How Successful Is The Fed At Controlling Interest Rates?


from the St Louis Fed

-- this post authored by Christopher J. Waller and Jonas Crews

The federal funds rate is the main policy tool the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) uses to affect the U.S. economy. But the federal funds rate is not the only interest rate that matters for the U.S. economy. There are many other short-term interest rates and long-term interest rates that affect the U.S. economy.

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What We Read Today 23 July 2016

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Fed Communication And The Zero Lower Bound

from the San Francisco Fed

-- this post authored by Carlos Viana de Carvalho, Eric Hsu, and Fernanda Nechio

After the onset of the global financial crisis, the Federal Reserve had to rely on other tools - including communication - to work around the constraints of being unable to lower the federal funds rate below zero. One way to assess how effective these communications were is by estimating how interest rates on bonds with different maturities reacted to Fed communications before and after the zero-bound period. A measure based on news reports of Fed communications suggests that this tool gave the Fed some ability to affect long-term yields through its communications.

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Infographic Of The Day: Shuffling Cards

Someone with the lowest experience with cards will still be able to perform the perfect shuffle.

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Video of the Day:

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains 10 things that we have heard all our life and re-told but are completely false. There is a sound system failure at about 2 minutes, but it is recovered.

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The Week Ahead: Will The Election Help The Market?

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Trump Doesn't Need To Win The Popular Vote To Be President

Written by John Lounsbury

We recently pointed out that if only a total of 278,000 votes for Obama had switched to Romney in 2012 that Romney would have won. If the switches had been made in just 3 states, Florida (38,000 out of 8.474 million or 0.45%), Ohio (84,000 out of 5.581 million or 1.5%) and Pennsylvania (156,000 out of 5.754 million or 2.7%), Obama would have been a 1-term president.

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15 July 2016: ECRI's WLI Growth Index Improved

ECRI's WLI Growth Index which forecasts economic growth six months forward was improved and remains in positive territory for the 17th week - after spending the previous 35 consecutive weeks in negative territory. ECRI has released their coincident and lagging indices and is reported below.

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