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Who Pays for Obamacare?

August 17th, 2012
in econ_news, syndication

Econintersect: Much coverage has been given to who is really going to pay for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act enacted by President Obama. Trying to see through the fog of numbers and laws can be confusing. Many costs are hidden unless read… more »

Health Care Costs are Concentrated on a Few Patients

August 14th, 2012
in econ_news, syndication

Econintersect:  The National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation (NIHCM) has published a report entitled "The Concentration of Health Care Spending".  A key finding of this study is that most of the health care costs in the U.S. are accrued b… more »

How Are Your Taxes Spent?

April 18th, 2012
in econ_news

Econintersect:  The following infographic has a rather dismal view of how your tax dollars are being spent.  From money wasted on wars, military and police (War on Drugs), to questionable homeland security expenses, the infographic questions why those th… more »

Forbes: A Dose of Socialism is Needed

April 9th, 2012
in econ_news

Econintersect:  Columnist Rick Ungar at Forbes has an article that attacks the question of healthcare costs having a negative effect on businesses.  He suggests that businesses freed from the burden of providing healthcare as part of compensation would b… more »

Supreme Court Schedules Full Week of Testimony on Healthcare

December 19th, 2011
in econ_news

Econontersect:  In November the Supreme Court announced that they would hear 5 ½ hours of testimony on the 2010 Healthcare Act (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare) over a two-day session.  At the time GEI News reported that this wo… more »

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