Trade Dynamics And China, Part 1: The United States


from the Atlanta Fed

-- this post authored by Giulia Zilio

Financial markets around the globe reacted strongly in August 2015, when China started showing signs of economic slowdown. Financial markets weakened again in January 2016, when Chinese stocks fell dramatically after further devaluation of the yuan. Additionally, abundant supplies of oil and persistent concerns about China's weak economic growth have had a negative effect on already sluggish oil prices and have raised global worries for future demand of oil.

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What We Read Today 26 August 2016

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Nearly 1.9 Million Homes In The United States Would Be Flooded If The Seas Rose Six Feet.

from Zillow

Despite record-warm years and some crops already reacting to unusual shifts in the weather, climate change for many people remains an issue for the future. That future came a little closer this year, when scientists studying Antarctic ice loss reported that if carbon emissions continue unabated, sea levels could rise six feet this century - significantly higher than previous predictions of a two-foot rise by the year 2100.

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Infographic Of The Day: Vacations In The United Kingdom

The UK holds some fantastic locations that you might not even be aware. One can go through Scotland, and round the north, east, south and west of England.

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Video of the Day:

Emails leaked from billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundation show the level of influence he has on foreign affairs. Soros has donated over $30 million to Hillary Clinton, making him her largest financial backer. The mainstream media, however, has been silent about the leak. RT America’s Alexey Yaroshevsky has the report.

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Why Investing At Market Peaks Can Be Very Profitable

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Government Sanctioned Killer Opiates

by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds

What Can We Say About a System that Criminalizes a Safe Painkiller (0 Deaths) and Promotes Big Pharma Opiates that Have Killed 165,000 Americans?

So when will the citizens wake up to the criminality of their government in favoring killer corporate opiates over safe natural painkillers?

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19 August 2016: ECRI's WLI Growth Index Declines Slightly

ECRI's WLI Growth Index which forecasts economic growth six months forward marginally declined but remains in positive territory for the 22nd week - after spending the previous 35 consecutive weeks in negative territory. This is compared to RecessionAlerts similar index.

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