Rickards: Brexit Is NOT The End Of The EU


by James Rickards

Special Report from The Daily Reckoning

I do not believe that Brexit means that the European Union is going to break up. Or that it spells the end of the euro as a currency. I've been very bullish on Europe and the Euro in the past. Even if the currency fluctuates, all these currencies are fluctuating, and the Euro did trade down from around the 140 level in late 2013, all the way down to 105 in January 2015, and people said, 'Oh, it's going to parity.' I said, 'No, it's not going to parity,' and it didn't. It bounced back to 105 a couple times, back up around 110 today, $1.10.

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What We Read Today 30 August 2016

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UK Video Games Industry Levels Are Up In 2016

by Felix Richter,

-- this post authored by Martin Armstrong

Cologne, Germany. Today is the first day of the worlds largest gaming event, gamescom.

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Infographic Of The Day: 8 DIY Activated Charcoal Beauty Recipes

Activated charcoal has become one of the hottest trends in the DIY beauty industry and for good reason.

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Video of the Day:

What does 1 dollar get you in other countries? John and Hannah tell you what you can buy around the world with just 1 dollar. If you have traveled abroad, let us know what you've been able to get for 1 dollar.

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The Fed Seeks Credibility As Markets Wait

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Awareness Of Fed Credibility Problems Going Mainstream

from Money Metals Exchange

-- this post authored by Clint Siegner

The nation's pre-eminent central planners just held their annual gathering at an exclusive resort just outside Jackson Hole, Wyoming and discussed how to interfere even more deeply in markets. In a speech entitled 'The Federal Reserve's Monetary Policy Toolkit: Past, Present and Future,' Fed chair Janet Yellen outlined why zero interest rate policy (ZIRP), purchases of toxic mortgage securities, and monetization of Treasury debt just aren't adequate. Officials must add negative interest rates (NIRP) and purchases of even more sketchy assets to their 'toolkit.'

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September 2016 Economic Forecast: Outlook Again Improves But Growth Forecast Remains Weak

Written by Steven Hansen

Econintersect's Economic Index has shown better growth for the second month in a row - but the economic outlook remains weak. The index remains near the lowest value since the end of the Great Recession. There remain recession warning flags in some of the data.

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