Asset Bubbles: Detecting And Measuring Them Are Not Easy Tasks


by St Louis Fed

-- this post authored by Silvio Contessi and Usa Kerdnunvong

After the financial storm that spread from the United States in the summer of 2007 to many advanced economies by the fall of 2008, the economics profession was criticized for not being able to predict the crisis and for the profession's limited understanding of the mechanisms that generated the upheaval and allowed it to spread. Today, there is an abundance of new research that places the crisis in a historical context and links it to the development and bursting of asset bubbles - those periods of explosive behavior of prices.

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What We Read Today 01 August 2015

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The Financing Experiences Of Nonemployer Firms

by Atlanta Fed

More than 80 percent of businesses in the United States are nonemployer firms, meaning that they have no employees besides the owner. Together, they make up just 3 percent of annual business receipts, but they contribute to economic activity in other ways that are not captured in aggregate statistics.

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Infographic Of The Day: Happiness Index

Find Out Where Your Country Ranks on the Happiness Index (Infographic)

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Video of the Day:

A private jet has crashed in southern England, killing four people on board. The Saudi Ambassador to Britain confirmed that among the victims were members of the bin Laden family.

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FOREX NEWS by DailyForex

Weekly Economic & Political Timeline

This can be expected to be a busier week than recent weeks, with a lot more going on and more volatility. It will be an especially important week for the USD, the AUD, and the GBP, with key central bank input also due regarding the JPY.

Will Venezuela be the Next Financial Crisis?

With the headlines focused on the financial events taking place in Greece and China, not much attention has been given to the situation in Venezuela.

Is Scottish Independence Still Possible

The next major financial event seems to be taking place in the United Kingdom where talk of a “Brexit” has hit front page news.

Dollar’s Momentum in Overdrive

The U.S. Dollar continued to gain positive momentum in the wake of the Federal Reserve’s latest policy decision.

Fed Still On Line for September Rate Increase

The U.S. economy continues to improve with decreasing unemployment and improvement in the housing sector.
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The Week Ahead: Are Commodities a Leading or Trailing Indicator?

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Guns Are Dangerous, Like Autos - Why Not Regulate, Like Autos?

by Elliott Morss, Morss Global Finance


The absence of any capacity to regulate guns in the US is increasingly apparent. There are almost daily reports of politically motivated and/or mentally deranged individuals obtaining guns and going on shooting sprees. What to do? Since the US background checks system is full of holes. It is time to consider alternatives. We start by looking at how other leading killers are regulated.


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Leading Index Review: June 2015 Philly Fed Leading Index Showing Stable Rate of Economic Growth

Written by Steven Hansen

This leading index continues to be recalculated (what good is a leading index which continues to be recalculated?) - and continues to forecast stable but relatively week growth for the remainder of the year. A review of all major leading indicators follows - and no leading index is particularily strong.

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