The GOP Bible for 2016: An Overview

November 6th, 2013
in Op Ed, syndication

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My second book, "The GOP Bible for 2016", is out at! It's available as both an e-book ($4.99) and paperback (list price $10.99). To learn more about it and to order, click here: The GOP Bible for 2016.

In this article, I will show you the first several pages of the book (which you can read on-line as preview), as well as the last several pages (which are not available on-line).

Follow up:

1. Book reviews

"This is an important book for all Americans to read. Frank Li has succeeded in condensing political strategy into a very readable presentation. His prescription for a philosophical rebirth of the Republican Party is straightforward: Move toward a majority of the populace on social issues, stay solidly on a capitalist footing, encourage legal immigration and put sound monetary and fiscal practices in place. He is very critical of policies of the Democratic Party and also of some Republicans. This will be a difficult book for some politicians to read but many citizens who do read it will start looking for office seekers who have a clear vision like the one Dr. Li has espoused."

--- John Lounsbury, Ph.D., Managing Editor, Global Economic Intersection (NC)

"In his last book ('Saving America, Chinese Style'), Frank Li explained why the U.S. is 'deeply in trouble.' In this new book, he tries to count on the GOP to lead the U.S. out of the trouble. As an independent, Frank is highly critical of the Democratic Party, as well as some Republicans. He defines and explains both democratic imperialism and democratic socialism very well in this book, and blames both of them for America's 'steep decline.' Frank ponders where we will now find leaders like Lincoln, Truman, Nixon, and Reagan. His cross-cultural analysis challenges us to think differently. His solutions are controversial but are fresh and cross party lines. Overall, this is definitely a book worth reading."

--- Brad Lewis, Ph.D., Professor of Economics, Union College (Schenectady, NY)

"Again, Dr. Li has produced a fantastic book as great as his first one. Again, not only did I enjoy reading it, I also learned a great deal from it. Dr. Li expressed a lot of facts, summations, interpretations, and very gutsy predictions with lots of original ideas and references, in plain English. The issues facing our country are real and very scary. I wish more Americans will become more informed by reading this book."

--- Gary Wetzel, COO/CFO, Wanxiang America (IL)

"Frank presents legitimate ideas to rejuvenate the American economy and restore the 'American Dream.' His first-hand knowledge of communism through growing up in China, becoming an American citizen, and becoming a successful entrepreneur lends to a true world view of policies, both those that work and those that are destined to fail. Term limits and other government changes proposed by Frank would permit leaders to be elected for service rather than choosing lifetime politicians whose only concern is re-election!"

--- Brent Jones, GM, Henderson Machinery (NC)

"America's democracy is broken, in large part because the Republican Party is broken. American freedom-seekers need a political party that stands for all freedoms -- economic, social, cultural and political. In this regard, Frank Li's new book is an excellent source of ideas and inspiration, and is a must-read, not only for Americans, but for people the world over. Even though I might not agree with everything that Frank writes, I always find him thought-provoking. This new book is almost as brilliant as his first book."

--- John West, Executive Director, Asian Century Institute (Canada)

2. Acknowledgements

This is my second book, which turned out to be much easier than the first one. But still it was a lot of work. I am deeply indebted to several individuals for this book.

First and foremost, I would like to thank Walter Young, the legendary 91-year-old CEO of Emery Winslow Scale Company and a WWII veteran, for writing a great, personal, and passionate prologue for this book. For more about Walter, read Chapter 34.

Secondly, I would like to thank my best pen pal Jon Stimpson, President of National Scale Technology. Jon proofread most of the chapters in this book.

Special thanks go to the following individuals who provided in-book Book Reviews:

  1. John Lounsbury, Ph.D.

  2. Bradley Lewis, Ph.D.

  3. Gary Wetzel

  4. Brent Jones

  5. John West.

I would like to thank John Lounsbury, the editor at GEI (Global Economic Intersection), and Steve Hansen, the publisher at GEI, for giving me a platform of publication in May 2011 and for making me a better writer over time.

Finally, I would like to thank my wife and our two sons for keeping me sane all the time. A big 'thank you' to my late father Li Dexin (Chapter 41) for giving me the good genes and upbringing that define my interest in politics and in writing, although I am an electrical engineer by training.

3. Prologue by Walter Young

Before I had the pleasure of meeting Frank Li, I heard of the Chinese man who entered our scale industry. His voice and energy were rapidly making strides. Whereas many coming from a foreign land might have walked and talked softly, Frank burst on the scene, promoting his new company, joining our scale associations, making his voice heard on major issues that affected the welfare of the American scale industry.

Today, Frank plays a major role in the affairs of the American scale industry. His voice is both powerful and respected.

However, until I reviewed his book "Saving America, Chinese Style" and his most recent book "The GOP Bible for 2016", I did not really understand that Frank had both analytical and practical wisdom far beyond what I could have imagined.

I became interested in this Chinese man, admired his business accomplishments and his forcefulness in expressing his views. I then learned that Mr. Li was also a political activist, a writer and publisher of his political views - and my interest became admiration, fully!

Having been the CEO of an industrial scale company, and then CEO and owner of a family of industrial scale companies, I fully understand the many problems faced when starting up a company and I readily admit that I depended on and required the help of many others as we began to grow our company.

Frank, on the other hand, came to our land as a graduate student, after obtaining his B.E. degree in China and his M.E degree in Japan, both in electrical engineering. He completed his education with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Vanderbilt University. It is an accomplishment to be admired.

After working for several companies in Europe and the U.S., Frank finally started his own company WEI (West-East International) in 2005. Today, WEI is widely recognized in the American scale industry. Another admirable accomplishment!

Frank has been a U.S. citizen for more than 15 years. For the past few years, in addition to growing his company, Frank has applied his considerable skills and energy to explain our economic free enterprise system and society in a most unique way. He articulates our political strength and weakness as only someone with his exotic background can. His personal goal of living the American Dream has indeed been achieved.

In his publications, Frank makes bold comparisons between China and America, the strengths and weaknesses of each. His comparison of Chinese versus American leaders alone (Chapters 14 and 19) is sufficient reason to read this book!

"The GOP Bible for 2016" is a splendid, and in some ways, passionate book, written intelligently and boldly. Frank takes on the American political system, expresses his contempt for the harmful liberal philosophy of the Democratic Party, and makes bold recommendations for a GOP success in 2016.

Frank Li, the man from China, now dares to lecture our politicians, as well as the American society as a whole, including a 91-year-old man like me, by advising, pleading, explaining his many complex opinions - for the good purpose of creating a more favorable future for Americans.

Through his writings, Frank demonstrates an understanding that the United States of America is still an economic and political juggernaut, with a truly multi-racial society. By virtue of his many varied experiences, his writings reflect a unique and very different point-of-view. For example, read Chapter 42 ('Everything you think you know about China is wrong', really?).

His many expressions of American vulnerability are especially telling, in some ways worrisome. I hope we will heed his advice to avoid an American tragedy in the making.

I feel certain we will hear much more from Frank in the future. Meanwhile, just read this book. It's a masterpiece, truly!

Walter Young

CEO of Emery Winslow Scale Company

Seymour, Connecticut

October 16, 2013

4. Introduction

The GOP is deeply in trouble, without any hope to win another presidential election in the foreseeable future! Here are four main reasons:

  1. Democratic imperialism: The GOP has been too pro-war. Most Americans hate wars!

  2. Religion: While the religious right supports the GOP, its positions on several major social issues (e.g. abortion) are no longer popular and are costing many votes.

  3. Democratic socialism: "Democracy is the road to socialism". Who said it? Karl Marx! Because of this natural progression from democracy to socialism, the Democratic Party has been increasingly advantageous over the GOP, by attrition!

  4. Ideas: To counter the natural advantage of the Democratic Party by attrition, the GOP must periodically come up with some grand new ideas that resonate with most Americans. Unfortunately, that has been missing for way too long ...

What, then, should the GOP do?

In principle, the GOP must come to the middle right, winning the middle 20% of the electorate. Specifically, the GOP must draw a stark contrast with the Democratic Party, and here it is:

  1. The Democratic Party is the party of new slavery (i.e. pay without work)!

  2. The GOP was the party of Lincoln who abolished slavery (i.e. work without pay) more than 150 years ago. It can again be the party to abolish new slavery from the Democratic Party today!

The image below shows my winning strategy for the GOP.


  1. The GOP must denounce democratic imperialism, as perpetuated by the extreme right (e.g. John McCain and Lindsey Graham).

  2. The GOP must denounce democratic socialism, as perpetuated by the extreme left (e.g. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid).

  3. The GOP must be committed to restoring America as a republic with full-blown capitalism and a limited version of "affordable" democracy, largely as envisioned by our founding fathers.

This strategy will resonate with most Americans, guaranteed! Furthermore, with a great party leader in Rand Paul or Chris Christie who will be committed to this strategy, the GOP can, and will, win the 2016 presidential election, guaranteed!

This book is composed of 43 of my published articles in 2013, logically organized into a coherent whole in 10 parts as follows:

  1. The GOP is dead; long live the GOP!

  2. America: where are you going?

  3. Correctly assessing American Presidents

  4. My four open letters

  5. Leadership

  6. The race to the bottom

  7. America: what are you doing?

  8. America: a nation of self-made men!

  9. America: let's have some fun!

  10. Going beyond America

Each part contains several chapters. Each chapter is an article previously published, with some significant re-writing to fit it in context. Some articles have their original publication dates attached, with the events at the time as the background.

Part 1 is the core of the book. Parts 2-4 provide the first line of support for Part 1. Parts 5-10 provide the rest of the support.

5. Epilogue

America must be saved! Only the GOP can do it! However, the GOP must save itself first before saving America! 2016 may be the last chance the GOP can possibly save itself and America, because after that it may not matter anymore: America will have so many "takers" (or slaves) that they will choose the President, who will create more of them, until America is destroyed, totally!

As a staunch supporter of Mitt Romney, I was disappointed at the result of the 2012 election. I also feel partially responsible for Romney's loss: my last book (Saving America, Chinese Style) came out too late - It was published after the 2012 election!

With this book out in 2013, I hope to make a big difference in the 2016 presidential election.

In Chapter 1, I listed out four reasons behind the argument that "the GOP is dead" as follows:

  1. Democratic imperialism

  2. Religion

  3. Democratic socialism

  4. Ideas (or lack of) for restoring America.

I have subsequently addressed all of them, except for religion. Was this omission an oversight? No, it was not! Religion is too complex for me ...

However, here are my three simple messages to the religious right:

  1. Do not mix religion with politics! Neither should impose on the other.

  2. Stay low during the campaign of the general presidential election, which is mostly about winning the middle 20% of the electorate, anyway. You are in the 40% on the right.

  3. Vote!

With that, the strategy for GOP 2016 is complete. All that the GOP needs is a strong presidential candidate who will buy into this strategy.

Will the GOP listen? Let wait and see ...

In case you are wondering about my party affiliation, I am an independent with a GOP-leaning voting record.

For a thorough understanding of America, including the best diagnosis for America as well as the best solution, read my last book: "Saving America, Chinese Style"!

6. Closing

My fellow Americans, if there is any doubt that America is deeply in trouble, look at this image and think ...

Now, if you really care about America, read:

  1. My last book ("Saving America, Chinese Style") for the most accurate diagnosis for America, as well as the best solution.

  2. This new book of mine for a clear goal: electing a GOP President in 2016!


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