Remaining Bullish For Now


Written by Lance Roberts, Clarity Financial

As we stated last week, the 'odds' favor the 'bulls' currently because:

  1. Bull markets last longer than bear markets
  2. Bull markets are hard to break
  3. Bull markets can defy logic longer than most anticipate

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What We Read Today 19 February 2018

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Data-Dependent ... On Imaginary Data

by John Mauldin, Thoughts by Frontline

Federal Reserve officials like to say their policy course is 'data-dependent.' That sounds very cautious and intelligent, but what does it actually mean? Which data and who's interpreting it? Let's ask a few questions.

Photo: Federal Reserve Board of Governors

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Infographic Of The Day: How Startups Can Improve Their Odds Of Becoming A Unicorn

In 2017, we showed that 57 startups were able to achieve unicorn status - a rare designation that is reserved only for privately-held startups valued at $1 billion or more.

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Video of the Day:

Place your bets. The guys are all fired up to race various projectiles against each other, and then check out the results frame by frame.

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Current Weather Outlook

Written by

The main focus of this report is the NOAA March, Three-Month and 15-Month Forecasts, the JAMSTEC Three-Season Forecast, and a comparison of the JAMSTEC with the NOAA forecast. The differences in the forecasts for Alaska and CONUS are quite stunning. In this report, we provide a detailed analysis for both Alaska and CONUS and also using the JAMSTEC Maps the Rest of the World as well. 


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Market And Sector Analysis 17February 2018

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What? Driverless Trucks Could Create More Trucking Jobs?

by Timothy Taylor, Conversable Economist

Could driverless trucks create more trucking jobs? It sounds logically impossible. But remember that automatic teller machines did not reduce the number of jobs bank tellers, and may even have increased it slightly, because it changed altered the range of tasks typically done by a bank teller.

Image from MIT Technology Review - Click picture for large image.


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Preliminary 2018 Michigan Consumer Sentiment Rises

by Jill Mislinski, Advisor Perspectives/

The University of Michigan Preliminary Consumer Sentiment for February came in at 99.9, up 4.2 from the January Final reading of 95.7. had forecast 95.4.

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