There's An App For That: New Tech To Help People Record Police


Civil rights groups and tech firms are working together to fight back against lawmakers attempting to make it more difficult for citizens to record officers on smartphones and other technology.

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What We Read Today 05 May 2015

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More Labor Productivity Growth Is Required to Sustain USA Growth

by Samuel Kapon and Joseph Tracy - Liberty Street Economics, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

The contribution of labor input to the potential GDP growth rate for the United States has changed over time. We decompose this contribution into two components: the size of the adult population and the average demographically adjusted employment rate. We find that these two components in the late 1960s and early 1970s contributed at least 2.5 percentage points to potential growth. Since the mid-1990s, the aging of the population has reduced the contribution of labor to growth. We estimate that the current contribution to potential economic growth from labor input has declined to around 0.6 percentage points. One implication going forward is that more labor productivity growth will be required to sustain U.S. growth.


Infographic Of The Day: Living On A Comet - Dirty Snowball Explained

A comet is a mountain of ice and dust, tumbling through space.

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Video of the Day:

Civil rights groups and tech firms are working together to fight back against lawmakers attempting to make it more difficult for citizens to record officers on smartphones and other technology.

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FOREX NEWS by DailyForex

Reserve Bank of Australia Acts To Stimulate Growth

Arguably, Australia was the major economy least affected by the Global Financial Crisis. It managed to avoid a recession, but growth was cut significantly, of course and it was one of the first nations to tighten monetary policy by raising interest rates.

Bond Woes Spread, Dollar Slips

A selloff in global sovereign bonds pushed Asian stocks to two-week lows on Wednesday as investors worried it might trigger profit-taking in other asset classes, while the U.S. dollar dragged behind dogged by trade deficit concerns.

After a Fall, Dollar Bounces Back

After the Dollar’s worst run in several years, the greenback recovered versus its major peers, especially the Euro, but also against a weighted basket of rivals.

Eurozone Consumer Inflation Stops Falling

Much has been made in certain circles of the risks of prolonged deflation in the Eurozone as a potential brake on domestic demand as patient Western Europeans hold off on large ticket item purchases in the hope that the costs will be reduced when eventually they do part with the hard-earned cash and buy them

RBA Cuts Interest Rates

The Reserve Bank of Australia's (RBA) decision came down to the wire at its monetary policy meeting Tuesday, with the result of an interest rate cut despite policymakers' concerns over a too-strong Australian dollar and home price gains.
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06May2015 Market Update: Yellen's Bank Remarks Send Markets Lower, Oil Up, U.S. Dollar Lower

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The Next UK Government will need to Heed Housing, If We're to Avoid Another Financial Crisis

by Bruce Morley, The Conversation

The housing market has been an important part of the policy debates during the general election campaign. The central focus has been on the number of extra houses that each party plans on building, and the nature of the funding and support for these new houses.


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1Q2015 (Initial): Productivity Again Contracts, Costs Up. However, Year-over-Year Growth Is Moderate.

Written by Steven Hansen

A simple summary of the headlines for this release is that the growth of labor costs continues to increase significantly from the previous quarter, whilst the rate of growth of productivity declined. If one looks at the year-over-year data - it is showing a steady growth of both productivity and labor costs.

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