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Utopia, Dystopia and the Future of Work

March 29th, 2014
in Op Ed

by Dan Kervick, New Economic Perspectivesp> There has been a lot of discussion recently about the pace of automation and the impact of technology on the future of work. Many purport to see the dawning of a new robot future in which many, perhaps most,… more »

The Fake Debt Crisis

March 7th, 2014
in Op Ed

Everybody is very excited about Thomas Piketty's new book Capital in the Twenty-First Century, whose English translation is due out on March 10th from Harvard University Press. more »

Where Government Needs to be Big

October 10th, 2013
in Op Ed

I Have Seen the Next Big Thing, and it is Mariana Mazzucatoby Dan Kervick, New Economic Perspectives I take time out from our latest national celebration of curmudgeonly misery and political decadence, which features an intense bipartisan struggle ov… more »

Paradigm Shift

September 16th, 2013
in Op Ed

by Dan Kervick, New Economic Perspectives It was deeply gratifying to learn today that Lawrence Summers has withdrawn his name from consideration for Chair of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. Summers was a key architect of the late 20th century… more »

Krugman’s Flawed Model of Open Market Operations

August 21st, 2013
in Op Ed

by Dan Kervick, New Economic Perspectives In my recent post Escaping from the Friedman Paradigm, I noted the following remark by Paul Krugman on the way monetary policy ordinarily functions when interest rates have not fallen to the zero bound: …… more »

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