Sustained 3 To 4% GDP Growth Is A Huge Stretch


from Lakshman Achuthan, Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of ECRI

Some of Mr. Mnuchin's proposals are good things and probably will help, but if you look at the foundational math it doesn't add up. Mr. Mnuchin promised 'sustained 3 to 4% GDP' growth. Let's split the difference and call it 31/2%. That's a huge stretch because the building blocks of potential GDP growth add up to only around 1%:

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What We Read Today 02 December 2016

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New Earthquake Risk Model Confirms Possibility Of Statewide Earthquake In California

from CoreLogic

A large earthquake along the San Andreas fault impacting both Northern and Southern California simultaneously - once considered impossible - could cause up to 126 percent more residential property damage than previously thought, putting more homes at risk and increasing loss estimates in a state already at high risk for earthquake damage.

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Infographic Of The Day: Investing In A Cure For Cancer

More than $100 billion is spent worldwide every year in the quest to cure cancer.

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Video of the Day:

No matter what type of phone you have, if it's around 2-3 years old then you're probably starting to run into some battery issues. So why is that? Well, it all has to do with the chemical reactions inside your phone. Here's what you need to know.

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Current Weather Outlook

Written by

The science theme tonight is Modokis for which we, to a large extent, thank JAMSTEC. We will also cover the mature and declining phase of this quasi-La Nina which NOAA recently, just as the quasi-La Nina was entering the decline phase, declared "La Nina Conditions Apply" which was eerily similar to the call reversed a week later of the El Nino of 2014/2015. This raises questions. The late call, which itself was debatable, could simply be a debatable interpretation that should have been made two months earlier, a rush to take credit, or something much more concerning. Of course we will tonight also cover the forecasts for the U.S. and World. Lots to cover for a week without a major NOAA data release.


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Technical Thoughts: Manage Risk

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Modern Slavery

by Reverse Engineer, Doomstead Diner

Discuss this article at the Economics Table inside the Diner.

I was reading today an article about the economics of the Fishing industry around the Pacific ocean, specifically around Hawaii.

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December 2016 Economic Forecast: Outlook Marginally Improves

Written by Steven Hansen

Econintersect's Economic Index improved but still with the economic outlook for weak growth. The index remains near the lowest value since the end of the Great Recession. This month there are no recession warning flags. Six month employment growth forecast indicates minor improvement in the rate of growth.

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