What Investors Must Know About China


by Jeff Miller, A Dash of Insight

The latest story scaring investors witless (TM OldProf Euphemism) is the collapse of the Chinese economy. It has become an element of Wall Street Truthiness. The Chinese are lying about their data, masking the true story. 'All of the data' support this according to the commentators, led by pundit-in-chief Jim Cramer and the rest of the gang at CNBC.


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What We Read Today 27 August 2015

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Generations Divided On Mobile Etiquette

by Felix Richter,

Ever since the first iPhone arrived in 2007, smartphones have gradually grown to become a constant presence in most of our lives.

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Infographic Of The Day: Arts And Its Economic Contribution

Most do not consider the economic contribution of arts and cultural production.

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Video of the Day:

Caution! This video shows a woman being swarmed by a pack of snarling wolves. Anita had not been in Polar Zoo in about 2 months. When she returned i had the chance to film her first meeting in a long time with the wolves she spent a long time socializing from 16th of May 2008. The video is recorded in Polar Zoo.

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The Same Old Tired Argument, Capitalism Against Socialism

by Michael Clark

The same old tired argument between the two sides of the brain. The Left Brain loves Capitalism, seeing only its positive side; the Right Brain hates Capitalism, seeing only its negative side. The Left Brain hates Socialism, seeing only its negative side; the Right Brain loves Socialism, seeing only its positive side.


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Kansas City Fed: Manufacturing Contraction Continues in August 2015

Of the four regional manufacturing surveys released to date for August, one shows weak manufacturing growth, one shows no growth, and two are in contraction.

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