Trefis: Highlights Week Ending 30 January 2015

February 1st, 2015
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Below is a summary of the activity at Trefis during the past week that Trefis thought Econintersect readers would find interesting.

Trefis is a financial community structured around trends, forecasts and insights related to some of the most popular stocks in the US. It provides the unique feature of allowing the user to model future valuation based upon projected changes in components of each business. It also provides communication capabilities among members, including consensus of member analysis compared to Trefis staff analysis and blogging opportunities for members.

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Table of Contents for the 135 top stories this week:

Consumer (42 articles)

  • Ford, 3 articles (2, 8, 33)
  • GameStop, 3 articles (5, 11, 41)
  • Coach, 2 articles (9, 27)
  • Coca Cola, 2 articles (3, 10)
  • Colgate-Palmolive, 2 articles (25, 36)
  • Electronic Arts, 2 articles (5, 41)
  • Harley Davidson, 2 articles (13, 24)
  • Kuerig Green Mountain, 2 articles (6, 14)
  • Las Vegas Sands, 2 articles (4, 37)
  • McDonald's, 2 articles (15, 32)
  • Proctor & Gamble, 2 articles (22, 42)
  • Tata Motors, 2 articles (1, 29)
  • Volkswagen, 2 articles (21, 35)

Technology (39 articles)

  • Apple, 2 articles (21, 39)
  • Amazon, 2 articles (2, 23)
  • Baidu, 2 articles (5, 11)
  • Broadcom, 2 articles (4, 25)
  • Electronic Arts, 2 articles (16, 34)
  • Expedia, 2 articles (28, 32)
  • Google, 2 articles (3, 26)
  • Microsoft, 2 articles (15, 24)
  • Nokia, 2 articles (7, 29)
  • Qualcomm, 2 articles (10, 35)
  • Samsung, 2 articles (13, 30)
  • Travelzoo, 2 articles (32,33)
  • VMWare, 2 articles (14, 37)
  • Western Digital, 2 articles (12, 38)

Industrials & Transportation (20 articles)

  • Alaska Air Group, 2 articles (2, 9)
  • Johnson Controls, 2 articles (3, 8)
  • Southwest Air, 2 articles (5, 7)
  • Union Pacific, 2 articles (4, 10)
  • United Continental Holdings, 2 articles (2, 12)

Financial Services (8 articles)

  • American Express, 2 articles (3, 12)
  • E*Trade, 2 articles (2, 9)
  • TDAmeritrade, 2 articles (5, 8)
  • Travelers, 2 articles (4, 7)

Media & Telecom (8 articles)

  • Fox News, 3 articles (7, 10, 11)
  • Comcast, 2 articles (2, 7)
  • Netflix, 2 articles (3, 9)
  • Verizon, 2 articles (1, 8)

Energy & Utilities (7 articles)

  • Baker Hughes, 2 articles (3, 5)
  • Haliburton, 2 articles (2, 4)

Basic Materials (6 articles)

Health Care (4 articles)

  • Intuitive Surgical, 2 articles (3, 6)
  • UnitedHealth, 2 articles (4, 7)

All 135 investment stories this week are listed below.



  1. Tata Motors Accelerates Capital Expenditures To Drive Future Growth on January 30th
  2. Weekly Review: Ford's New In-Car Infotainment System Will Attract More Customers To The Brand on January 30th
  3. The Week That Was: Coca-Cola And PepsiCo on January 30th
  4. Weekly Casino Notes: Las Vegas Sands' Earnings And More on January 30th
  5. Weekly Notes On Gaming Industry: GameStop, Activision Blizzard & Electronic Arts on January 30th
  6. Weekly Notes On Coffee Industry: Keurig Green Mountain & Starbucks on January 30th
  7. Diageo Half-Year Earnings: What Lies Ahead? on January 30th
  8. Earnings Review: Ford Narrows Losses In Europe But Low Volumes In Lieu Of F-150 Re-Launch Impact Overall Results on January 30th
  9. Earnings Review: North America Weakness Dampens Progress Made On Brand Transformation Front For Coach on January 30th
  10. Coca-Cola's Low-Sugar Initiative Is Good For Profitability Too on January 30th
  11. GameStop Changes Q4 Guidance Based On Holiday Period Performance on January 30th
  12. Lululemon Price Estimate Updated To $61 on January 30th
  13. Harley-Davidson Earnings Review: International Growth And Street Drive Shipment Growth on January 30th
  14. Dr Pepper Snapple- New Addition To Keurig Green Mountain's Arsenal on January 30th
  15. Weekly Notes On Restaurant Industry: McDonald's & Dunkin' Brands on January 30th
  16. Wal-Mart And China: A Story Of Missing Customer Trust on January 29th
  17. Little Respite For American Eagle In The Holiday Season on January 29th
  18. Altria Group Earnings Preview: Focus on Smokeless Products on January 29th
  19. Aeropostale's Revised Q4 Guidance Isn't Promising As Its Old Story Continues on January 28th
  20. L'Oreal's Top Acquisitions And The Underlying Strategies on January 28th
  21. Volkswagen's Push For Electric Vehicles Gains Further Momentum on January 28th
  22. Falling Volumes Compound P&G’s Problems as Currency Headwinds Dampen Q2 Results on January 28th
  23. Lear Pre-Earnings: Strong Automotive Demand In Key Markets To Fuel Top-Line Growth on January 28th
  24. Harley-Davidson Pre-Earnings: Expect A Strong Finish To The Year on January 28th
  25. Market Share Gains May Not Save Colgate-Palmolive’s Q4 Results from Currency Headwinds on January 28th
  26. Toyota's Faltering China Strategy Threatens To Hurt Its Future Prospects on January 27th
  27. Men's Business A Key Pillar Of Coach's Brand Transformation Strategy on January 27th
  28. Ralph Lauren Focusing On Company Operated Stores And Improved Store Experience For Future Growth on January 27th
  29. Tata Motors' Recovering Passenger Vehicle Form on January 27th
  30. Two Surprising Ways In Which Nike Is Growing Its Business on January 27th
  31. Kimberly-Clark’s Revenues Hammered by Currency Headwinds, Finds Solace in Cost Savings on January 27th
  32. Weak Economy In Russia & Supplier Issue In China Drives Down McDonald's Revenue Growth In 2014 on January 27th
  33. Ford's December Sales Numbers Do Not Tell The Full Story on January 27th
  34. GM Management Confident Of Returning To Profitability In Europe Soon on January 27th
  35. Volkswagen Has To Wait Another Year To Top Toyota In Global Vehicle Sales on January 27th
  36. Colgate-Palmolive: A Look At Recent Quarters on January 27th
  37. Earnings Preview: A Continued Decline In Macau Gaming Will Weigh Over Las Vegas Sands' Q4 Earnings on January 27th
  38. The Week That Was: Automotive Stocks on January 26th
  39. The Week That Was: Beverage Stocks on January 26th
  40. Earnings Preview: A Weak Yen, Rising SUV Sales In North America Could Boost Honda's Profits on January 26th
  41. Weekly Update On Gaming Industry: GameStop & Electronic Arts on January 26th
  42. All Eyes on P&G’s Brand Consolidation Strategy as Currency Headwinds Weigh on Q2 Results on January 26th



  1. Weekly Software Notes: Oracle, SAP SE and Symantec on January 30th
  2. Amazon's Earnings Came In Above Expectations, But Are They Sustainable? on January 30th
  3. Google Earnings: Strong Mobile Performance Backed By Programmatic Platform Boosts Revenues on January 30th
  4. Broadcom's Q4'14 Earnings Review: Better Than Expected Performance In Reportable Segments on January 30th
  5. Weekly Chinese Internet Note: Baidu In Focus on January 30th
  6. Rapid Rise In Mobile Monetization Drove Facebook's Q4 Earnings on January 30th
  7. Robust Networks Sales Drive Nokia's Q4 Results on January 30th
  8. As AOL Looks To Shut Down Websites, It Should Invest In Ad Platform And Content on January 29th
  9. Activision Blizzard To Retain Dominance In FPS Domain on January 29th
  10. Qualcomm Reports A Strong Q1'15 But Lowers Guidance For Fiscal 2015 on January 29th
  11. Baidu: Findings Its Way In Maps And Navigation Services on January 29th
  12. Western Digital Posts Mixed Results As Unit Shipments Stagnate on January 29th
  13. Samsung Q4 Earnings Review: What Lies Ahead? on January 29th
  14. VMware Ends The Year On A High Note: Strong Outlook For 2015 on January 29th
  15. Our Take On Windows 10: What It Could Mean For Microsoft on January 28th
  16. Electronic Arts Q3 Earnings: Record Digital Revenue Drives Revenues Growth on January 28th
  17. Lexmark Earnings:Growth In Laser Hardware And Perceptive Fillip Revenues on January 28th
  18. Yahoo Earnings: Revenues Continue To Lag As Yahoo Firms Up Plans To Spin Off Alibaba on January 28th
  19. TI Closes 2014 On A Strong Note: Earnings Review on January 28th
  20. Constant Contact Q4 '14 Earnings Preview: Toolkit And SinglePlatform Will Continue Driving Revenues on January 28th
  21. Apple Has Stellar Quarter, But Should Increasing Reliance On iPhone Be A Concern? on January 28th
  22. EMC Earnings Preview: Emerging Storage To Revive Stagnating Core Information Storage Business on January 27th
  23. Amazon Earnings Preview: Can Amazon Deliver A Beat This Quarter? on January 27th
  24. Microsoft Earnings: Revenues Increase As Microsoft Consolidates Phones Division Revenues on January 27th
  25. Seasonal Trends Will Slowdown Broadcom's Growth In Q4'14 on January 27th
  26. Google Earnings Preview: Ad Volume Growth To Offset Decline In CPC on January 27th
  27. Alibaba Should Maintain Its Growth Momentum In The Fourth Quarter Results on January 27th
  28. Expedia Boosts Its North American Dominance By Acquiring Travelocity on January 27th
  29. Nokia Earnings Preview: Strong Networks Sales Likely To Drive Results on January 27th
  30. Samsung's Q4 Earnings: Weakness in Smartphones Could Be Tempered By Semiconductor Growth on January 27th
  31. Enterprise Storage, Notebooks Drive Seagate's Revenue Growth on January 27th
  32. Weekly Online Travel Agency Notes: Expedia, TripAdvisor, Ctrip, Travelzoo on January 26th
  33. Travelzoo's Disappointing Performance Continues Due To Lack Of Traction And Increased Investments on January 26th
  34. Electronic Arts Earnings Preview: FIFA & Madden NFL To Drive Q3 Revenues on January 26th
  35. Qualcomm's Earnings Preview: License Business Remains Uncertain But 3G/4G Continues To Be Strong on January 26th
  36. Facebook Earnings Preview: Top-Line Growth May Slow Down, But Long-Term Outlook Is Strong on January 26th
  37. VMware Earnings Preview: Hybrid Clouds, Network Virtualization Key on January 26th
  38. Western Digital Earnings Preview: Consumer Electronics Storage Products Key on January 26th
  39. What To Expect From Apple's Upcoming Earnings on January 26th


Industrials & Transportation

  1. Rising Commercial Airplane Deliveries Lift Boeing's Profit, Outlook on January 30th
  2. Aggressive Capacity Expansion, Lower Oil Prices Lift JetBlue's Earnings on January 30th
  3. 3M Earnings: Weak Foreign Currencies Temper Revenue on January 29th
  4. United Technologies Earnings: Stronger Dollar Offsets Growth on January 29th
  5. Rising F-35 Volumes Lift Lockheed's Results Despite Weak U.S. Military Spending on January 29th
  6. American Announces $2 Billion Share Buyback As Lower Oil Prices Lift Profit on January 28th
  7. Corning Earnings: Large Screen TVs, FTTH And Gorilla Glass Drive Corning’s Top Line on January 28th
  8. Caterpillar Earnings: Outlook Disappoints More Than Results on January 28th
  9. Aggressive Capacity Expansion, Lower Oil Prices Will Lift JetBlue's Results on January 28th
  10. Beechcraft Acquistion Should Raise Textron's Net Despite Weak U.S. Military Spending on January 27th
  11. Commercial Airplane Deliveries Should Lift Boeing Despite Weak U.S. Military Spending on January 27th
  12. GE Prepares For Impact From Lower Oil Prices Even As Aviation Lifts Profit on January 27th
  13. Norfolk Southern Earnings: Coal Declines Lead To Flat Revenues on January 27th
  14. Lower Fuel Prices Will Lift American's Earnings Despite Flattish Top Line on January 26th
  15. Mining And Construction Weakness To Temper Caterpillar's Revenues on January 26th
  16. CPM Acquisition, Optical Communications To Drive Corning's Revenue on January 26th
  17. 3M Earnings Preview: Revenue to Grow On Industrial, Health Care Segments on January 26th
  18. Commercial Aerospace Will Likely Lift UTC's Results Despite Slowing China and Uncertain Europe on January 26th
  19. Higher F-35 Volume, Share Buybacks Will Lift Lockheed's Earnings Despite Weak U.S. Military Spending on January 26th
  20. Honeywell Earnings: OEM Incentives, Friction Materials Divestiture Dampen An Otherwise Strong Performance on January 26th


Financial Services

  1. NASDAQ OMX Q4 Earnings: High Trading Activity Offsets Weakness In Non-Transaction Businesses on January 30th
  2. BNY Mellon Well-Positioned Despite Lukewarm Q4 Results on January 30th
  3. MasterCard Earnings Preview: U.S Economy Improves, FX Headwinds To Slow Growth on January 29th
  4. Hartford Earnings Preview: Underwriting Discipline Will Be Key on January 28th
  5. NASDAQ OMX Earnings Preview: Trade Volumes Could Boost Q4 Revenues on January 27th
  6. Earnings Preview: Visa To Gain From Holiday Spending But FX Headwinds A Concern on January 27th
  7. Higher Provisions, Marketing Costs Weigh On Strong Q4 Operating Performance At Capital One on January 27th
  8. Insurance Weekly Notes: AIG, UnitedHealth, Travelers on January 26th


Media & Telecom

  1. Disney: ESPN And Theme Parks Will Drive Q1 Fiscal 2015 Earnings on January 30th
  2. NYT Pre Earnings: Revenue Growth From Digital Platforms As Print Ads And Subscription Suffer on January 30th
  3. Why We Are Revising Our Price Estimate For Netflix on January 30th
  4. Time Warner Cable Q4 Preview: Broadband Growth Will Compensate For Loss Of Pay-TV Revenue on January 28th
  5. Juniper Earnings: Profit Beats On Cost Cuts, Sales Still A Concern on January 28th
  6. AT&T Beats Estimates On Strong Subscriber Growth, Next Adoption on January 28th
  7. Juniper Earnings Preview: Routers, Switches In Focus on January 26th
  8. AT&T Earnings Preview: Postpaid Subscriber Adds, Margins In Focus on January 26th


Energy & Utilities

  1. What 2015 Holds For Alpha Natural Resources on January 30th
  2. Lower Production, Oil Prices, To Drag Down Exxon's Q4 Earnings on January 30th
  3. Anadarko Earnings: Lower Oil Prices To Offset Higher Production, Better Mix on January 30th
  4. BP Q4 2014 Preview: The Decline In Oil Prices and Ruble To Weigh On Upstream Earnings on January 30th
  5. Chevron Preview: Lower Oil Prices, Flat Production To Weigh On Upstream Earnings on January 29th
  6. ConocoPhillips Earnings Preview: Lower Oil Prices To Offset Production Growth on January 27th
  7. Shell Earnings Preview: Lower Upstream Earnings, Thicker Downstream Margins Expected on January 28th


Basic Materials

  1. Cliffs' Earnings Preview: Low Iron Ore And Coal Prices To Weigh On Q4 Results on January 30th
  2. U.S. Steel's Cost Reduction Initiatives And Improved Market Conditions Boost Q4 Results on January 29th
  3. Lower Seed Prices, Currency Headwinds, Weigh On DuPont's Earnings Growth And Outlook on January 28th
  4. Lower Copper And Oil Prices Negatively Impact Freeport-McMoRan's Q4 Results on January 28th
  5. Dow Chemical Earnings Preview: Margin Expansion To Drive Growth on January 27th
  6. DuPont Earnings Preview: Lower Seed Prices, Restructuring Charges To Weigh On Earnings Growth on January 26th


Health Care

  1. Abbott Reports Solid Q4 Results On Growth Across Divisions on January 30th
  2. Bristol-Myers Squibb Earnings: Currency Headwinds Take The Shine Off Encouraging New Drug Sales on January 29th
  3. Pfizer Revenues Suffer Due To Patent Losses And Currency Headwinds on January 28th
  4. Roche Earnings Preview: Oncology Drugs And Tamiflu Will Help The Revenue Growth on January 26th


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