Crypto Currencies Webinar, Part 3


Written by Merlin Rothfeld, Online Trading Academy

How to Build a Fort Knox for Your Cryptocurrency

As the value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and thousands of others continue to soar, it has become more important than ever to securely store your currency to protect it from theft or loss! This is part 3 of a 3 part series.

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What We Read Today 15 December 2017

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Earnings And Economic Reports: Week Starting 18 December 2017

Written by Econintersect

Econintersect: Here is a day-by-day rundown of the global economic calendar events for the coming week and the important earnings announcements each day, as well. The presentation is by Merlin Rothfeld from Online Trading Academy and Power Trading Radio.

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Merlin Rothfeld

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Infographic Of The Day: A Timeline Events Which Changed The Way We Pay For Things

Today's infographic shows a historical timeline of the major disruptions that have occurred in payments, ranging from the Chinese invention of paper money to the birth of Paypal.

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Video of the Day:

Banana plants are not actually trees but large herbs with succulent, juicy stems that arise from a fleshy corm. Suckers continually spring up around the main plant with the oldest sucker replacing the main plant as it fruits and dies. Female flowers are borne on the lower 5-15 rows and males upon the upper rows. As the young fruit, technically a berry, develop, they form slender green fingers which grow into a “hand” of bananas that droops due to its weight until the bunch is upside down

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Current Weather Outlook

Written by

Is it good forecasting or Hopium? It is too soon to tell or even assess what the impacts might be. But we discuss the topic in a lot of detail and also take a look at the temperature and precipitation results from November. I started working on this article late last week when NOAA was focusing on possible fluctuations in the "Wave Number". As of today (Monday) it looks like the Pattern Change they were seeing in the model results was perhaps less dramatic than they thought late last week.  But the Hawaiian High is returning to where it belongs and the Northern Tier is now forecast to be cooler and wetter than in recent forecasts. 

Patttern Change

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Using Options To Lock In Stock Market Profits - Part 3

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What The Brexit Deal Means For EU Citizens And Their Families

from The Conversation

-- this post authored by Eleanor Spaventa, Durham University

There has been mixed reaction to the deal agreed between the EU and the UK on December 8 that broke the deadlock in Brexit talks. A key part of the agreement was on the rights of EU citizens living in the UK after Brexit. But while the deal gave clarity on some issues, it left some big questions unanswered for those who have taken advantage of EU free movement rules to live in the UK.

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December 2017 Livingston Survey: Forecasters Strengthen Their Predictions for Output Growth

from the Philadelphia Fed

The 24 participants in the December Livingston Survey predict robust output growth over the second half of 2017. The forecasters, who are surveyed by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia twice a year, project that real GDP will grow at an annual rate of 2.9 percent in the second half of 2017.

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