Early Headlines: Asia Stocks Mixed, Dollar Flat, Oil And Gold Up, Global Growth Looks Up, Trump Travails Continue, Bannon Calls Alt-Right 'Losers', Europe Hates Tourists, Oz Spews Mercury, And More


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Early Bird Headlines 17 August 2017

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What We Read Today 16 August 2017

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Documentary Of The Week: Why The West Rules - For Now

Written by John Lounsbury

Econintersect: For 90% of human history the West has been more advanced than the East. Ian Morris, Professor of History at Stanford University, presents this 2013 lecture at the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago. The title is 'Why the West Rules -- For Now: The Patterns of History, and What They Reveal About the Future.'


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Infographic Of The Day: Helium - A Valuable Gas Not To Be Taken Lightly

Helium makes up 25% of the atoms in the known universe, so one would guess that the inert gas would be quite plentiful on Earth

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Video of the Day:

Blue Origin, the space company run by Jeff Bezos, recently revealed its massive new rocket factory in Florida. The producers for USLaunchReport, shot some of the first footage we've seen of the factory's progress, as well as Jeff Bezos' excitement for the company's first upcoming launches. Blue Origin has ambitious plans to launch its first space rocket in late 2019.

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Current Weather Outlook

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Re the Monsoon:  Break - Surge - Break: Re 6 to 14 Day Outlook: Don't Count on it.

NOAA is assigning a low probability to the 6 - 14 Day Forecast due to "FORECAST CONFIDENCE FOR THE 6-10 DAY PERIOD: BELOW AVERAGE, 2 OUT OF 5, DUE TO A PREDICTED LOW AMPLITUDE PATTERN AND CONFLICTING / WEAK SIGNALS AMONG THE SURFACE TOOLS." Another way of putting that is that it is hard to predict weather when there is none. But we believe the real problem is the inability of the models to deal with a confusing situation most likely related to the time of year and the rapid change in conditions along the Equator. The Southwest Monsoon has been going through rapid changes. Earlier this past week, we had a Break (reduction in activity) and we may now be in the final days of a Surge and the forecast is for another probably short Break. it is a bit unusual to have these rapid swings. It may be that the Monsoon this summer requires favorable conditions to overcome certain negative factors.

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What If Everyone Is Wrong About Japan?

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Phantom Of The Financial Opera

Written by Carmine Gorga, The Somist Institute

There are warnings in the airwaves about a collapse of the Stock Market in 2017 - or any time in the future.

What to do then?


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26 July 2017 FOMC Meeting Minutes: The Main Topic Continues To Be Inflation

Fed-sealSMALL-- this post authored by Steven Hansen

The 26 July 2017 meeting statement presented the actions taken. This post covers the economic discussion during this FOMC meeting between the members (minutes were released today). There was considerable discussion on inflation, and an interesting quote:

... Participants discussed possible reasons for the coexistence of low inflation and low unemployment. These included a diminished responsiveness of prices to resource pressures, a lower natural rate of unemployment, the possibility that slack may be better measured by labor market indicators other than unemployment, lags in the reaction of nominal wage growth and inflation to labor market tightening, and restraints on pricing power from global developments and from innovations to business models spurred by advances in technology. .....

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