Troublemakers And Traitors - It's No Fun Being A Whistleblower


from The Conversation

-- this post authored by Jeanette Van Akkeren and Julie-Anne Tarr, Queensland University of Technology

Death threats, smear campaigns and financial ruin - it may sound like a John Grisham novel, but the sad reality is that this has been the consequence for many public and corporate whistleblowers.

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What We Read Today 24 November 2015

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How The Muslim World Views ISIS

by Felix Richter,

-- this post authored by Niall McCarthy

The Muslim world generally views ISIS very unfavourably, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in April and May of this year.

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Infographic Of The Day: Making Your Cat A Better Life

Cats can be demanding. They want something to scratch, toys to play with and sometimes a nice perch to sit on. So we have decided to look at some of the ways you can make your cat's, and to a degree your, lives a little more interesting with your own DIY skills. 

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Video of the Day:

A rocket ship owned by Jeff Bezos' company, Blue Origin, made history on Monday by traveling 329,839 feet into outer space and then landing upright upon its return to Earth.

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24Nov2015 Market Close: Markets Close Mostly Up, DOW Up 20 Points, Oil Remains In The 42's And Other Global Worries Haven't Gone Away

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A Letter From Romania: The European Colonial Union

Written by Laurentiu Nicolae

The European Union does not have a common healthcare system, a common social benefit system, a common pension system, or at least a common unemployment benefit, financed by a common EU budget, thus so EU looks like any other colonial empire, with a colonial power (Germany), some 'little brothers' (the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Finland) and their colonies: Romania, Bulgaria, the rebellious Hungary etc.


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November 2015 Conference Board Consumer Confidence Declines And Now At 15 Month Low

Written by Doug Short and Steven Hansen

The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index declined to 90.4 in November from the September final reading of 99.1, an upward revision of September's initial 97.6. The market expected (from Bloomberg) this index to come in between 100.0 to 106.0 (consensus 102.5).

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