Libya's Collapse Into Chaos Is Not An Argument Against Intervention


from The Conversation

-- this post authored by Aidan Hehir, University of Westminster

Libya is mired in crisis - a 'shit show' according to President Obama. Many have declared that the 2011 intervention shouldn't have been launched , and that the Libya campaign is reason enough to put an end to the practice of 'humanitarian intervention'.

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What We Read Today 29 April 2016

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How Do Stock-Flow Relations Work in Economics and Are They Inappropriate for Price Dynamics?

by Philip Pilkington

Article of the Week from Fixing the Economists

Recently I did a post on the work of Katharina Pistor and included some very broad details of something related that I'm working on. Despite me saying clearly and multiple times in the piece that I was massively oversimplifying I nevertheless got some response pointing to supposed 'errors' and 'banalities' in what I was saying.


Infographic Of The Day: How To Live In Your Van

Sleeping is perhaps the most important aspect of van living, and without a comfy bed your adventure could be marred by insomnia and a bad back.

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Video of the Day:

In New York, a bill was just introduced that involves a new technology to help determine whether or not people involved in car crashes were on their phones at the time of the crash. The 'Textalyzer'. Like a breathalyzer, except instead of testing your breath for alcohol, it scans your phone to see if you were on it, at about the time of your crash. Knowing that the cops can tell whether or not you were on the phone, you will be less likely to BE on your phone while driving.

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Why Real Reform Is Now Impossible

by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds

The endless bleating of well-paid pundits in the corporate media about 'reform' is just more circus.

It's difficult for well-meaning pundits to abandon the fantasy that meaningful reform is possible. Indeed, a critical function of the punditry and corporate media is to foster the fantasy that the status quo could be reformed if only we all got together and blah blah blah.

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Written by Staff,

U.S. stocks post slight losses as Dow, S&P end April flat for the month

U.S. stocks fell slightly on Friday, ending April with one of their worst weeks since early-February as a sell-off in the technology and health care sectors, as well as a wave of soft economic data weighed on the major indices.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 57.12 or 0.32% to 17,773.64, while the S&P 500 Composite index fell 10.51 or 0.51% to 2,065.30, each closing lower despite a late rally in the final hour of the session. At session-lows, both indices moved into negative territory for the month before recovering to close the month fractionally higher. On the S&P 500, six of 10 sectors closed in the red.

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22 April 2016: ECRI's WLI Growth Index Continues Its Relatively Rapid Advance In Positive Territory

ECRI's WLI Growth Index which forecasts economic growth six months forward advanced higher in positive territory for the fifth week - after spending the previous 34 consecutive weeks in negative territory.

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