The GOP Is Dead; Long Live the GOP!

September 18th, 2013
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The GOP is deeply in trouble. Many Republicans are worried about it (Donald Trump, Louie Gohmert- Make Great Case For Why GOP Should Keep People Like Them Off TV), even John McCain (McCain: Without Immigration Reform, GOP 'Cannot Win a National Election). But nobody really has a real answer, except for me, perhaps ...

Follow up:

Here are my three essential messages to the GOP:

  1. The GOP, as we know it today, is dead, without any hope to win another presidential election in the foreseeable future.

  2. Without a good President from the GOP soon, America will continue its steep decline.

  3. The only way for the GOP to win a presidential election is to reset itself with some grand new ideas that will resonate with most Americans. I have the ideas (my book: "Saving America, Chinese Style")! But will the GOP listen?

Now, allow me to elaborate these three messages one by one ...

1. The GOP is dead!

The GOP, as we know it, is hopelessly dead for four main reasons:

  1. Democratic imperialism: The GOP has been too pro-war. Most Americans hate wars!

  2. Religion: While the religious right supports the GOP, their positions on several major social issues (e.g. abortion) are no longer popular and are costing many votes.

  3. Democracy: "Democracy is the road to socialism" (per Karl Marx). Because of that, the Democratic Party, which should rightly be known as the party of SFN ("Something for Nothing"), has been increasingly advantageous over time, by attrition.

  4. Ideas: To counter the natural advantage of the Democratic Party over time, the GOP must periodically come up with some grand new ideas that resonate with most Americans. Unfortunately, that has been missing for way too long - a terrible void, or brain drain, that must be filled to preserve our country and our way of life!

2. America needs a President from the GOP!

Look at the 10 most recent American Presidents (Correctly Assessing Chinese Leaders and American Presidents), most of the Democrats are bad, while most of the Republicans are better, except for Bush II!

Overall, the GOP has been the champion of capitalism and the real pro-business party in America, which is what America desperately needs today!

In contrast, here is a recent photo of three living Presidents from the Democratic Party.

Do they even remotely resemble President Lincoln in any way? No! For more, read: "Correctly Assessing Chinese Leaders and American Presidents".

3. The GOP needs grand new ideas!

There are fake ideas and there are real ideas.

3.1 Fake #1: Constitutionalists

One big false hope many Republicans have rests on a few constitutionalists (e.g. Speaker Boehner's Task Is To Defend The Constitution). While most constitutionalists are solid Republicans, their ideas are boring, at best, for several reasons:

  1. They are unhappy with change! They are nostalgic about the past, ignore the present, and have no idea about the future. So they simply want to go back to the past by waving the Constitution, despite the fact that the world has dramatically changed from the past (e.g. China's rise and the failure of American democracy).

  2. They do not seem to realize that they are against the teachings of their hero, Thomas Jefferson, as shown below:

In other words, it has been right for America to amend its Constitution over the past 200 plus years. Unfortunately,

  1. Some amendments were wrong (e.g. changing the top political offices from unpaid to paid).

  2. Some items in the original Constitution are simply out of date, such as the minimum age for the American Presidency which remains at 35 (American Presidency: Raising The Minimum Age to 55!).

  3. We must have a new amendment: term-limits for Congress!

3.2 Fake #2: John McCain

Here is McCain's recent message: "without immigration reform, the GOP cannot win a national election". This message is correct, in the absence of some grand new ideas for the GOP. But McCain's solution of endorsing the immigration bill will be even worse for the GOP! Here is an excerpt from a previous post of mine (The Coming Demise of America):

Regrettably for America, this ominous sign will become more immutable after Obamacare kicks in and will become permanent with the coming Immigration Bill, regardless of its final form! Why? In the current era, overwhelming majorities of immigrants are Democrats by definition!

If the Hispanic vote made the difference in the 2012 Presidential election, they will be the eternal difference after the Immigration Bill is passed, which means the days of having a pro-business American President are gone, forever!

Now, read this: John McCain on Hillary Clinton or Rand Paul? 'Tough Choice'! Is McCain a Republican at all? No, he is not - He is a RINO (Republican In Name Only), like Lindsey Graham! Or more accurately, McCain is simply Republican for a few months every six years, during his re-election campaigns; his constituents, like sheep, are easily led!

3.3 Real ideas

The image below shows my simple winning strategy for the GOP:

In principle, the GOP must come to the middle right by denouncing both democratic imperialism, as perpetuated by the extreme right in their own party (e.g. John McCain and Lindsey Graham), and democratic socialism, as perpetuated by the extreme left (e.g. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi). What to do in the middle? Restore the Republican Party back to the Party of Lincoln, with adaptation to the modern world today, which simply means to be the party of capitalism with a limited version of democracy (aka "affordable democracy), largely as envisioned by the founding fathers!

Specifically, here are four points:

  1. Being anti-war by denouncing democratic imperialism! For more, read: Democratic Imperialism.

  2. Restoring America back to a republic with full-blown capitalism and a limited version of affordable democracy, mostly as the founding fathers envisioned (America: Republic vs. Democracy). It must be emphasized that the GOP must be firmly against democratic socialism, including declaring the Democratic Party as the party of new slavery. For more, read: Democratic Socialism.

  3. Introducing some major constitutional changes, as I suggested in my book ("Saving America, Chinese Style").

  4. Electing a leader who is committed to the three points above.

4. Who should be the next GOP leader?

Both Governor Chris Christie and Senator Rand Paul are excellent candidates to be the next American President! How to choose between the two? Apply, if not demand, a litmus test as follows:

  • Commit to one-term (i.e. four years) only. No fooling around for re-election!

  • Commit to significant constitutional changes as I suggested. For example, setting term-limits for all the top political offices, starting with the American Presidency to be one-term (e.g. six years); raising the statutory requirements for the President (e.g. age 55 and having served as a state governor for one full-term at least).

For details, read my book: "Saving America, Chinese Style."

With these real ideas, the GOP can, and will, resonate with most Americans, thus winning the 2016 presidential election, guaranteed!

5. Closing

History is written by heroic individuals. In China, there was Deng, who proved to be one of the greatest peaceful transformational leaders in human history. America is desperately in need of her own heroic leader like China's Deng. That person can only come from the GOP!

I conditionally endorsed Senator Paul on 3/21/2013 (An Open Letter to Senator Rand Paul).  I welcome Governor Christie to the race. But will either rise to the occasion?  Let's wait and see ...

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