Early Headlines: First GOP Debate Roster, House Vote on Iran Treaty Disapproval, Greece Participants Upbeat, India Corruption Crackdown, IS Slave Price List and More


Early Bird Headlines 05 August 2015

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What We Read Today 04 August 2015

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Republic: Democracy vs. Autocracy

Written by Frank Li

I believe I have the most accurate diagnosis for America (Diagnosis for America (Version 3)) as well as the best solution (Solution for America (Version 3)). To best appreciate them, you must have a comprehensive understanding of America as well as the world, for which an essential issue is republic: democracy (e.g. America) vs. autocracy (e.g. China).

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Infographic Of The Day: Spike Aerospace's Supersonic Passenger Jet

The Spike Aerospace S-512 is designed to fly from London to New York in 3 hours. The S-512, developed in 2013, has been recently upgraded with a modified delta wing to increase fuel efficiency and reduce sonic boom.

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Video of the Day:

A great video of the worlds smallest military UAV aircraft. The British Army Black Hornet Nano UAV Aircraft will make a difference on the modern battlefield. The Black Hornet Nano is a military micro unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed by Prox Dynamics AS of Norway, and in use by the Norwegian and British Army.

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FOREX NEWS by DailyForex

September Rate Increase Likely

It looks like a Fed interest rate hike in September is a real possibility. After months of uncertainty and speculation, a senior Fed official came out in support of the rate increase sending the dollar upwards, primarily at the expense of the Swiss Franc and Canadian Dollar.

Japan’s Government Hints at Future Tightening

As is well known, the government of Japan has been embarking on a scheme, which included both monetary and fiscal policy, which would hopefully result in economic growth. To that end, the Bank of Japan has made numerous attempts to ensure that the Japanese Yen is weak enough to promote growth through trade.

Is Australia’s Property Boom Coming to an End?

Looks like there’s trouble in paradise. If economists have it right, Australia’s current property boom which has zoomed 11% so far this year, could be coming to an end.

Forex Week in Review

Last week saw the final trading session for July; a month when Greece went to the very edge of leaving the Euro before turning back.

Dollar Regaining Ground

The U.S. Dollar is just beginning to gain some positive momentum in the trading week. Earlier, it had been broadly after Friday’s U.S. employment costs report seems to have clouded the outlook for the Federal Reserve Bank.
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Is Bitcoin a Ponzi Scheme?

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The Nature of the Game: Euro Zone does not Agree While Unemployment Rises Again

by Dirk Ehnts, Econoblog101

Thomas Mayer, formerly at Deutsche Bank, has written a letter to the FT:

The two key founding fathers of economic and monetary union, France and Germany, have a different understanding of what kind of game the currency union is.


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June 2015 Manufacturing Improves But Still Far from Good

Written by Steven Hansen

US Census says manufacturing new orders improved. Our analysis agrees. Unadjusted unfilled orders' growth continues shrinking year-over-year. No matter how you cut the data, it is soft.

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