The Week Ahead: Upside Breakout?


by Jeff Miller, A Dash of Insight

We have the makings of a volatility cocktail! It is a huge week for economic data. It is the heart of earnings season, with Apple"s report leading off the week. The Fed has a two-day meeting culminating with a policy announcement. Global economic threats continue. Which of these will be the theme? I expect that all of these topics will be considered as part of a single theme:

Time for an upside breakout?



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What We Read Today 25 April 2015

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The Natural Rate of Interest Does Not Exist

Fixing the Economists Article of the Fortnight

by Philip Pilkington, Fixing The Economists

I just want to make a quick note on the multiplier and the theory of liquidity preference that is not generally recognised. When the full implications of this argument are recognised and integrated with marginalist theories of savings and investment (including the Austrian theory) these theories basically fall apart unless some very restrictive assumptions are put in place.


Infographic Of The Day: Earth's Atmosphere Is The Great Aerial Ocean

In between Earth and space lies an ocean of air.

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Video of the Day:

Casey just oozes energy, amazing what he comes up with, love these vlogs and inspirational ideas. Casey's mind is incredible, his simple ideas that he turns into masterpieces. Maybe it's just telling that the most amazing things ARE the little things.

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FOREX NEWS by DailyForex

Weekly Economic & Political Timeline

This week can be expected to be more active than last week, with the primary focus certain to fall upon the US Federal Reserve followed by the Bank of Japan and the Royal Bank of New Zealand the following day, as all will be releasing major policy statements and announcing interest rates.

What’s in Store for Greece

With focus on a May 6 interest repayment to the International Monetary Fund and the next Eurogroup meeting on May 11 in Brussels, Greece has a number of funding hurdles to clear before then and beyond.

UK Deficit Falls Faster Than Forecast

Figures just released show that the government’s borrowing (to meet the deficit between the nation’s receipts and its expenditure) in March fell to £7.4 billion.

Japanese Yields Shift Below Zero

Driven by a lack of selling, Japanese yields fell below zero for the first time since January. Two-year yields fell one basis point to minus 0.015 percent following the central bank’s move to purchase 520 billion yen in debt.

Kiwi Dollar Flops on RNBZ Comments

After comments from an official of the New Zealand Reserve Bank which hinted at consideration for lower interest rates, the Kiwi Dollar skidded nearly 1.5% against its US rival during the Asian and European sessions.
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Trefis: Highlights Week Ending 23 April 2015

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Shakespeare's Birthday: Ignore the Avalanche of Adulation - He was a Chancer of the First Order

by William Leahy, The Conversation

Brace yourself: it"s Shakespeare"s birthday. Once again various effusive articles will circulate citing the Bard"s genius, his humanity, his uniqueness and his godlike wisdom. If you"re lucky, you"ll have got to this one first.


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17 April 2015: ECRI's WLI Continues to Improve and Almost Out of Negative Territory

ECRI"s WLI Growth Index continues to trend upward but has remained in negative territory for 27 weeks. According to ECRI, this index is forecasting slower economic growth in 1H2015 and now into 2H2015.

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