Gasoline Prices for Week Ending 29 June 2015 Fell 1 Cent


Econintersect: Average gasoline prices fell 1.0 cent per gallon nationwide this past week following the previous week's 2.3 cent fall.

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What We Read Today 29 June 2015

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Infographic Of The Day: How NASA's Gemini Spacecraft Worked

To follow the successful series of Mercury flights, NASA planned the Gemini spacecraft for the mid-1960s.

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Infographic Of The Day: How NASA's Gemini Spacecraft Worked

To follow the successful series of Mercury flights, NASA planned the Gemini spacecraft for the mid-1960s.

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Video of the Day:

The Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has flown from Vienna to Tehran for consultations after holding tough negotiations with his Western counterparts on the Iranian Nuclear program. The negotiations on the final bargaining conditions of Tehran's nuclear program have ended with no result and it's become evident that they will pass over the Tuesday deadline.

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FOREX NEWS by DailyForex

Forex Week in Review

Last week saw the final trading session for the week, the month and the quarter from the perspective of these summaries. Much of that time has been pre-occupied with the Greek crisis which seems to have come to a head now.

Exit Stage Left?

Negotiations between Greece, the IMF and organs of the European Union came to a head on Friday. Most people had expected that some kind of 12th hour (it was that late) deal would be struck which would allow the left-wing Tsipras government to save face, but deliver some of the structural reforms that the major creditors had demanded

Greek Banks and Markets to Remain Closed

We all expected it and it has happened. Greek banks will be keeping their doors shut on Monday for an entire week. Piraeus Bank SA Chief Executive Officer Anthimos Thomopoulos told reporters of his decision Sunday after a meeting of the government’s financial-stability committee.

Greek Banks About to Run Out of Money, GREXIT to Follow?

The Greek financial crisis had taken a sharp turn for the worse this weekend, leading to fears of an imminent collapse in Greek liquidity, a run on the Greek banking system, a sharp fall in the Euro, and the possible eventual exit of Greece from the common currency.

Weekly Economic & Political Timeline

This can be expected to be a dramatic week for the Forex market due almost entirely to the Euro situation. The Greek crisis seems to have reached a tipping point now, with evidence that a run on Greek banks has already started with some AMTs running dry and strong rumors that certain banks are not going to be able to open on Monday.
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29Jun2015 Market Close: Markets Down 2%, Oil And U.S. Dollar Down But Steady As Greek Bailout Talks Collapse

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Velocity Lacks Veracity

by Chris Casey

Typically defined as 'the number of times one dollar is spent to buy goods and services per unit of time', historically low monetary velocity is blamed for stymieing the Federal Reserve's ability to achieve a targeted rate of price inflation. It is cited as delaying the onset of price inflation which was imminently predicted by some financial commentators in the aftermath of the Great Recession. It is viewedby all as problematic as it is powerful, as vexing as it is valid. Yet, despite its nature and magnitude having been debated for decades between Keynesian and Monetarist economists, monetary velocity is simply a pervasive and damaging myth.


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June 2015 Texas Manufacturing Survey Manufacturing Activity Continues to Contract for Fourth Month

Of the five Federal Reserve districts which have released their June manufacturing surveys - two forecast weak growth and three are in contraction. A complete summary follows.

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