The First 2013 Open Letter to President Obama

January 4th, 2013
in Op Ed, syndication

by Frank Li

Dear President Obama,

Happy New Year! I hope this is the first open letter to you in 2013, thus capturing your special attention.

Congratulations on your re-election!

As a staunch supporter of Mitt Romney, I was disappointed at the election result: Romney failed to win. But was I surprised by this outcome? No, not at all! As a matter of fact, in my open letter to Mitt Romney dated 5/18/2012, not only did I predict this outcome, I also spelled out a virtually guaranteed path to success for Romney. Unfortunately, he did not listen ...

How could I have guaranteed Romney sure success? Two reasons:

Follow up:

  1. I believe I have the most accurate diagnosis for America, as well as the best solution.

  2. I believe Americans will buy my diagnosis and solution if enough people will listen, especially after an endorsement by the President, who is willing to put his support behind it for the sake of America.

Because you are the President for the next four years, let me try to convince you now.

1. Summary of your first term

Overall, my assessment of your first term is well documented in my open letter to President Obama dated 6/22/2012. Here, let me highlight one issue: Obamacare, your signature achievement in your first term.

The merits of Obamacare are debatable, but the timing and the manner in which it was passed in Congress are not. Specifically,

  1. Timing: It was passed when we, as a country, could least afford it. We were in the middle of the Great Recession, when a lot more basic and urgent matters should have held your attention. But they didn't. As a result, the Great Recession did much more damage to America than it would otherwise, and continuing ...

  2. Manner: It was passed without a single GOP vote, thus dooming your Presidency in essence and in history, despite the fact that you have just been re-elected! Why? Because an American President is supposed to be representing America, the entire country, not just half of it, along the party line!

2. Your re-election

You deserved some celebration for a few days! However, do not be carried away by your re-election victory! President George W. Bush was re-elected too! He did it by turning off the beacon to launch the Iraq war in 2003, while you did it by spending like there is no tomorrow, with a net increase of our national debt of $7T over your first term!

Both you and President George W. Bush are proven disasters for America! However, here is a key difference between you and him: he is a part of history, a very bad one (American Presidents: Three Best and Three Worst), but you can still shape your own place in history!

3. How should your re-election be viewed, really?

Domestically, it's simple: Most of the "blue" states that you won happen to be the most fiscally troubled states (e.g. California and Illinois). They will be in bankruptcy soon, like many European countries (e.g. Greece and Spain), dragging down America with them!

Internationally, read this: Hungarian-born Billionaire makes anti-socialism case in TV ad. Now, watch this short video.

4. Outlook for your second term

It does not look good for America! For example, right now, you seem to be obsessed with raising the tax rate for the top 2%, and you just got it. But it was wrong for two reasons, at least:

  1. It does address the root cause, which is totally out-of-control government spending! The top 2% already pay more than 50% of the taxes. So is it really "fair" for America to take more of their money to buy more votes for the Democratic Party?

  2. There will be far fewer successful Americans like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and even Warren Buffett, in the future.

Here is a quote:

"The U.S. electorate has become like Pavlov's dog, salivating at the election bell and the continued promise of more treats from the treasury."

Who said it? Jon Stimpson, in his prologue for my book: Saving America, Chinese Style!

Here is another quote:

"In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of."

Who said it? Confucius (pictured below), more than 2,000 years ago!

Most importantly, start governing and stop campaigning!

If you stay the course, here are two predictions:

  1. You will surely surpass President George W. Bush in the race of who is worse in history. For more, read: American Presidents: Three Best and Three Worst.

  2. In less than 20 years, Americans will have this debate: Who is the worst American President ever: John Kennedy or Barack Obama? For more, read: Top-10 American Misconceptions about 10 Recent American Presidents.

The picture below shows the big picture:

History is cruel! It has obviously been very cruel to President George W. Bush. It will be even crueler to President Kennedy 20 years from now, as Americans finally realize the magnitude of the damage he caused by allowing public-sector unions in 1961. Bad news for you!

Here is the good news for you: you can be truly great by changing the course, now! You have both the power and time to do so! All what you need is some enlightening ...

5. Enlightening President Obama

Accept my diagnosis and solution for America!


  1. You admit that you served, throughout your first-term, for one supreme purpose only: getting re-elected ad nauseam, with everything else being secondary, including the long-term well-being of America. No, an American President's personal interest of getting re-elected is often not America's interest. Any doubt? Look at President George W. Bush: He was re-elected, but America tanked! However, do not blame yourself too much. Instead, read: America: It's The Political System, Stupid!

  2. You will fix the system as follows:

    • Limiting the American Presidency to one-term (e.g. six years).
    • Raising the statutory requirements for the American Presidency, such as the minimum age to 55 and only after having served as a state governor for one full-term, at least.
    • Introducing strict term-limits for Congress, preferably one-term of six years as well.

For more, read my book: Saving America, Chinese Style.

6. Why should you heed sound advice like this?

To save America and to be truly great for yourself!

Now, let me reason with you: What's the point of your continuously staying on the left? There is no more election for you! So why don't you come to the middle and strive to be truly great in history? That way, you will not be compared with Presidents George W. Bush or Kennedy in the race to the bottom. On the contrary, you may truly become one of the greatest American Presidents, ever!

Now, imagine this: On your 55th birthday (on August 4, 2016), people will compare you with President George Washington as follows:

  1. What did President Washington do? He created the Republic!

  2. What did President Obama do? He saved the Republic!

How much greater than this do you think a human being can possibly be?

7. Is this too late for you?

No, not at all! Two examples:

  1. Winston Churchill was drunk half of the time, but he led the British to victory in WWII. Today, he is widely regarded as one of the greatest British prime ministers, ever.

  2. Deng Xiaoping was a bloody communist before becoming "one of the greatest peaceful transformational leaders in human history" (read: Romney vs. Deng).


History is brutally honest! Shouldn't you live for America as well as for history from now on, instead of just for the Democratic Party?

8. Am I too naïve?

No, I do not think so! Many readers may think I am naïve to write you such a letter. Why? Because they are even more cynical about you now than they were four years ago! But I remain as open-minded today as I was four years ago: again, I will give you one year before giving up on you, just like what I did with you in your first term (An Open Letter to President Obama). Three reasons:

  1. As an immigrant, I dare to dream big (My American Dream Has Come True)!

  2. I believe all American Presidents, including you, wanted to be great. But most just did not know how (American Presidency: Is It A Joke?). Worse yet, they became disasters in their relentless pursuit of being great (Top-10 American Misconceptions about 10 Recent American Presidents).

  3. I believe in conscience (Built to Last: Structure and Conscience). If you read my diagnosis and solution, you are likely to concur. Once you concur, you will feel bad about not implementing my solution, because it would be simply unconscionable and it will stay with you badly for the rest of your life.

9. Closing

President Obama, change the course and be great, truly great! The path to greatness has already been shown to you! For the sake of America as well as for yourself, please listen and just do it!

For a complete school of thought on this, read my book: Saving America, Chinese Style.


Thank you!

Frank Li, Ph.D.

Founder & President, West-East International, Inc.



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