6 July 2015 Weather and Climate Report - NOAA Updates July Outlook


Written by Sig Silber

The end of month update only covers the following month but sometimes that data also provides clues with respect to subsequent months - and I think that is the case this time. Also July does not appear to be evolving exactly as projected in the June 30 Update and involves a fairly complicated pattern change. Thus confidence in the second week of the 6 - 14 Day Outlook is less than usual. Meteorological Agencies continue to project that this El Nino will strengthen and hang around for a while but I will discuss why I think it is a short-timer. The North American Monsoon appears to be developing a bit further west than earlier predicted. So there is nothing major to discuss but there are a number of different issues which will impact weather where you live.

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What We Read Today 06 July 2015

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What's Next for Greece?

by Constantin Gurdgiev,

With over 75% of votes counted in the Greek referendum, 61.6% of the votes counted are in favour of 'No'.

So what's next? Or rather, what can [we speculate] the 'next' might be?


Infographic Of The Day: Vegan Shopping List

Sure, you have plenty of vegan cookbooks, recipes and snack ideas at hand.

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Video of the Day:

The AVE is a tractor-trailer combination that features leading edge aerodynamics, an advanced turbine-powered hybrid powertrain, electrified auxiliary components. A 20 percent reduction in aerodynamic drag over current Peterbilt Model 386. Range extending hybrids are a synergy between electric trucks and series hybrids, and their design it to run on batteries alone. A microturbine remains at optimum RPM, while the electric motor/energy storage handles acceleration and deceleration.

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FOREX NEWS by DailyForex

Grexit or Grin?

This is getting a little gridiculous, but grere you gro. When the question of whether Greece will remain within the Eurozone or exit from the common currency is finally resolved, we can drop a few ‘g’s.

Yanis Varoufakis: Farewell or Goodbye?

The surprise resignation of the Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, deprives us all of the presence of one of the most controversial, articulate, passionate, and unconventional politicians on the world stage today.

Safe Haven Drive Pushes Yen Higher

In the wake of Sunday’s NO vote for a new Greek bailout, currency traders flocked to safe haven currencies as uncertainty continued to escalate.

Turkeys Vote For Christmas

The Greek people have decided to reject any deal with the creditors that might have further austerity linked to it in a referendum which has been criticised for being too hastily (and unnecessarily) called and was viewed as confusing and ambiguous even in Greece.

Forex Week in Review

Last week saw the financial world in uncharted waters with the sovereign default of Greece and a referendum to be held which external observes say will decide the fate of the nation (and its government) within the Eurozone.
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Bet On The House - Go Long With Copper

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Greece as Strange Attractor: Wings of the Butterfly

by Reverse Engineer, Doomstead Diner

The Butterfly's Wings Effect- Small changes in intitial conditions lead to wildly different outcomes in complex systems.


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Gasoline Prices for Week Ending 06 July 2015 Again Fell Almost 1 Cent

Econintersect: Average gasoline prices fell 0.8 cents per gallon nationwide this past week following the previous week's 1.0 cent fall.

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