Technical Summary 21February 2018


Written by Staff, Technical Analysis (as of Wed, 21 February 2018 09:00 pm GMT)

Below, technical overviews and analysis for key stock indices, commodities and currency pairs, based on market activity after the close of the 21 February U.S. session. This information is a comprehensive summary derived from simple and exponential moving averages along with key technical indicators shown for specific time intervals.

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What We Read Today 21 February 2018

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School Shootings In America


-- this post authored by Dyfed Loesche

Including the recent shooting in Florida on Wednesday, this year has already seen 17 incidents of guns being fired at schools in the United States, according to gun control activists at Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund.

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Infographic Of The Day: Body Language

Occasionally, all it takes to learn a person's true intention is to watch their body language. Here is 30 common signs so you'll know exactly what our bodies are saying.

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Video of the Day:

I don´t get it with these 3rd world countries. An extremly overloaded vehicle isn´t efficient at all. Im pretty such i've hired all these idiots at one time or another to work on my home! How these people ever made it to adulthood I don't know.

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Current Weather Outlook

Written by

No need to get frightened. At any one point in time there are 3 to 7 Rossby Waves sometimes called Planetary Waves or Long Waves circling the Planet. They serve to equalize temperature between the Equator and the poles. The Long waves tend to produce a fairly predictable weather pattern. We will see how the current particular Rossby Wave, which is forecast to move slowly and even retrograde to the west in week two, might impact our weather for the next twenty-five days. The number of such waves at any point in time is called the Wave Number.

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21Feb2018 Market Close: Wall Street Closes Sharply Lower, DOW Down 167 Points, 10-year U.S. Treasury Notes Pushed Yields To A Four-year High

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Three Reasons Why Scientific Advice On Drugs Is Ignored

from The Conversation

-- this post authored by Ghaith Aljayyoussi, University of Liverpool

David Nutt, along with many other leading scientists, published a study a few years ago that showed how the overall harms associated with some legal drugs, such as alcohol and tobacco, dramatically exceed the harms of some illegal drugs, such as cannabis, ecstasy and LSD - and even the harms of heroin and cocaine. Of course, these top scientists were right, but politicians continue to ignore scientific advice, and society continues to be largely in favour of current drug laws.

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31 January 2018 FOMC Meeting Minutes: Trump Tax Changes May Accelerate The Economy And The Next Federal Funds Increase

Fed-sealSMALL-- this post authored by Steven Hansen

The 31 January 2018 meeting statement presented the actions taken. This post covers the economic discussion during this FOMC meeting between the members (minutes were released today). There was considerable discussion on inflation and timing on the next federal funds rate increase, and an interesting quote:

... the effects of recently enacted tax changes--while still uncertain--might be somewhat larger in the near term than previously thought. Several others suggested that the upside risks to the near-term outlook for economic activity may have increased. A majority of participants noted that a stronger outlook for economic growth raised the likelihood that further gradual policy firming would be appropriate. ...

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