June 2017 Headline New Home Sales Modestly Improves


Written by John Lounsbury and Steven Hansen

The headlines say new home sales modestly improved and at market expectations. Our analysis is showing a continuing deceleration of new home sales.

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What We Read Today 25 July 2017

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Italy Looms On The Eurozone's Horizon


-- this post authored by Adriano Bosoni

The skies may not be clear, but these days Europe's leaders are more relaxed than they were when the year began under foreboding clouds. Economic growth is gaining momentum and unemployment is slowly going down. More important, voters in France rejected candidates opposed to the European Union, and moderate forces will remain in power after September's general elections in Germany. But while things are relatively calm in the eurozone's two main economies, the next big challenge for the currency area will come from its third-largest member, Italy. The country has to hold general elections by May, and the vote will take place amid discontent with the status quo, which in many cases includes skepticism about the euro. Given the size of the Italian economy and the depth of its problems, the country's politics could have consequences far beyond Italy's borders.

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Infographic Of The Day: Town Names That Will Make You Fall Out Of Your Chair

Some city names are a good reminder of how while times change, some things still remain the same.

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Video of the Day:

The House energy and commerce sub-committee voted to advance a bill that would speed up development of self-driving cars without meeting existing auto safety standards. The bill would also bar individual states from imposing driverless car rules.

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Current Weather Outlook

Written by

When the Long-Wave features (Ridges and Troughs related to the rotation of Planet Earth) are not very distinct, the ability to make forecasts declines. This seems to be the situation beyond about a week right now. Local geography then assumes increased importance. There can be oddities since the checks and balances on weather features moving from one place to another are not as strong as usual.

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26Jul2017 Pre-Market Commentary: Wall Street To Open Higher, New SP 500 Highs Expected, WTI Crude Pushes Into The Low 48 Handle

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Britain Better Fix Its Identity Crisis Fast - Or Risk A Disastrous Brexit

from The Conversation

-- this post authored by Timothy Oliver, University of Hull

There are lots of productive ways to analyse Brexit - why it happened, how it's developing, and how it might turn out. One of the most interesting is to use the idea of an identity to understand both why the process is proving so painful for the UK, and also why the rest of Europe still seems so confused about why the UK is engaging in this process at all.

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July 2017 Chemical Activity Barometer Year-over-Year Growth Rate Deceleration Continues

from the American Chemistry Council

The Chemical Activity Barometer (CAB) ticked up 0.1 percent in July following a flat reading in June and a 0.2 percent gain in May.

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