04Mar2015 Pre-Market Open Commentary:


Written by Gary

Premarket were down -0.4% and under pressure, WTI oil tried to test 52 and failed and is currently headed down. U.S. Businesses added more than 200K jobs in February as the U.S. Dollar presses higher this morning.

The European markets are mixed with the FTSE 100 down fractionally at -0.1%.

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What We Read Today 03 March 2015

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No Guarantees, No Trade!

by Friederike Niepmann and Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr - Liberty Street Economics, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

World trade fell 20 percent relative to world GDP in 2008 and 2009. Since then, there has been much debate about the role of trade finance in the Great Trade Collapse. Distress in the financial sector can have a strong impact on international trade because exporters require additional working capital and rely on specific financial products, in particular letters of credit, to cope with risks when selling abroad. In this post, which is based on a recent Staff Report, we shed new light on the link between finance and trade, showing that changes in banks" supply of letters of credit have economically significant effects on firms" export behavior. Our research suggests that trade finance helps explain the drop in exports in 2008 - 2009, especially to smaller and poorer markets.


Infographic Of The Day: Your Ideal Sleep Duration

A panel of experts in sleep, anatomy, physiology, pediatrics, neurology, gerontology and gynecology joined forces to create new, age-specific sleep recommendations.

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Video of the Day:

Watch out GoPro, China's Xiaomi Yi Action Camera is coming after you. After shaking up the global smartphone industry with its low cost handsets, Xiaomi is moving to its next target-the action camera. The Yi will sell for about $64 US dollars which is half the price of the $130 GoPro Hero. Tech Analysts say it will be a formidable competitor. Both cameras have similar features, But the Yi weighs less, offers more storage and boasts more powerful video capabilities.

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How to Avoid Exorbitant 401(k) Retirement Fees and Save More For Your Nest Egg

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From Market Failure to Market Success

Become a Public Policy Thinker in Three Easy Steps

by Ajay Shah, ajayshahblog

Step 1:What"s the market failure?

Each of us tends to get unhappy at some feature of the world or the other. As an example, I don"t like rap music. But value judgements of this nature do not justify the use of State power - either to ban rap music or to encourage classical music. Such coercion by the State is just abuse of power.


Written by Phil DeAngelo, Focused Wealth Management

401(k) retirement plan fees may appear negligible at a few pennies on the dollar. However they add up to a colossal amount of money for your nest egg over the span of your entire career. The vast majority of the 53 million people who take part in an work-sponsored 401(k) plan in the U.S. don"t know how much they"re paying in annual expenses and that they could be paying a lot less. If they do know about the high fees, it"s tough to complain for fear of offending the one who signs the paychecks.


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February 2015 ADP Job Growth at 212,000 - A Good Report Essentially the Same as Last Month

Written by Steven Hansen

ADP reported non-farm private jobs growth at 212,000. This should be again be considered a strong report even though it is seemingly weaker than the previous reports. The rolling averages of year-over-year jobs growth has improved after being static for the previous half year.

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