What the U.S. National Climate Assessment Missed

May 11th, 2014
in Op Ed, syndication

Random Thoughts from the High Desert

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Recently the U.S. Government issued an updated version of their National Climate Assessment. It can be found here.

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How the SEC Profits from High-Frequency Trading

May 11th, 2014
in Op Ed

Special Article from Money Morning

by Shah Gilani, Money Morning

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairwoman Mary Jo White told a House of Representatives panel a week ago Tuesday that -

"The markets are not rigged. The U.S. markets are the strongest and most reliable in the world."

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A High Tax Proposal and Specious Data

May 10th, 2014
in Op Ed

Will 80% Income Taxes and a New 10% Wealth Tax Fix Our Economy?

by Hunter Lewis, AgainstCronyCapitalism.org

The economist offering this "solution" has been feted by the Obama White House economic staff, the International Monetary Fund, and by many of the people running world economies today. His ideas are definitely "in play."

Thomas Piketty, the forty-two year old French economist whose book, Capital in the Twenty-first Century, became an overnight sensation and unexpected bestseller, is being hailed as the new Keynes, an economic thinker who can lead us out of our current economic malaise, just as Keynes is alleged by his followers to have lead us out of the Great Depression.

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One Day We’ll Kick Ourselves for Scrapping Collective Insurance

May 10th, 2014
in Op Ed

by Alan Shipman, The Conversation

After initially celebrating the new-found freedom to spend their pension savings how they want, people are now waking up to what scrapping the annuity really meant.

One reason for forcing people to buy these income-for-life policies on retirement was that they then don’t have to worry about incorrectly guessing when they’ll die. Compulsory annuities’ main point, however, was one of social justice: they ensure no one is forced into destitution through living an unexpectedly long time, by allowing cross-subsidy from the savings of those who die sooner.

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Robbing Main Street to Prop Up Wall Street

May 9th, 2014
in Op Ed

Why Jerry Brown’s Rainy Day Fund Is a Bad Idea for California

by Ellen Brown, Web of Debt

There is no need to sequester funds urgently needed by Main Street to pay for Wall Street's malfeasance. Californians can have their cake and eat it too - with a state-owned bank.

Governor Jerry Brown is aggressively pushing a California state constitutional amendment requiring budget surpluses to be used to pay down municipal debt and create an emergency "rainy day" fund, in anticipation of the next economic crisis.

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