Early Headlines: Asia Stocks Up, Oil Firms, Russia's Big Oil Deal, Trump Will Stay In Business, Trump Menaces Drug Cos, Banks Rig Silver, Italy's 360B NPL, Iraq Has Oil Cut Problem, China Trade Improves And More


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Early Bird Headlines 08 December 2016

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What We Read Today 07 December 2016

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Joan Robinson's Critique of Marginal Utility Theory

by Philip Pilkington

In her excellent book Economic Philosophy (available as a PDF here) Joan Robinson undertakes an extensive discussion of marginal utility theory. Here I will be more so interested in her technical criticisms. But before going into these it should be noted that Robinson characterises the impetus of marginal utility theory in a way many might find unusual.


Infographic Of The Day: 12 Reasons To Let Your Employees Play Games

It might seem counter-intuitive to encourage, or even allow, employees to cut loose and play games at work, but the potential benefits might surprise you.

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Video of the Day:

Clay Luthy served his country, but after three deployments and several knee surgeries he wasn't allowed to reenlist. So he went home to Abilene, Texas with his service dog, Charlotte. He wasn't content to just sit at home and still wanted to work, but was having difficulty finding a job until he went to his local Lowe's Home Improvement store. It's been about 2months since the pair has been on the job and Clay says it's all working out well. He even made Charlotte her very own work vest.

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Current Weather Outlook

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Global Warming takes a break at least for CONUS as cold is the forecast for the Northern Tier of CONUS (and points North). It first looked like this would be a meridional pattern bringing record cold down to the Southwest but the Jet Stream turned zonal in the nick of time. So the cold air is being distributed more equitably. Waiting for NOAA to walk back their incongruous La Nina Advisory...probably December 8.


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Trumpsternomics And Economic Growth

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Italy Confronts The European Elite

Written by Dan Steinbock, Difference Group

The Rise of Anti-Establishment Italy

After the UK Brexit and the Trump triumph in the US, the rise of anti-establishment Italy is hardly a surprise. It is the effect of half a decade of failed austerity doctrines in Europe and decades of failed political consolidation in Italy - ever since the notorious Tangentopoli scandals.


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Written by Jim Welsh

Macro Factors and their impact on Monetary Policy, the Economy, and Financial Markets

Macro Tides Investment Outlook - December 7, 2016

The recovery since June 2009 has been 60% as strong as the average of the 10 prior post World War II recoveries. There is more than one reason for this lackluster performance. One of the reasons has been the low level of business investment. One of the keys to the success of Trumpsternomics will be whether Trump's plan to lower corporate tax rates and repatriation of overseas profits leads to an increase in business investment.


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October 2016 Consumer Credit Headlines Say Year-Over-Year Growth Rate Declined

Written by Steven Hansen

The headlines say consumer credit rate of annual growth decreased from last month. Our analysis suggests the rate of loan growth is unchanged.

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