Revealed: How A Wobbly Axis Helped Our Planet Escape 'Snowball Earth'


from The Conversation, The Conversation

-- this post authored by Ian Fairchild, University of Birmingham

The idea of a deep-frozen world, 'snowball Earth', has captured the imagination since first proposed in the 1990s. On several occasions in history, long before animals evolved, apparently synchronous ice sheets existed on all the continents. However, much like falling into a crevasse on a glacier, it's easy enough to enter such an ice age, but very difficult to escape.

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What We Read Today 02 September 2015

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Infographic Of The Day: The Truth About Your Laundry

Are you loving the laundry season and celebrating that sweet smell of sun-dried clothes?

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Infographic Of The Day: The Truth About Your Laundry

Are you loving the laundry season and celebrating that sweet smell of sun-dried clothes?

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Video of the Day:

Those days are over but we were lucky to have lived then once upon a time, in a land far far away. Growing up in Jonesboro, AR in the '50's. NOTE: THE NARRATOR FOR THIS VIDEO IS JACK PARNELL.

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02Sep2015 Market Close: Markets Stage A Massive U-Turn After A Market Opening Plunge, Oil Settles Above 46, Tomorrow Is Another Day

Written by Gary

Volatility and low to moderate volume is a really tough market to play in and that is what we had today. First markets open high, slip to the red side - twice and then melt upwards to where the DOW closed +293 in the green. Oil did something similar and it really smacks of manipulation, but will never be investigated I am afraid.

Oh yes, the Beige Book didn't seem to affect the markets as they sea-sawed sideways until moments before the close where the major indexes moved up and closed at the session highs.

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September 2015 Beige Book: Economy Continues to Grow?

The consolidated economic report from the 12 Federal Reserve Districts (Beige Book) said that "economic activity continued expanding across most regions and sectors during the reporting period from July to mid-August". The previous report said "economic activity expanded from mid-May through June". It is hard to tell if overall growth rate went up or down - and the usefullness of the Beige Book is diminished when the Fed does not "guess" whether there was a change in the rate of growth.

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