Dallas 'Dirkules' Goes Past 30,000 Points



-- this post authored by Dyfed Loesche

The German Wunderkind, Dallas Mavericks' Dirk Nowitzki, has scored 30,005 points.

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What We Read Today 22 March 2017

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The Job Guarantee, Wage-Price Inflation And Alternative Solutions: Part 1

by Philip Pilkington

Before I start this post I should make one thing abundantly clear: I strongly support the idea of a Jobs Guarantee (JG) program. I think that the benefits it might bring to society so far outweigh its potential drawbacks that implementing it should be a no-brainer not simply for anyone with progressive tendencies, but for anyone who believes that people should have the right to be independent and earn a living for themselves and their families.


Infographic Of The Day: The Global War On Cash

There is a global push by lawmakers to eliminate the use of physical cash around the world. This movement is often referred to as "The War on Cash", and there are three major players involved:

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Video of the Day:

Erica Fritz, a physical therapist and the manager of the Orthopedic Physical Therapy Center at Hospital for Special Surgery, explains the proper time you should stretch during your workouts.

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Current Weather Outlook

Written by

But there is still snow to be found. I don't want to be a travel agent but the Tahoe area in California looks to be getting a steady stream of new snow. NOAA (this is in jest) has sent out teams to find the elusive El Nino their dynamical models have divined but the only sightings so far are off Ecuador and Northern Peru. Soon perhaps a reward will be announced for the first confirmed El Nino sighting. Happy Astronomical Spring everyone!


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Bull Market Still Intact ... For Now

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Might The GOP Impeach Their Own President?

by Fabius Maximus,

Econintersect note: This article explores the somewhat vague wording in the U.S. Constitution, specifically '...Treason, Bribery or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors'.' FM explores whether acting 'wildly and weirdly' is an impeachable offense. A misdemeanor is, by definiiton, not a serious crime. But is 'misbehavior' a 'misdemeanor'? Let the debate begin.

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February 2017 Headline Existing Home Growth Pace Slows

Written by Steven Hansen

The headlines for existing home sales growth pace declined saying "too few properties for sale and weakening affordability conditions stifled buyers in most of the country". Our analysis of the unadjusted data shows much of January's sharp increase in sales were wiped away with the poor February sales.

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