Promises, Promises, Pension Promises


by John Mauldin, Thoughts from the Frontline

You made me promises, promises
You knew you'd never keep
Promises, promises
Why do I believe? - Naked Eyes (1983)


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What We Read Today 30 July 2016

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Where Have U.S. Women Served As Ambassadors?

by Felix Richter,

-- this post authored by Niall McCarthy

Throughout history, most U.S. ambassadors have been men.

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Infographic Of The Day: Effects Of Quitting Smoking

Cigarette smoking is to blame 443,000 deaths each year in the United States.

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Video of the Day:

Each second, millions upon millions of your body’s cells split in two just to keep your DNA alive. But like the hungover plumber, your body is bound to make a mistake or two. The worst-case scenario for these mistakes is the big C, cancer. What starts as a simple miscalculation, dividing your DNA unevenly and incorrectly between two cells, eventually turns into a mass reproduction of that error where faulty cells hijack the body’s resources and eventually take over.

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Insider Trading 29 July 2016: Half The Selling Related To ValueAct Liquidating Microsoft Positions

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Are Changes Coming To Capitalism?

by Branko Milanovic

Appeared originally at 29 July 2016

Sometimes it's useful to put symbolic dates on when a different era begins. The end of Thatcherism, it could be argued, came on July 10 in the then PM-candidate speech by Theresa May. It was perhaps appropriate that another woman, a Tory Prime Minister, would be credited with the ending of Thatcherism.


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August 2016 Economic Forecast: Outlook Improves But Remains Very Soft

Written by Steven Hansen

Econintersect's Economic Index is no longer in contraction but its level is correlating to a snail's pace economic growth. The index remains near the lowest value since the end of the Great Recession. This month a graphic has been added to highlight the differences with GDP.

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