By 2020? on January 28th

  3. Chevron Q4 Preview: Low Oil Prices Will Lead To Declining Earnings & Spending Cuts, But Positive Updates On Key Projects Could Be Silver Lining on January 28th

  4. 2015 Earnings Review: Depressed Commodity Prices Take A Toll On Halliburton's Earnings; Outlook Remains Weak on January 28th

  5. Why Is Chevron's Crude Oil & NGL's EBITDA Margin Greater Than Its Refined Products EBITDA Margin? on January 28th

  6. 2015 Earnings Review: Weak Commodity Prices Drive Down Schlumberger's Earnings; Company Expects The Oil Slump To Continue Through 2016 on January 27th

  7. By What Percentage Can Royal Dutch Shell's Revenues Grow Over the Next Five Years? on January 27th

  8. What Has Led To ~30% Decline In Royal Dutch Shell's Revenues & EBITDA In The Last Five Years? on January 27th

  9. What Is Chesapeake's Revenue And EBITDA Breakdown? on January 26th

  10. What's Royal Dutch Shell's Revenue & Earnings Breakdown In Terms of Different Products? on January 26th

  11. How Has Royal Dutch Shell's Revenue Composition Changed In The Last Five Years? on January 26th

  12. What's Royal Dutch Shell's Fundamental Value Based On Expected 2015 Results? on January 26th

  13. How Will Chesapeake's Revenue And EBITDA Grow Over The Next 5 Years? on January 25th

  14. Weekly Oil & Gas Notes: Shell Releases Key 2015 Results Early & Will Cut 10,000 Jobs, Chevron Scores Second Major Export Deal For Gorgon Project on January 25th

  15. Has Schlumberger Paid A Higher Price For The Cameron Deal? on January 25th

  16. By How Much Has Chesapeake's Revenue And EBITDA Changed Over 2011-2015? on January 25th

Basic Materials

  1. How Has Silver Wheaton's Revenue Composition Changed Over The Last 4 Years? on January 29th

  2. What Is Silver Wheaton's Revenue And EBITDA Breakdown? on January 29th

  3. What Is Silver Wheaton's Fundamental Value Based On Expected 2015 Results? on January 29th

  4. Cliffs Natural Resources Q4 2015 Earnings Review: Weak Iron Ore Prices Negatively Impact Results on January 28th

  5. By What Percentage Can Newmont Mining's Revenue & EBITDA Grow In The Next 3 Years? on January 28th

  6. U.S. Steel Q4 2015 Earnings Review: Competition From Steel Imports And Weak Steel Demand Negatively Impact Results on January 28th

  7. Dupont Q4 Earnings: Company Positive On Dow Merger & Cost Saving Plan, But Weak Agro Sales And Currency Headwinds Continue To Hurt Operations on January 27th

  8. Freeport-McMoRan Q4 2015 Earnings Review: Subdued Copper And Oil Prices Negatively Impact Results on January 27th

  9. How Has Newmont Mining's Revenue Composition Changed Over The Last 5 Years? on January 27th

  10. Cliffs' Q4 2015 Earnings Preview: Weakness In Demand And Pricing To Weigh On Results on January 26th

  11. By What Percentage Did Newmont Mining's Revenue & EBITDA Decline In The Last 5 Years? on January 26th

  12. What Is Newmont Mining's Fundamental Value Based On Expected 2015 Results? on January 26th

  13. What Is Newmont Mining's Revenue And EBITDA Breakdown? on January 26th

  14. U.S. Steel Q4 2015 Earnings Preview: Challenging Business Conditions To Weigh On Results on January 25th

  15. How Will U.S. Steel's Revenue Composition Change By 2020 If Antidumping Duties Are Imposed On Steel Imports In The U.S. In 2016? on January 25th

  16. By What Percentage Will U.S. Steel's U.S. Flat-rolled Revenue Increase If Antidumping Duties Are Imposed On Steel Imports In The U.S.? on January 25th

Financial Services

  1. How Will Capital One's Card Fees Grow Over The Next Five Years? on January 29th

  2. How Will Capital One's Card Interest Income Grow Over The Next Five Years? on January 29th

  3. NASDAQ Earnings: Non-Transaction Businesses Lead To Growth In Q4 on January 29th

  4. Capital One: Strong Loan Growth, Improving Interest Margins Support $85 Price Estimate on January 29th

  5. How Have Capital One's Card-Related Revenues Changed Over The Last Five Years? on January 28th

  6. How Have Profits For Capital One's Card Division Changed Since 2010? on January 28th

  7. How Much Are Citigroup's Operating Divisions Worth Individually? on January 27th

  8. NASDAQ Earnings Preview: Transaction Revenues To Remain Lackluster in Q4 on January 27th

  9. What Is The Constitution Of Citigroup's Loan Book In Terms Of Loan Categories? on January 25th

  10. What Proportion of Citigroup's Revenues and Profits Come From Its Various Divisions? on January 25th

  11. Lukewarm Q4 Results Do Not Affect $46 Price Estimate For BNY Mellon's Stock on January 25th

  12. Travelers Reports Mixed 2015 Results With Improved Underwriting But Drop In Net Income on January 25th

Health Care

  1. Currency Headwinds Likely To Affect Abbott's Profitability In Q4'15, Though Further Margin Improvements To Be Expected on January 27th

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