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What We Read Today 03 August 2015

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'Is This Really Europe?': Refugees in Calais Speak of Desperate Conditions

by Thom Davies, Arshad Isakjee and Surindar Dhesi, The Conversation

As the sun sets on Calais, a new barbed wire fence glints in the evening light, casting a shadow over the growing migrant camp known as the 'New Jungle'.


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Video of the Day:

Every year, local communities on either side of the Apurimac River Canyon use traditional Inka engineering techniques to rebuild the Q'eswachaka Bridge. The entire bridge is built in only three days. The bridge has been rebuilt in this same location continually since the time of the Inka.

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Bank Shares to Be Hit Hardest as Greek Exchange Reopens

Greece seems to be walking on egg shells on its way to recovery. After months of heady negotiations that saw the country on the verge of bankruptcy and a near “Grexit,” Athens is making its moves cautiously.

Weekly Economic & Political Timeline

This can be expected to be a busier week than recent weeks, with a lot more going on and more volatility. It will be an especially important week for the USD, the AUD, and the GBP, with key central bank input also due regarding the JPY.

Will Venezuela be the Next Financial Crisis?

With the headlines focused on the financial events taking place in Greece and China, not much attention has been given to the situation in Venezuela.

Is Scottish Independence Still Possible

The next major financial event seems to be taking place in the United Kingdom where talk of a “Brexit” has hit front page news.

Dollar’s Momentum in Overdrive

The U.S. Dollar continued to gain positive momentum in the wake of the Federal Reserve’s latest policy decision.
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The Gold "Crash" We've Been Waiting for Is Here

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Von Mises and the Position of the State in the Market

by Dirk Ehnts, Econoblog101

I am preparing a course in Origins of Political Economy and look for writings on money and credit. One of the first texts I encountered has been von Mises with his 'The Theory of Money and Credit'.


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Gasoline Prices for Week Ending 03 August 2015 Fell over 5 Cents

Econintersect: Average gasoline prices fell 5.4 cents per gallon nationwide this past week following the previous week's 5.5 cent decline.

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