October 2017 Beige Book: Reading Between The Lines - Rate Of Economic Expansion Unchanged


Written by Steven Hansen

The consolidated economic report from the 12 Federal Reserve Districts (Beige Book) stated "activity increased in September through early October, with the pace of growth split between modest and moderate". The previous report stated "expanded at a modest to moderate pace across all twelve Federal Reserve Districts in July and August".

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What We Read Today 15 October 2017

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Scientists Discovered New Genes That Make Humans Intelligent

If you aced your SATs, you can thank at least a few of your genes. Scientist analyzed the DNA of 78,308 people. They discovered a link between intelligence and 52 specific genes.

Infographic Of The Day: These Maps Show Where A Dollar Goes Furthest In The U.S.

Go to any large, high-density city like New York or San Francisco, and you'll notice a difference in costs immediately. The price you pay for groceries, dinner at the restaurant, filling up your tank, or even your daily coffee goes up substantially. With high-paying jobs, booming economies, limited space, and soaring levels of density, cities can be expensive.

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Video of the Day:

If you aced your SATs, you can thank at least a few of your genes. Scientist analyzed the DNA of 78,308 people. They discovered a link between intelligence and 52 specific genes.

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Current Weather Outlook

Written by

It was only a one-week vacation and with a "possible" positive MJO coming, it might take another short vacation soon. The forecasted pattern of Highs and Lows in the Pacific is quite unusual. Overall we are entering a fairly dry period for the next four weeks. More details in the full report. We will publish a more detailed three- to four-season outlook on Saturday.

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18Oct2017 Market Update: Wall Street Posting New Highs In Early Afternoon Trading, US Dollar Slips Marginally, Housing Probably Remains A Drag On Economic Growth In The Q3

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Until Youth Soccer Is Fixed, US Men's National Team Is Destined To Fail

from The Conversation

-- this post authored by Rick Eckstein, Villanova University

David beating Goliath is very exciting - unless you're a fan of Goliath.

The United States has 330 million people and a massive youth soccer system, yet its men's national soccer team just got bushwhacked by a team from Trinidad and Tobago, a country with 1.3 million residents.

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September 2017 Residential Building Slowing Cycle Continues

Written by Steven Hansen

The headline residential building permits declined and construction completions improved. But we keep our eyes on the rolling averages because of the significant monthly fluctuations.

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