Most Read Articles Last Week Ending 06 February


Written by Econintersect

Econintersect: Google Analytics has given GEI page read counts for each of the 251 most read articles on Global Economic Intersection for the week 31 January through 06 February, inclusive. The top ten are listed after the Read more >>jump.

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What We Read Today 08 February 2016

Econintersect: Every day our editors collect the most interesting things they find from around the internet and present a summary 'reading list' which will include very brief summaries (and sometimes longer ones) of why each item has gotten our attention. Suggestions from readers for 'reading list' items are gratefully reviewed, although sometimes space limits the number included.

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February 8, 2016, Weather and Climate Report - La Nina Conditions Persist

Written by Sig Silber

My editor has reminded me to be careful not make an incorrect implication. To be sure, let me say it is NOT the fault of NOAA that the current El Nino is NOT acting like a typical El Nino. (Capitals used to emphasize the double negative.) I am not criticizing NOAA for this most powerful El Nino ever recorded behaving in many ways in CONUS much like a La Nina.


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Infographic Of The Day: Valentine's Day Traditions

Valentine's Day traditions have changed since the holiday first began.

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Video of the Day:

Strap yourself in and take a look at the view from the cockpit of a F/A-18 Super Hornet as it conducts some Low Level Maneuvers off an aircraft carrier. The aircraft carrier is the USS Enterprise (CVN 65). These Naval Aviators earn their flight pay when they are taking off and landing on a carrier deck. If you like this and need some more thrills watch this F-18 Low Level Flying VR-1251.

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Top Silver Mining CEO: Don't Laugh, We Could See 100 Dollar Plus Silver

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That's Not The Devil, That's Real Money

Written by Joe Bongiovanni, Director, The Kettle Pond Institute for Debt-Free Money

Perhaps there were unintended consequences to Lord Adair Turner's post-crisis discovery of the deeply heterodox taboo of what today we call 'public money'. He continues to find something diabolical in the midst of public money, and I can't figure out why. He has given no reason.

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Gasoline Prices for Week Ending 08 February 2016 Fell Over 6 Cents

Average gasoline prices fell 6.2 cents per gallon nationwide this past week following the previous week's 3.3 cent decrease.

Average prices by region and a breakdown by grade follow after "Read more....".

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