Market Bounces As Expected, Now Execute Sells


X-factor Report 30 August 2015

by Lance Roberts, StreetTalk Live

In last week's missive I specifically stated:

'The time has now come to start moving more heavily to cash. As I will discuss throughout this weekend's missive, including the 401k-Plan Manager, it is now time to 'OPPORTUNISTICALLY' REDUCE PORTFOLIO ALLOCATIONS.


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What We Read Today 30 August 2015

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Is Hawking Any Closer To Solving The Puzzle Of Black Holes?

from The Conversation, The Conversation

-- this post authored by Geraint Lewis, University of Sydney

Stephen Hawking said something! And again the international media is all a'buzz.

The physics community is a little more muted, but after hearing the pronouncements of the famous theoretical physicist, of supertranslations and horizons, like those listening to Douglas Adams's Deep Thought, you might be wonder what the actual questions is.

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Infographic Of The Day: Surviving The E-Learning Apocalypse

You are working with a client or perhaps an internal e-Learning project and everything is a smooth process until you hit revisions.

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Video of the Day:

A group of hackers who targeted cheating site Ashley Madison published over 10 gigabytes of stolen data, exposing millions of users and putting the company at risk. Laurie Segall explains who's behind the attack and what's next for Ashley Madison.

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Insider Trading 28 August 2015: Fox Selling

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The Global Austerity Disease

China's Stock Market Tumble and the Outlook for the Global Economy

by L. Randall Wray, New Economic Perspectives

Interview of L. Randall Wray by Dasha Chernyshova, Moscow reporter for the Sputnik News Agency


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Leading Index Review: June 2015 Philly Fed Leading Index Showing Stable Rate of Economic Growth

Written by Steven Hansen

This leading index continues to be recalculated (what good is a leading index which continues to be recalculated?) - and continues to forecast stable but relatively weak growth for the remainder of the year. A review of all major leading indicators follows - and no leading index is particularily strong.

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