Early Headlines: Asia Stocks Mixed, Iran Will 'Support' OPEC, US Corp. Debt Bomb, Norway Model DOA For UK, Turkey In Syria, Japan Continues Deflating, China 'Pays' 2.4 B For Imports Not Rec'd And More


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Early Bird Headlines 26 August 2016

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What We Read Today 25 August 2016

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Can Anything Save the Eurozone?

by Elliott Morss, Morss Global Finance


Ever since I started covering the plight of Greece in 2010, I have believed that the ultimate resolution for Greece and other 'weak sister' countries would be to go back to their own currencies. Why? The short answer: depreciation of their own currencies would compensate for productivity differences between them and countries using the Euro. And here, there is an analogy with the US and Japan. To neutralize Japan's productivity edge in the '70s, the dollar has weakened from more than Yen300 to the current 100Yen to the dollar.


Infographic Of The Day: 15 Muscle Building Tips

There are many ways to build muscle. Some of these are eating five to six small meals a day, strengthening your core, not sticking with a workout routine, doing some water sports, and consuming the right nutrients after workouts.

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Video of the Day:

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new drug called Venetoclax that melts away cancer cells. It treats chronic lymphocytic leukemia, and not only kills cancer cells, but also prevents them from replicating.

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Options - Watch The Spread

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Gawker Had Its Problems, But Its Death Is Worrying For All Watchdog Journalists

from The Conversation

-- this post authored by Jane B. Singer, City University London

So it's farewell, then, to Gawker. After 14 years of dancing on the edge of ethical probity and legal propriety, doing some good journalism as well as some less good, the New York-based website - an online blend of investigation, gossip, commentary and satire - has been forced out of business.

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August 2016 Kansas City Fed Manufacturing Remains In Contraction

Of the four regional manufacturing surveys released for August, three are in contraction with one in expansion.

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