American Presidency: Is It A Joke?

November 2nd, 2012
in Op Ed, syndication

by Frank Li

The answer is "No, not yet, but getting close". Three examples:

  1. Barack Obama did not have any executive experience by 2008, but was elected the American President!

  2. John McCain selected Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008. A questionable choice by any standard, Palin actually had far more executive experience than Obama at that time!

  3. George W. Bush recklessly turned off the beacon to launch the Iraq war in 2003, at least partially for the sake of his re-election!

There is no better time than now to talk about the subject, as the election is imminent.

Follow up:

1. Who is qualified to be an American President?

Just be a U.S.-born citizen and older than 35 - That's it! No experience required! For more, read: So you want to run for president? Just sign here. It asks "far fewer questions than a McDonald's job application"!


2. How will the next American President be determined?

Ideally, we should be demanding something as follows:

  1. For the incumbent, a solid track record - President Obama's record is dismal!

  2. For the challenger, a new and bold vision for America - Does Mitt Romney have one?

But practically, these three numbers will likely determine the next American President:

  1. The unemployment rate.

  2. The price of gas.

  3. The Dow Jones average.

For more, read: 3 Numbers That Will Determine the Next President.


3. The American Presidency

The American Presidency is a powerful job for two predominant reasons:

  1. Unlike the British Prime Minister, who needs to be bestowed by the Queen, or the Chinese (or Russian) President, who shares power with the Prime Minister, the American Presidency is a one-man show.

  2. It is armed with the power to launch a host of nuclear weapons that can destroy much of the world instantly.

Unfortunately, the American Presidency is limited in power for addressing domestic issues, largely because of the 535 "tribal leaders" in Congress. They are elected to defend their own turfs, including the duty to "steal" their "fair share" from the public treasury (Kleptocracy). That makes the American Presidency less fun.

The President is no king, domestically!

Here is the good news for the American Presidency: it is almost unlimited in power for international affairs, including launching a war without Congress's approval. Although the Constitution clearly states that only Congress can declare a war, no Presidents since WWII have followed this law. So why bother now? That makes the American Presidency a lot more fun.

The President is more than a king, internationally!


4. American Presidents

All great human beings, including the American Presidents, strive for greatness, which, over time, simply means a great legacy.

One prerequisite of a great legacy for an American President is to get re-elected. President George H.W. Bush understands it very well, as he was deeply humiliated after losing his re-election, leaving a lasting impression on his elder son, George W. Bush.

A great President is often a war President. George W. Bush knew it (George W. Bush, War President).

Now, how about getting re-elected and being a war President all with one action like launching the Iraq war? "Yes, take it" - one stone, two birds! That was exactly what President George W. Bush did in 2003, using 9/11 as an excuse (Ron Paul on 9/11: Ask the right questions and face the truth)! What about Congress at that time? It was just a bunch of tribal leaders who cared more about their own re-election than about anything else (Blagojevich and Pearl Harbor: They Are Related!). "So just cajole them in now and buy them out later with such things as the MMA!" For those who do not know the real cost of the Iraq war, read Tutu: Bush, Blair, should face trial at the Hague for another perspective.

Okay, that was President George W. Bush. What about President Obama? He used the war in Afghanistan for his political gains! Specifically, he chose to escalate the war in 2011 (acceptable), but with a troop withdrawal plan so ridiculously hasty that there could be only one possible explanation: it was perfectly timed for his re-election (totally unacceptable)! For more, read: For Obama the Road to Reelection Runs through Kabul.

Additionally, Barack Obama may truly be an "Affirmative Action" President! For more, read: Obama: The Affirmative Action President.

Now, what about President Clinton? Read: The Myth of The Bill Clinton Presidency.

For more about more American Presidents, read: Top-10 American Misconceptions about 10 Recent American Presidents.


5. Discussion

Still wondering why America is so deeply in trouble? Wonder not! It's the American Presidency, stupid!

Instead of demanding greatness, Americans want our President to be like one of us, so that we can figuratively have a beer together. Well, we got exactly what we asked for in George W. Bush and Barack Obama, at least!

Experience matters! Leadership matters! A good track record matters!

How can America, or any country, possibly survive so many bad Presidents (Top-10 American Misconceptions about 10 Recent American Presidents)?

Lucky no more! Joke no more!


6. The solution

Let's give Mitt Romney a chance for five reasons:

  1. Romney is an exceptional leader with "a stellar performance" as a businessman (Romney's Stellar Performance) and as a governor. He is a rare talent not only in America, but also in the world!

  2. Romney is not a career politician. Romney knows who built America mostly: the private sector!

  3. Romney is not just a businessman like Ross Perot. Romney served in the public sector with excellence.

  4. Romney is not a neo-con! Romney is no George W. Bush!

  5. President Obama is just not good enough, at best.


7. Closing

Will America recognize and adopt the Romney solution or continue the joke with President Obama? Let's find out in a few days. Meanwhile, watch this animated video (again): Reagan vs. Obama: Social Economics 101.

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Frank LiFrank Li is the Founder and President of W.E.I. (West-East International), a Chicago-based import & export company. Frank received his B.E. from Zhejiang University (China) in 1982, M.E. from the University of Tokyo in 1985, and Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University in 1988, all in Electrical Engineering. He worked for several companies until 2004, when he founded his own company W.E.I. Today, W.E.I. is a leader in the weighing industry not only in products & services, but also in thought and action.

Dr. Li writes extensively and uniquely on politics, for which he has been called "a modern-day Thomas Jefferson" (see page 31).





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  1. Leland Somers says :

    You've missed the entire problem. We are saddled with people who do not understand government - which is NOT BUSINESS. The entire orientation of a business magnate is to make a profit at any cost to the environment, the workers, and whoever or whatever gets in the way. The purpose of government is to provide for the commonweal (look it up) and profit has absolutely nothing to do with it.

    The other problem we face is an easily manipulated, uneducated electorate. In many cases the most stupid, ignorant rise to the position of leadership. We need a test for public office - an intelligence and general knowledge test. No one should ever be on the ticket who does not know that Iran is bordered by not only one but two large bodies of water; no one should be allowed to run for office who proclaims his ignorance in public by saying that women who are raped cannot get pregnant from the rape; no one should be allowed to run for office who doesn't know that the world is more than 6 - 9,000 years old. We have filled our government with the most idiotic members of the public and expect them to be competent to run a nation when they are ignorant and proud of it.

  2. Frank Li (Member) Email says :

    > The purpose of government is to provide for the commonweal (look it loop).

    The business of government is to support business - the private sector. Or the country will become dirt poor, like China under Mao!!!



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