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Adair Turner and the Emperor's New Clothes

February 10th, 2013
in Op Ed, syndication

by The historic address last week by Adair Turner, head of the UK regulatory agency, the Financial Services Authority, is news of historic importance.  Anatole Kaletsky called it the unveiling of the emperor's new clothes. With Mark Carney taking o… more »

Platinum Prescription to Overcome Austerity Disease

January 19th, 2013
in Op Ed, syndication

Make 'Em Do It! I Still Choose Using High Value Platinum Coin Seigniorage To End Austerity! Yesterday, Ezra Klein reported in the Washington Post that: The Treasury Department will not mint a trillion-dollar platinum coin to get around the d… more »

The Terrifying Danger of the Trillion Dollar Coin

January 9th, 2013
in Op Ed, syndication

Written by John Lounsbury To be fair, I have to say almost no one is talking about the basic tenet of the seigniorage proposal.  Warren Mosler mentioned it this week, but it probably went right over the head of all but the most serious students of the… more »

Trillion Dollar Coin: Posts on Legality and Constitutionality

January 6th, 2013
in Op Ed, syndication

Enthusiasm for using Platinum Coin Seigniorage (PCS) to produce a Trillion Dollar Coin, or coins totaling a few trillion dollars continues to increase. The twitterverse went mad two nights ago around #mintthecoin, a hashtag originated by MMT’s Stephanie… more »

Should the Economy “Serve” Money or Vice Versa?

January 3rd, 2013
in Op Ed, syndication

A Treatise on Unsound Money: Part 5Written by Derryl Hermanutz The current structure of our money systems isn't written into the immutable laws of nature.  It is a flawed, some say perverse system, thought up by men.  If they were trying to design a… more »

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