The Democratic Party is the Party of New Slavery!

October 2nd, 2013
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In a previous post (The GOP Is Dead; Long Live the GOP!), I spelled out a 3-point winning strategy for the Republican Party as follows:

Follow up:

  1. Promoting America as a republic with full-blown capitalism and a limited version of democracy, largely as envisioned by our founding fathers.

  2. Denouncing democratic imperialism, as perpetuated by the extreme right.

  3. Denouncing democratic socialism, as perpetuated by the extreme left.

A key to a GOP victory in the 2016 presidential election is to help Americans clearly recognize the Democratic Party as the party of new slavery. This article tries to do just that, by providing a harsh clear look at the history of the Democratic Party.

1. What is the Democratic Party?

Here is how Wikipedia highlights the Democratic Party:

The Democratic Party is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States along with the Republican Party. Since the 1930s, the party has promoted a socially liberal and progressive platform,[2][3][4] and its Congressional caucus is composed of progressives, liberals, and centrists.[5] The party has the lengthiest record of continuous operation in the United States and is probably the oldest political party in the world.[6]

Because the highlight describes the Democratic Party from the 1930s on, my harsh look will be from the 1930s on as well. For a more thorough definition of the Democratic Party, read: Wikipedia's whole definition of the Democratic Party.

2. Why is the Democratic Party a party of new slavery?

The Democratic Party promotes democratic socialism, which means "a bigger and bigger government, more and more government dependence (e.g. food stamps), and more and more stupid, or poorly informed, supplicants who vote only for the Democratic Party."

The old form of slavery: work without pay. The new form of slavery: pay without work! The outcome of the two forms of slavery is the same: human deprivation!

For more, read: Democratic Socialism.

3. How did the Democratic Party become the party of new slavery?

Getting re-elected ad nauseam! Because the Republican Party represents the rich in general, the Democratic Party goes after the poor in general. In other words, the more the poor, the better off for the Democratic Party! Specifically, let's look at the Democratic American Presidents from the 1930s on ...

3.1 FDR

FDR faced formidable challenges (e.g. The Great Depression) when he was elected to the American Presidency. He did everything possible to remain popular, in order to be re-elected again and again (yes, three times), even if it meant raiding the public treasury by initiating various big social programs. Two examples:

  1. New Deal: This was the beginning of America as an entitlement society vs. unfettered capitalism based on rugged individualism.

  2. Social Security: It is not an entitlement program per se, especially for those who have paid into it. Rather, it's a Ponzi scheme predestined to fail! In fact, it is such a big Ponzi scheme that it makes Bernie Madoff look trivial.

In short, FDR led America into democratic socialism big time, which has only been progressively getting worse since then, with the government getting so big and fat now that its massive weight is crushing America ...

3.2 JFK

JFK will eventually be recognized as the worst American President ever, for allowing the public-sector workers to unionize against the United Stated of America in 1961 (via Executive Order 10988)!

Public-sector unions are not just socialistic - They are communistic! For more, read: Detroit, Public-Sector Unions, and JFK.

3.3 LBJ

LBJ was a big socialist who led America more deeply into democratic socialism, following FDR, via more social programs. Two examples:

  1. Medicare and Medicaid: We have been borrowing to pay for them since their inception! Like Social Security, it's a Ponzi scheme!

  2. Great Society: This is the official big-time start of new slavery in America: pay without work! It has such a big detrimental effect on American society that many of today's social problems can be traced to it. For example, look at the daily street killings in Chicago in recent years ... What's the root cause? Guns? No! It's the break-down of American core values, from families (e.g. single-parent vs. two-parents) to work ethic. Yes, pay without work is an insidious form of human deprivation, especially in the long-run! It is showing up now, with the far worse yet to come!

Now, on the Civil Rights movement ... Here is an excerpt from a previous post of mine (Equality in America: Oversold and Overbought!):

With one person, one vote becoming a reality as a result of the Civil Rights movement, America was fundamentally changed from a republic with full-blown capitalism and a limited-version of democracy to full-blown democracy and an increasingly crippled version of capitalism, totally against the wisdom of the founding fathers (America: Republic vs. Democracy)!

3.4 Jimmy Carter

President Carter was simply a bomb! One example: Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). It was the key factor in the creation of the housing bubble that burst in 2008.

3.5 Bill Clinton

President Clinton was the luckiest American President until President Obama! He amended the CRA to its final, and lethal, form, thus contributing to a spectacular housing bubble that burst in 2008. For more, read: The Myth of The Bill Clinton Presidency.

3.6 Barack Obama

President Obama is the only American that has made both lists of mine: democratic socialists (Democratic Socialism) and democratic imperialists (Democratic Imperialism)!

4. Discussion

Americans must understand these four key points:

  1. Democracy (i.e. one person, one vote) is a proven failure in human history (e.g. ancient Rome and ancient Greece). It was largely for this reason that America was founded as a republic with full-blown capitalism and a limited version of democracy (i.e. specifically without one person, one vote), thanks to the extraordinary wisdom of our founding fathers! Unfortunately, over the past 200 years, America has progressively amended the U.S. Constitution to morph itself into a full-blown democracy (i.e. one person, one vote) and an increasingly crippled version of capitalism, resulting in so much trouble today, with no easy way out!

  2. Communism is also a proven failure in human history. Democracy, as we practice it today, looks more and more like communism, especially the SFN (or "something for nothing") part - Been there, done that! It will therefore fail, just like communism did!

  3. Both ancient democracy and communism failed for the same reason: they destroyed the rich and they all died poor.

  4. Who are the Democrats in the U.S. today? "Most of them are socialists, with the extreme lift being communists!" For more, read: The Coming Demise of America ...

5. What did the founding fathers think of democracy, really?

Our founding fathers were smart men! Did they get everything right? No! Did they get most of the big things right? Yes, especially on democracy! Two examples:

6. Closing

America was not built in one way, nor will it go down in one day!

America is deeply in trouble because of democracy, as we practice it today. The driving force behind American democracy has been the Democratic Party, whose social policy has resulted in a new form of slavery: pay without work. It is an insidious form of human deprivation!

It's time for Americans to recognize the Democratic Party as the party of new slavery!

Unless the Republican Party gets better soon as I suggested ("The GOP is dead; long live the GOP!"), America will continue to decline ... towards another type of slavery, debt slavery!

America must be saved! For more, read my book: "Saving America, Chinese Style"!

To see how the Chinese question democracy, watch this video (again): Eric X. Li: a tale of two political systems.

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