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posted on 20 May 2017

There is No God – Not in China, Nor Elsewhere!

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There is no God - not in China, nor elsewhere (unless God is regional)!

China is Godless. Yet, it is becoming more and more prosperous, not only materially, but also spiritually. As a matter of fact, China’s dramatic comeback over the past three decades has solved most of the myths around theism and deism in the West. For example, for the claim that Christianity is indispensable for providing the moral code and ethics to mankind, here is the counter-argument: the Chinese get their moral code and ethics from philosophies and cultures, without religion!

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1. What is so special about China?

Two facts:

  1. China has the longest continuous civilization in human history. For example, from 200BC to 1500AD, China led the world in almost everything (e.g. language arts, philosophy, and Four Great Inventions: Compass, Gunpowder, Papermaking, and Printing). For more, read: Civilizations: It's the Written Languages, Stupid!
  2. Great civilizations have come and gone, with one major exception: China - come, go, and come again. Over the past three decades, China has lifted more than 600 million people out of poverty, and created such a huge middle class that it has turned the world upside down.

Today, not only is China awake, she is moving the world! For more, read: Why Trump wants the U.S. to act more like China.

2. It’s time to re-write history!

History is written by, and about, the victors. Today, God is big in the West, especially in America (God and America), largely because the West has dominated the world over the past few hundred years, while Godless China languished. Now, China is back, big time. It's time to re-write the history again, from democracy (American Democracy) to religion (Religions)!

Three decades are not a long time in human history. However, you will better appreciate the significance of China’s comeback if you dig deep into history, from Ancient Greece vs. Ancient China on.

3. China vs. the West: Religious - to be or not to be?

Chinese civilization over the past 2,300 years was primarily defined by the First Emperor, with his realistic vision of "one written language, one culture, and one Emperor" (Ancient Rome vs. Ancient China). Moreover, the Emperor is not only the head of the state, but also the Son of Heaven, with "Everything under Heaven." As a result, there has never been a serious [organized] religion in China, nor will there ever be! More on this in Section 7 ...

In contrast, western civilizations were primarily shaped by the Romans, who, via both the Western and Eastern Roman Empires, dominated the West for most of the first 1,500 years of our 2017-year-old calendar. However, unlike the Chinese who were unified in one written language and one culture, the Romans had to live with multiple languages (e.g. Latin and Greek) and multiple cultures. As a result, the Roman dream of "one state, one society, and one ideology" was always elusive, no matter how hard the Romans tried, including possibly the creation of Christianity, as we know it today, as the unifying ideology.

4. Religion

In case you did not know, the word “religion” comes from a Greek word “religar”, which means attached or tied.

All religions are man-made, for the purpose of organizing (and controlling) people. Three informative readings:

  1. Church vs. State.
  2. Did the Romans Create both Christianity and Islam?
  3. The True Authorship of the New Testament. Below is an excerpt.

Professor Bruno Bauer, in his work of 1877 "Christ and the Caesars", stated that he had concluded that the Romans had authored the New Testament and that Flavius Josephus was the inventor of Jesus.

5. What to do with religion?

In America, we must continue to cherish the two founding principles, specifically with regard to religion:

  1. Religious freedom.
  2. Separation of church and state.

Internationally, we should "leave them alone," with the top priority being to avoid a religious war between Islam and Christianity. For more, read: America: Stop Islam Bashing!

6. Discussion

There are plenty of discussions on religion between atheists and theists in the West. Most of these discussions become moot if you just take China into consideration. Two examples:

  1. For those theists (and atheists) who blame Godless Mao for the killings of millions of people in China, it's time to apply the same logic to explain the China "miracle": Godless China has dramatically come back, in a pace and style totally unprecedented in human history. Furthermore, this comeback has no end in sight, directly challenging the West in everything, from the economy to the political system and governance. For more, read: Towards an Ideal Form of Government (Version 3)..
  2. For atheists (image below), it's time to use China as the KO punch - end of discussion!

It was Okay for the West to have "ignored" China over the 200 years through 2000, throughout which China was mostly irrelevant. Now, China is back, big time - The West must truly understand China, without which the West cannot truly understand itself, because everything is relative.

Two biggest differences between the West and China:

  1. Democracy: the West has it, but China does not. I have extensively discussed this subject over the past decade, with my latest book (American Democracy) summarizing it all.
  2. Religion: the West has it, but China does not. I have delayed the discussion of this subject until recently, as it has become inevitable in my pursuit of "Saving America, Chinese Style".

In short, for China, no religion, no democracy, no problem! For the West, religion and democracy go hand in hand. Together, they are pulling down the West (Democratic Imperialism), with a religious war against Islam in the making ...

Of course, China has a lot of problems of its own, but religion is not one of them.

7. China will never be religious!

Most westerners simply do not understand China at all, especially with regard to religion. Two recent examples:

  1. A new book: The Souls of China.
  2. A book review in Wall Street Journal: China’s Great Awakening. Below is an excerpt from the book review.

In “The Souls of China,” Ian Johnson reports on the religious revival that followed, in which China’s five mainstream faiths–Buddhism, Daoism, Islam, Catholicism, and Protestantism–have grown to 300 million people.

What a garbage book followed by a garbage book review! There has never been any serious (organized) religion in China, nor will there ever be!

Why such a garbage book followed by such a garbage book review? To sell the book (and the newspaper), truth notwithstanding! Remember, the Bible remains the best-selling book in human history. Because of that, anything in favor of the Bible sells more!

Is America, the most prominent democracy in the world, inherently flawed in terms of brainwashing and self-indulgence? Yes, just like communism!

8. Communism and democracy

Both communism and democracy are de facto religions, in which no doubt is allowed. Or more modestly, both of them have been religiously practiced, at least. Specifically,

  1. Communism in China and Russia was not really atheistic per se. Instead, it merely replaced all the other governing ideologies, including religions, in order to be dominant!
  2. Democracy has replaced communism as the worst man-made destructive force on earth in the 21st century!

With that, you can easily explain many things, such as the massive killings under Stalin and Mao in the 20th century, and the total chaos in the Mideast (e.g. the worst refugee crisis after WWII) in the 21st century.

For a profound discussion of communism, democracy, and religion, as well as the big subject of “the U.S. vs. China”, read my latest book: American Democracy.

9. Closing

There is no God – not in China, nor elsewhere (unless God is regional)!

Finally and once again, in America, we must continue to cherish the two founding principles, specifically with regard to religion:

  1. Religious freedom.
  2. Separation of church and state.

Forget about either at our own peril! For more, read: Church vs. State.

Now, please sit back and enjoy the long video below, watching some prominent atheists and theists debate about religion.

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