A Treatise on the Nature of Long Cycle Counts: Part 1

December 31st, 2012
in Op Ed

by Michael Clark

I. THE MAYAN 'LONG COUNT' CALENDAR: Is the West Vanishing Back into the Ocean Material Dissolution?


We have all heard about the Mayan Calendar 'Long Count' that is set to 'expire' in one month, on December 21, 2012. We have heard a great deal about the end of the world and what this means for 'the world as we know it'. Of course the critical date came and went and the World goes on.

I have not studied this Mayan Calendar very closely, I have to admit. I have read John Lash's take on the Long Count and its technical factors. What interests me is that Lash suggests that the Long Count is very similar to what I call a Day-Cycle (on a much larger scale). A Male-Dominated outward-expansion and period of historical orthodox evolution - an inflation of the physical world on the order of what Lash calls 'the revealed orthodox' religions, at the expense of the Nature-Wisdom religions that honor the Female Goddess, the principles of equality and love (Libra, the astrological sign of Liberty (freedom), Law, and Love (Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of Love) is the place on my time wheel where this transition takes place.

According to Lash, the Mayan Long Count calendar begins in 3114 BCE and ends, of course, in 2012, this year. This is a total of 5126 years, which we can double to get a full cycle of Day (the Long-Count itself) and Night (the coming Dark Age associated with the Long-Count): a total of 10,252 years.

Follow up:

My own 36-year cycles do not converge nicely (as a whole number) with this Long-Count full cycle: divide 10,252 years by 36 years and you get 284.777 periods. 284 is an interesting number in that it connects to the Venus cycle - when viewed from the Earth a full synodic period (a full conjunction with the sun back to the same heavenly point) takes 284 days. If we divide 10,525 years by a larger cycle of 360 years we get 28.4 - which connects both to the Moon (28 day monthly cycle) and to Saturn (28 year cycle).

The Mayan Cycle does not fit perfectly with my nascent cyclical research; and I will not attempt to force it to fit. However, our conceptual understanding does coincide. What Lash says is that the 5,128 year cycle that ends in a month is comparable to what I call the Day-Cycle. This suggests that a major Night-Cycle or Dark Age begins (clicks in) slowly in a month.

The 36-year cycle does converge nicely with the Hindu system of World History, based on the larger cycle (called the Platonic Year): the Precession of the Equinoxes. It takes 25,920 years for a full precession of the equinoxes to occur.

This number - 25,920 - became a sacred number to Hindu and other Western mystics, a full circle of the Sun through the Heavens, which number they soon divided by 12 months, the twelve signs of the zodiac, meaning the Sun spent 2,160 years in each sign of the zodiac.

Since each of these signs had a darker half, a polar opposite, or 'Night" - Aries has Libras as its 'Shadow' or 'Night', Taurus has Scorpio, etc... - Western topologists divided the 12 months into 6 Days of Creation, each 'day' (day/night) measuring 4,320, the sacred numerical basis of all Hindu calculations.

Interestingly, if Aries-Libra was the First Day, then Libra-Aries was the Last Day, the Seventh (remember Jesus saying: "I am the First and the Last, the Alpha and the Omega"). However, Aries-Libra is not the equivalent of Libra-Aries, but the mirror image - is, in a sense, Aries-Libra turned upside down and inside out. Which is what the Anti-Universe (anti-matter) is to the Universe (matter): a reflection - like the Reflection in the water, upside down, turned inside out; and this is the basis for duality in the world, all disagreement and conflict in the world, the perception of the South, in the North, being upside down and inside out, a reflection in the water.

The second-half of Libra through the first-half of Aries, painting with a large brush, is considered the Water element, the Moon's house, the Night, the Ocean, the Underworld; the second-half of Aries through the first-half of Libra is consider the Fire, the Sun's House, the Day, the Mountain, the Overworld.

If we take our 6 days/nights of creation at 4032 years each, we get 6 x 4032 = 25,920, the totality of the Precession of the Equinoxes, making the Seventh Day, the Last Day, the Sabbath, essentially 'empty' - 'emptied out'. The Sabbath is the 'End of Time' - and, as I explain below: the Seventh Day is the Messiah as Jesus Christ, the day of the Last Judgment, the End of Time.

† Note, in the diagram below, that only Aries (Dawn) and Libra (Dusk) are composed of both Dark and Light, both Water and Fire (or Air).

In the Mayan Calendar, 21 December 2012 represents the point - I am suggesting this - at which the Soul, Mercury, abandons the Empire, the West, the White Man's Reason and Day-Cycle Power and chooses to love the woman instead, becomes the Rejected One of Civilization, becomes Jesus Christ, going down among the poor and the weak Earthlings, abandoning his home in Heaven, choosing to become the Prodigal Son, the Buddha who leaves his palace and journeys back into Nature.

Michael the Archangel is always represented with a sword in his right hand and the scales of balance in his left hand. The sword in his right hand (as Aries or Mars, the beginning of the Day-Cycle) is the Michael half of this whole vision, Adam, the first Man, Adam the Red, or Mars, the soldier who drives off the darkness, who defends the Patriarchy at Dawn.

The scale of balance in Michael's left hand represents the Jesus Christ aspect of his total nature, in Libra, the 7th Day of the Day Cycle, the final judge of the living, the Last Judgment, but also his transition from the Energy of Power and Will and as Material Warrior as Michael/Mars (who casts Satan into the darkness and out of Heaven) to the Energy of Love (as Libra, the sign of Law and Freedom, is governed by Venus, the Goddess of Love), and as Spiritual Warrior - in the Night defending the woman as in the Day he helped to suppress the woman, the Female Principle (Darkness).

  • Michael the Archangel, the First Day, is Aries/Libra, Adam the First or Adam the Red (Mars).

The First Man, Michael the Archangel, being Aries/Libra (Aries the Masculine, Libra the Feminine) in terms of orthodox astrology, features Mars, the Ruler of Aries, and Venus-Lucifer, the Morning Star, as lover, mates, partners.

  • Jesus Christ, the Seventh (Last) Day, is Libra/Aries.

The Seventh Man, Jesus Christ, as Libra/Aries (Aries the Feminine, now, inside-out and upside down, and Libra, the Masculine) marries Mars again to Venus, this time Venus-Hesperus, the Evening Star.

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